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How dead is this game?

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The last major news I heard was when a mod told the community that the developers were not focused on the game, which was in a way an admission to abandoning the game.

This game used to be fun as hell and had arguably the best mechanics in any card game; shame to see it fall from grace. LOL, even the boards have been taken over by some guy posting links to an essay-writing site, which leads me to believe that even the mods have abandoned the boards.

Anyways, when was the last expansion or meaningful patch?

Feelsbad to see the game at this current state.
It was really fun back in the day.

I view this game above most of the TCG in term of gameplay but unfortunatly the development has halted.
Even if Hearstone is a good TCG, it feels just too simple and it's hard for me to enjoy it, not mentioning the lack of good cards for my decks (i have to admit that i don't spend any money in Hearthstone).

I didn't played Infinity wars since at least 6 month. 3 days ago, i did some duels and do some trade with a player.
It reminded me the good times i had back then and i felt sadness.

Well, the common answer one would have around here when we had a CM was:

"Hey XXX,

The team is working on other projects at this time, however, this is just a temporary issue and will most likely change in the future.

While I don't have any information on when the production process will resume, I would like to assure you that the game will not shut down anytime soon either."

So, the game is not 'dead' at all, but is not pretty 'alive' either.

That's why I say this game is something like a 'zombie'.

So, tbh, our situation here is exactly like this:

"All we can do is pray
In the darkness we hide and we wait for the light
And we pray
Oh we pray
Let us pray"
- Pray, Gamma Ray

(hey, this one is for u mate! hahaha)

Elphie Coyle mentioned on his facebook that a new agent coyle was being made. but he didn't specify for what game. or anything like that. I forget what it said word for word but... you can go on facebook and check it out if you feel like digging.


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