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Here is the long awaited ranking, 100% generated by undead demon monkeys on typewriters in an outsourced Talich GI facility!


--- Quote from: OneTwo on June 05, 2018, 06:12:36 PM ---Time is King Timeshifting Palace

4 Cost

For every 3 seconds the opponent takes during the planning phase, the fortress of the owner gets 1HP. If the location gets destroyed, the owner of the location gets 10 HP penalty.

Flavor Text:
Stop wasting my time!

--- End quote ---

I agree with Hiding on the name, I'll just assume you changed it to Timeshifting Palace which fits much better. I like the idea to play around with the resource time (which works much better for a digital tcg than a physical one) and it is kind of a soft 'fix' against people that take forever with their turns while not being that great against fast players or location removal. Could end up making lags have more impact on the actual game though, but that is not the fault of the card anyways. Overall a solid entry I think.

--- Quote from: mew28 on June 05, 2018, 09:04:06 PM ---Name:Armory of the Dawn
Faction/Purity: 2FD
Type: Location
Rarity: Uncomman
Cost: 2
Rules Text: All human characters gain 2 attack

--- End quote ---

This card is interesting because it buffs all humans, not only the ones that you control.
However, considering how cheap it is and that FD is probably the best faction to field human only armies, it seems quite a bit too strong to me. Its ability to stack with Bromich's banner and the fact most FD characters are so squishy that 2 attacks more for the opponent (if they even field humans that is) usually don't matter as much as 2 attack more for the FD troops make it too valueable for its low cost and the drawback will only really matter in a couple of specific match-ups.

--- Quote from: NatoPotato on June 06, 2018, 03:13:29 AM ---Recycling Facility
2 GI
Cost 3

Pay 2 or Overcharge a card: You may play Artificial Characters from your graveyard by paying their cost this turn.

--- End quote ---
I think this is a great design overall. While being overall simple in its mechanics, it could be a great card and would synergize well with the SoA/GI decks and might elevate the infested scavenger decks above the drone spam. Can be countered by graveyard or location removal and the cost to resurrect something seems fine to me too.

--- Quote from: Hiding on June 06, 2018, 07:04:58 AM ---Enthusiastic Architect
1p GI
3 cost
5 morale
Character- Human

Pay 3, exhaust: Deploy a Fort location.
Neutral purity
4 cost
Location- Artificial

Characters in your Support Zone and Defense zone gain +0/+4
Pay 3, exhaust: Repair for 6 health.

Dark Master
1p Verore
4 cost
8 morale
Character- Magic Human

Characters you control gain +2/+2. Whenever a character you control dies, you lose 4 health and 2 morale.

Pay 3: At the end of the turn if there is an Enthusiastic Architect in the same zone as this card Combine into Murder Mansion

Murder Mansion
1p Verore + 1p GI
Location- Artificial Magic

Whenever a character dies, its owner loses 4 health and 2 morale.
Whenever a character your opponent controls dies, deploy a 4/5 thrall in your support zone.

Pay 3: All characters on the battlefield get -2/-3 until end of turn.

Whenever a card that was created using Combine leaves the deployed area, it splits back into the 2 cards that combined to make it

--- End quote ---

Huh, Hiding has found a way to actually kind of make 4 cards for a 1 card challenge and still keep it valid for the challenge :).

So the actual entry here is Murder Mansion, but the two characters are the important enablers. Therefore i will focus on the Mansion and only leave a quick small review to the characters:

I think Enthusiastic Architect is fine, the fort he can make on his own is pretty good. I really enjoy the design of Dark master, his drawback and ability togheter in CoV purity are really interesting and could make for fun decks. The fact that he works from command and is non-unique however could make him quite disgusting in rita token decks though. Then again his drawback works from command too, so it might balances it sufficiently? Not sure tbh.

Now for the Mansion itself:
As a first observation: I find the idea of location subtypes compelling. Wouldn't do much right now really, but could be of importance one day, why not? I really like how it expands the drawback of Dark Master on your opponent (which is very useful for CoV), and the fact that it gives you tokens when the opponent dies is nice too. That it needs a special way for deployment is something new and interesting for a location too. I however have several problems with this design. The first is the activatable ability:
It does not exhaust the location and can be activated multiple times, so especially towards the late game this card can become yet another stally CoV location and can even shut down many decks until they draw location removal. And this leads to the next problem: Killing the location splits it back into the two characters which cant be targeted the same turn, and which could combine again the next turn. Makes it a bit too difficult to permanently get rid of the location. I mean i can see that getting the mansion out is a huge investment considering that it 'consumes' two characters with a combined cost of 7 and takes 3 to activate the ability, but it might should take at least one of the two characters with it when it goes down to avoid them just recombining next turn. And my last point: the characters dont need to be deployed to combine, just in the same zone. Choosing both as commanders means you can get this location for 3 - which seems a bit cheap for an almost guranteed location with this effect -  and they are even more protected after splitting up. Overall i really like how creative this design is and enjoy a lot of the ideas behind it, but I think it is a bit rough around the edges!

--- Quote from: ORISOLVE on June 07, 2018, 12:01:41 AM ---Shrine of Unity
1 DoD & 1 FD
Cost: 4

When a character dies in your defense zone, distribute all of it's attack and health evenly among characters in your assault zone.

--- End quote ---

This card encourages the mixed defense/attack potential of a FD/DoD by crafting the fallen defenders onto the attackers. It supports the kind of intuitive playstyle of a FD/DoD deck that has not received any real helpful cards yet and the cost seems fine for me. A simple, well rounded, yet elegant design. Well done.

--- Quote from: Benionin on June 07, 2018, 06:54:58 PM ---The Labyrinthine Wastes
2 Exiles

Any characters that are deployed while CARDNAME is in play are removed from the game. Return each character removed in this way to the game in 1-3 turns after it was deployed, except it has double the power and health and becomes a demon.

It's easy to get lost in the Wastes. A day's trip can turn into a month's disappearance. And if you aren't careful, you'll end up someplace no sane traveler ever wants to visit.

--- End quote ---

This location stalls, buffs and is quite a bit unpredictable. All in all it fits several of the exile themes well. I like the core idea, but i really hate how it may or may not abduct one players characters for 3 turns 3 times in a row while returning all the other characters after 1 turn (aka as the Heartstone effect). It may seems statistaclly unlikely, but we all know it would happen eventually. This can be incredibly frustrating for the one who gets the short end of the stick. I think it is worth mentioning that this card has enormous synergy with Big-anators in a purity combo that didn't receive much love yet (despite all the interesting possibilities it could open up in the lore. Demon Robots. Demons with Guns. Mad Scientist Cyborg Demons. Possibly with guns too!). But since the actual card Brief Visit to Torment already exists, i think the design of having a location applying this effect on every character is fine. Just nothing for my taste really.
--- Quote from: NTL on June 07, 2018, 08:20:06 PM ---Name: Maze of Mirrors
Faction/Purity: 2 Exiles
Type: Location
Rarity: Rare
Cost: 4
Rules Text:

Every time Character hits your fortress, create copy of that Character and shuffle it in your deck.
Exhaust, Pay 3: Create copy of target Character you control in same zone, that copy is removed from the game at the end of the turn.

--- End quote ---

Yet another effect that may seems simple enough on first glance, but is really interesting. I like it! It has an effect that can backfire if you use the location against the wrong deck (you might end up filling your deck with 2/2 tokens if you are not paying attention!). Its activatable effect is really powerful if you have a good character deployed to use it on. But since new characters are usually created at the end of a zone and you need to endanger the real one on the battlefield for it to be useful, i think it is still fairly balanced if i am not overlooking something. Great design, well done!
--- Quote from: Number11 on June 13, 2018, 01:16:59 AM ---Borders of Exile
1p CoV, 1p EX - common
2 Cost

While in play, your cards without exile cost now have Exile X-1, where X is the cost of the card.

The borders where verorians are banished.

Exiler: What are you doing back here.
Exiled verorian: Please let me back in, i'll work at a discount price.

--- End quote ---

Seems to be a theme in the judging of this challenge, but I really like the simple designs this time it seems. Considering it mechanics i would say this might be a pure exile faction card, but i can see that you have gone for the flavorful approach and with the lore as it is, I think that is perfectly fine. This card would be an enourmous help to discard decks. Helps with the random discard effects and opens up new possibilites for the targeted effect. Cost seems to be about right too. Simple but well designed, great work!
Many great designs that I enjoy and it wasn't easy for me to pick the winners, let alone the order to rank them. It was really close. But without further ado, here they are:

3rd place NatoPotato with his take on saving talich from pollution by wrecked war machines: Recycling Facility

2nd place ORISOLVE furthering the honorable Alliance of Men with the Shrine of Unity

1st place NTL forever trapping and confusing those who dare to trespass into the wastes with Maze of Mirrors
Congratulations to the winners and thank you for participating everyone. Hope to see you all in the next challenge.

oh for my design if the location dies, it goes to graveyard. but its not one card in the graveyard, it splits back into 2 cards in the graveyard. Same if it goes back to hand, thats why it has no resource cost because you can never play the card directly, you always need to play the 2 components all over again.

The thralls are meant as a bonus but also kind of a negative as it means more things you can lose to hurt yourself. Paying 9 resources to make things on the battlefield -6/-9 is pretty powerful sure but if you miss often enough, the opponent can just ramp up and play something stronger than that and win. At least depending on the opponent. It may still be too powerful though not sure.

Dark Master I should probably make unique. If there ever is a Location combo  (like with Tectonic Elemental) enthusiastic engineer can be powerful as he can keep deploying Fort over and over (destroying the prev one sure but still)

That would be much better. The combine rules text as presented is a bit ambigious since it doesn't explicitly say where or when exactly the location splits. I thought it would split before it arrives at the graveyard and therefore giving you living characters. Admittedly having them split after makes much more sense and is much more balanced.


--- Quote from: ToxicShadow on June 17, 2018, 01:04:13 PM ---That would be much better. The combine rules text as presented is a bit ambigious since it doesn't explicitly say where or when exactly the location splits. I thought it would split before it arrives at the graveyard and therefore giving you living characters. Admittedly having them split after makes much more sense and is much more balanced.

--- End quote ---

Also worth mentioning if destroyed: one card leaves play, but 2 cards enter the graveyard. For possible card triggers and effects


--- Quote from: Hiding on June 17, 2018, 01:09:24 PM ---Also worth mentioning if destroyed: one card leaves play, but 2 cards enter the graveyard. For possible card triggers and effects

--- End quote ---

Now that's a headache and a half


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