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Deleted my account? D:


Soruq: says I don't have an account anymore! I've recently tried getting back into infinity wars, at first I thought I couldn't remember my password... even though this link;!/account/forgot-password
this link just won't say anything because the certificate is out of date for the site and my chrome won't allow much of anything to happen with my pc and the site.

If I go to reset my password from here on the forum it just flat out says "There are no usernames associated with that email."

I go through my emails from years ago and I definitely got emails from lightmare through that email 2 years ago. Did my account get purged because of inactivity?! D:

largenuggets [BoD]:
You can bypass the Invalid certificate problem by clicking "Advanced Options" and then click the link at the end of that paragraph. Your forum account is separate from your game account, so that is probably why you couldn't find the email on here.


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