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Re: [CDC] Equal Opportunity
« Reply #15 on: March 11, 2018, 03:15:50 PM »

Land of Almost no Return
1p EX - Uncommon
0 Cost

All discarded cards are removed from the game.
Activate: Until the end of turn, this card does not remove discarded cards from the game.


Right now it can be used to counter sleepers kind of, or other Exiles decks. But other than that its not really useful.

Maybe if they made cards that comboed with removed from the game (other than the sparse defiant cards) this could have more of a purpose. Its 0 cost, but idk if its even worth putting in the deck, there are also no location combo cards. Would be better if this card had Exile.

The thing about making an Exile deck that puts in cards like MindBender, Mind Splinter, Chalice of Madness and etc., is that it's too unreliable as you never know if you might for example go up against sleepers. In such a situation a card like Mind Splinter is just a dead draw. That is why the card doesn't need to counter all factions. You can sideboard the card or to get rid of Land of Almost no Return as dead draw by adding cards with Overcharge. Plus you can add in cards with removed from game effects, that way the removed from game effect cards could combo both with the Overcharge and Land of Almost no Return(If you are discarding your own cards).

I just don't see any point in adding new cards that make the opponent discard cards if a faction like sleepers makes it unplayable. I totally see your point of the card being better by having Exile as you may also want to discard your own cards.

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Re: [CDC] Equal Opportunity [Closed]
« Reply #16 on: March 11, 2018, 05:08:03 PM »
Well exiles is about discarding cards, you could definitely combo that with maybe cards that trigger effects whenever someone discards cards (if they made any). Sleepers obviously counters that, but the more cards you make that benefit you more than sleepers then it would just make that a soft counter more and more.

Right now, Exiles mechanic wise focuses more on discarding your own cards so I mean. Even with sleepers and all I guess the faction was just supposed to benefit more from people discarding cards than the opponent.

I forgot to make my own entry so I guess Ill make one now:

The Pale Forest
1p Exiles
2 cost
Location- Demon

Exile 0

Whenever a character enters play from the graveyard, it moves to the Assault Zone and gains +2/+0. At the end of the turn, it gets -0/-4 permanently.

Exiled characters actually count as returning from the grave somehow. Can be used for a burnout  aggro exiles type play, or counter sleepers somewhat, assuming you can survive the initial surge. Zombies get permanently debuffed, so even if they return from the grave, they die immediately. Can be used with mass death if you can predict hekheem.
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