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Campaign Decks and DLC problems


ES [BoD]:
Hey everyone, we are currently experiencing some issues with the DLC's as well as with some of the Campaign decks.
If you did not receive a Campaign deck or having an issue with your newly purchased DLC please state your Username and the problem in this topic or contact me via Discord.
Our team is aware and is working on fixing this problem, thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Just downloaded the game. After doing the first campaign, I finished the Sleepers of Avarrach campaign and didn't receive the deck for completing it. It says "collected" on the reward yet it never went to my inventory for me to open. I've replayed all of the missions in the campaign and nothing, I've also restarted the game and still nothing. I'm currently holding off on playing because I don't want more glitches to happen. I've included a couple screen shots of the issue, below. As you can see, it says "collected" yet the only deck I own is the one they give for beating the first campaign.

This is the second time I'm posting this issue, hopefully it'll get noticed. Also, when I try to report this bug, the support page give me an error message everytime.

-In game name = Necromechanical

I too have just experienced this problem. I finished the Descendants of Dragons campaign and was not credited for the deck even though the campaign map says I completed it.

Thanks for your efforts in trying to resolve this issue.


I have the same problem. I finished the DoD campaign and the Sleepers campaign but got no rewards for both of them.

Ingame name: Veinard

EDIT: I was given the decks, but my quest log still says that I have not completed these two campaigns

I have the same problem. I finished the campaign "Descendents of Dragons" and I was not credited for the deck.


In game name : Sojuteus


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