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Weekly Rumble 10/8-10/14

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Welcome to...
!!The Weekly Rumble!!
 A week long Round Robin Unlimited tournament. If you wish to participate, sign up on Challonge HERE and join the dedicated forum thread below.

The sign up period will be a week long (from 10/1-10/7) and Check-In will be opened for one day (10/7) before we start PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK IN.

The tournament will begin On 10/8 at 4amIWT and will end on 10/14 at 3:59amIWT Unplayed matches at weeks end will count as 0 points.

This will be a week long round robin event, meaning: All participants will have one week to play a Best of 3 match with each other registered participant. I will post the list of registered participants here.

You will be scored by the number of games you win so even if you lose 2-1 you still get one point for that match! The winner will be whoever has the most points overall at the end of the tournament.

Ban list: Omni and Star Trek sets.

*Recommended Ban: Taiga, Acquire, Overcharged Storm, Martyr of Life
*Known bugged cards; It is recommended that you do not use these cards until they have been fixed.

 Good Luck And Have Fun!


Door prize: 2 rift token, and 4 Collection Penta-Packs

1st Place:
20 Collection Penta-Packs
Choice of Gold - 3
Choice of Infinity Border: 
1 Epic, 1 Rare, 1 Uncommon, 1 Common:

2nd Place:
15 Collection Penta-Packs
Choice of Gold - 2
Choice of Infinity Border:
1 Rare, 1 Uncommon, 1 Common

3rd Place:
10 Collection Penta-Packs
Choice of Gold - 1
Choice of Infinity Border:
1 Uncommon, 1 Common:

Hi there! I would like to participate but, I'll see.

Anyway, I have a sugestion:

Martyr of Life must be banned, as he's working the same way he was at last patch.

Sometimes, Overcharged Storm doesn't work as expect and cause desynchronizations in some cases.

Other cards represent some problems too, but I guess this two are real problems.

Yeah, stuff that's bugged from the server transfer and hasn't been fixed (Taiga and Acquire, for intsance) should probably be addressed in some way.

I agree.

Must say that I can live with Acquire and Taiga as they are, but will not miss them if they're gone at touneys.

Yeah those do sound like potential problems.

For this tournament those four will have a soft ban.   No DQ; but strongly recommended you don't play those cards.


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