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Yo IW people!

Well, as we see at the pool I made some days ago, the majority of people (ok, the few people...) around here believe the game is not only going to die, but it is already dead!

So, at least... let's have some fun!

So, this is my "Not so Serious Weekly Post #-1"! haha

============= // =============

Part 1 - Interview with Devs!!!

Hum... Well... as ALL 'September Tournaments'....

I am sorry to say that... this interview was.....

"Cancelled due to lack of participants"

============= // =============

Part 2 - A Talk with the Moderators and the Community Managers

: Hi! Today I am going to talk with those who control the forum in the name of Yodomare! I am glad that there some cool guys around here to give us a hope that everything will be ok from now on!!!

So, let's star..... WHAT?!?

@Yodomare played

Klassick: Hum... Ok, I got it. Yodomare removed everyone they controlled from the game and the forum... Ok, at least, as the card and the last Community Manager we had said... it is ONLY...


But... what's happened?? OH, MY GOOD LORD! NOOOOO!!!


============= // =============

Part 3 - Those who Predicted the Future!


People, believe you guys or not, we have (well, had...) guys on this forum with the precognition ability!!!

Let´s see:

(obs¹.:you can see the original post here:;quote=166644;topic=66620.0

obs².: If u don't wanna to read all the text, go for the big letters)

I've had this on my mind for quite a long time and the constant incomprehensible incompetence shown by our current CM only confirms it more and more for me:

Yodo1 bought the game with the Intention of making it great and increasing playerbase. This was an easy observation based on their highly active responses and close contact to the community. Let's not joke. They did pump out a patch every week or atleast informed us very well of upcoming stuff. Hotfixes also were done almost immediately as far as I remember. So all in all, they actually made the impression of trying hard.

So what happened? My Interpretation is that they thought the playerbase didn't grow fast/large enough. There wasn't enough income to cover all the development, server & other costs. So they had to cut short on some stuff and generally felt like it wasn't worth investing all the workload into the game anymore, which is why everything slowed down. Meanwhile I've seen games like "Rodeo Run" getting released and having much more marketing than this game. Since Crestmoor is the CEO, who is actively developing this game aswell, I believe the team isn't big enough to say "yeah, well they have an entire different Department for mobile games". They never tried TCGs before, so they must've taken their resources from somewhere (mobile app developers). Most of those mobile app developers are probably back at it on mobile app development, leaving IW with a lot less resources than what they initially fired into it. Why RikkiTikki left could have multiple reasons: costed too much, didn't like their business plan or actually wanted to take a UI course (like announced).

DrewUniverse who had been one of the most respected and dedicated players at that time (with all his tournament planning) and even having some people mention him as deserved Player of the year 2016. It almost seemed like Yodo1/LM thought "Okay, we need a CM that represents a possitive Aura to the community. So we will make one of the most respected players a CM to possitively disguise the future of IW for a Little longer".

Now. Was it a coincidence that shortly after Drew's arrival we have found These Ultra-Valuable and discounted DLCs? I'll let you in on the math again that Ori and I have estimated: Martyr Golem DLC had a value of approx. $140. The sale had it at $30 (26€). This is an UNREALISTIC high value. Especially for a card game. Calamity pack was similar in that manner.

So I ask again. Was the super-valuable DLC release a coincidence? I don't believe that anymore. Let's see the Symptoms of the game at the time of the DLC release:
* Lack of communication
* Lack of marketing
* Lack of Patches
* Lack of consistency

Yet they decided to make a super good promotional DLC release? If any other game does this, they do it with the intention to either get out as much money as possible or to increase the playerbase. If they go with the latter strategy, then they are willing to also dedicate themselves to development. There has not been much more development after the DLCs. This was shortly after the game has relaunched by the way. Why was there no marketing for the DLCs? Marketing costs money, expectations for new players joining were low, thus not worth invested. So existing players were lured into awesome deals.

[...] but that still leaves one question open:

What is the actual Business plan?

Crestmoor used to post a lot on the Forums in the beginning. Often even engaged new discussions. Now I never really see him reply anymore and there are no other from the Team responding (Chappie for example, even if it was only copy pasta). Instead we now have a Balance/Mod Team that acts this way. Free non-paid volunteer employees basically. Why? Easy, they don't cost money and again are supposed to carry the casket of game for a bit longer (cause ya know, it's kinda dead, but not really yet), probably til the Rebellion Release.

Q: Why the Rebellion release?
A: Isn't it obvious? After the DLC Releases, this is like the next and probably last big money bag they can expect from IW. So they will try to milk the dead cow for as long as possible with as little money investment as possible.

In German we have a term for that: Minimalprinzip. Achieving a certain goal with the least amount of resources available.

The real question is: Why would they release a new card set when the game is in dire need of many other more vital functionalities? Such as a proper trading system or a rehauled ranked system. The answer is simple. Only a new card set will get them some extra cash.

Conclusion/tldr: Yodo1 partnered with high expactations of income, but those expectations weren't met. They cut resources and decreased costs to as little as possible, whilst trying to keep a face (by hiring respected players as cm/volunteers). They release occassional awesome deals (the DLCs) and a new card set to get the last bit of money out of the dead cow instead of fixing the game (which gets them no money).

AND.... WOW!

Pelagoth! He's a guy with real ESP powers, don't you think?

Hope someone came here and prove him wrong... but, maybe, it is a mere fantasy of mine...

And wait, there is more!

Qfasa, NTL, TheRealTuna... and many others!!! This place is full of people with ESP powers!!!!!

Oh, Lord, why I did not listen to them!!!  :'(

That´s it for today folks!

P.S. Please, don't let IW die....

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How many people actually still play the game? The waiting times for getting a game must be insane by now.

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How many people actually still play the game? The waiting times for getting a game must be insane by now.

Last 30 days peak players = 46

(and remember, we got only Steam now)

But, tbh, the waiting time is not that bad.

Ok, at ranked... maybe.

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Sadly they were right. This is why they also cut standalone. Only players that matter to them are those exposed to Steam DLC. I'd hope to have the game licensed as a YVD-like server-based game. Even if it had no animations.
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TBH Alot of people called BS on the Yoda1 buyout, but alot of players have been calling BS far far before. I was personally one of them! But for me, I made my whole "This game is doomed" post back in 2012. So my only solace was that I really got to enjoy some good games and cool card sets as the game slowly died. Infinity War was a brilliant game with a wonderful concept but was designed by a bunch of short sighted idiots.

And I cannot stress that enough, and this is what infuriated me about this game so much. Their Kickstarter goal was 5,000$. FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, MEANING "HEY! IF YOU GIVE US 5,000$ THEN WE WILL MAKE AN AWESOME GAME FOR YOU!" Guess how much they raised? 17,899! That is more than 3 times what they were asking for! What did they end up delivering? A Cool concept that was filled with bugs, imbalanced cards, hell! imbalanced factions.

The CEO Mr.Coyle took most of the money and created some spirit sex company, as crazy as this sounds IT IS TRUE! If the game that was released from BETA back in 2012, was the game that was here right now, I have no doubt it would have toppled the industry, this game could have rivaled the likes of hearthstone and magic.

But it wasnt, and ALOT of players tried the game, loved its concept but hated its buggy system (lets not forget the endless turn bug), and promptly left. And for most gamers who experienced this, the game left such a sour taste in their mouths that they would never even consider giving it a second chance. IW made a first impression and it was terrible, and now they have to live with it for the rest of its very short lives.

Even the IW we have right now is underdeveloped, lacking key features and buggy at times. But these are the things players can live with as a game comes out of development. Sigh, I really REALLY loved this game, its concept and design. It was perfect in almost every way. I really just wished someone else had created it. I have no clue how someone can raise more than 3 times what they were asking for, and still not deliver a good game.

But over the years of realizing the impending demise of this game I was able to stomach it. And soon after my screaming for balance fixes, new creative/innovative cards, etc... slowly died down as I realized they had all fallen on deaf ears, to put it frankly, no one was listening... the lights were on, but no one was home. But this, Yodo1 buying IW only to try a cash grab to milk to community for everything its got before tossing it in the trash. This game deserved better than that... hell this game deserves better than that. If I had the ability I would buy this game out. Give me 5-6months, me and a group of 5 stalwart developers could save this game...
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I feel like they shouldve definitely aimed for more money during kickstarter. Was it really only 5000 dollars? lol wtf. Even with 17k I dont feel like thats anywhere near enough money for a game this ambitious.

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Regrettably, I've taken a break from IW, but I'm still in the habit of checking for news that something positive is in the works. Unfortunately, every time I check it's either no news or bad news.

I just wanted to post on this topic and say I'm in agreement with everything Weak_Wolf has said. I wasn't around for the beginning of IW. I started playing and investing in it about 1 year ago. And honestly, the IW experience has really left me sour.

When I found this game I was ecstatic. IW hit so many of the right marks for me, from aesthetics to gameplay and more. I was willing to put up with the bugs and vitriol because the game is solid and the concept impressive. But I've learned a valuable lesson from my time with IW, and that is more important than a great game and great idea is a great developer. Sadly, IW's developers are garbage.

From the intentional and unintentional lies, excuses, misinformation, unfulfilled promises, incompetence, willful neglect and just sheer laziness, everyone at Yodo1 and Lightmare are guilty. It's disgraceful and abhorrent how they've treated IW and it's community.

Whatever "new" project they're working on as an excuse to abandon IW I'm sure will fail as well. I'm so upset by my experience that I may actively discourage people from playing anything made by Yodo1/Lightmare. They cannot be trusted and anything they make needs to be avoided.

If IW dies, which it seems very likely, it wouldn't be because it's a bad game. It's a great game. It just has had terrible people managing it.

I'm with Weak_Wolf, if I had the money and resources I'd snatch this game away from these clowns and give it the proper treatment it deserves. IW would be a interesting reclamation project for a team of good developers to take on.

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I have playerd since 2014, quited and returned a few times.

Since 2014 i have seen a decrease of the community, at that time there were queles, but nothing like now, not even close, nowadays we might have to wait 5 minutes for a battle, if ranked might be 10 minutes or not find anyone....which is mind blowing.

About the Chat....what to say?.....hmmm.....i say good morning and someone answer after 30 minutes, what to say about that? dead is just not enough.

The game sure is dead, all of the friends i made in the game are GONE and had a list of 30+

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The game could have been saved as simply as this:

1) Make use of current cards. The vast majority of cards in this game are too under powered to be played, and I am not talking about Mark of the Demon under powered, I am talking about Bloodbath under powered. In my 5+ years of playing this game I have not once seen this card played apart from myself, and then soon after I stopped playing it myself. There were alot of cards like these that fell off because of power creep and were forgotten about. Instead of wasting time and resources creating a new card all they would have to do is slightly adjust to values on a few already made cards and the game would feel new again. But no one listened.

2) Overhaul the currency system, when you hyper inflate values it is hard to appreciate what you have. Why does a pack cost 5750 IP? Why not just 50 and then reduce the IP earned from games to reflect this change, it simplifies the game and removes unnecessary mental clutter.

3) Fix the chat/friend list, which really does not sound too hard.

4) In-house auction... but no one listened

Ugh, this game had so much potential, and now its going to die... because no one cared enough to care. And the worst part is I am pretty certain if someone came around that did care, the vast majority of the community would come back. Heck, I, and the guy above me, actually stopped playing this game... and YET we still care enough to check the forum occasionally and hold out hope for good news that never comes. It wouldnt be hard, it wouldnt be complicated, all it would take is for someone to care enough to invest in the future of this game... and it breaks my heart that no one would do that. All we get are a series of fairweather developers that sell us dreams tomorrow in exchange for cash today.