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POLL: Would you want *permanent ownership* of infinity wars cards?


This is an idea I've seen tossed around in other digital collectible card games... if it were possible that you could own digital collectible cards so that *you really owned them* and a publisher's bankruptcy / disappearance had no effect, would this matter to you? Like, you could keep them and still trade them and maybe still play the game if someone else decided to support them.

Of course, everything you have listed is positive, I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't want this for a purchase they make.

If a game offers this though, there will be some negative issues.   At the most basic level, there would surely be a cost of implementing such a system, thus increasing the cost of cards or lost development time for other issues people may deem more important.  The balancing of those factors is important to know before being able to make a decision like this.

Card Games is a game I like to play in my free time.


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