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Team Bio--United Talich Front


United Talich Front (UTF) is a team founded by Mew28.

Founder/Centurion, Mew28
Player of the Year 2016, Mew's known for his aggressive playstyle, love of Aberion, and Rock Bottem memes. This Flame Dawn Fanatic has a love for Aberion and is an avid collector of Flame Dawn premiums. Why did I mention how much of a fan he is of Aberion twice, you ask? That's just how big of a fan he is.

Team Member/LoreNinja, Benionin
A long-time veteran, Ben's most known for his exploits outside of the game, where he's written fanfiction (seriously, check it out), run forum games, and even hosted a tournament or 3. A mostly casual player, he's taken rogue decks to tournaments with what we'll call mixed success. He shamelessly plays Star Trek decks whenever he can and is especially proud of his Infinite Bordered Gowron.

Team Member/Footman, Broadwell
The newest player on the team, Broadwell only recently hit level 20 but he's ready and raring to go. An experienced MtG player with multiple competitive Modern decks, he is a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, audiophile, and (most importantly) bears an ardent hatred for bar soap that cannot be quenched.

Alternate/Aspirant: empty spot on roster

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HAHAHA after re-reading this, i must ask; what does Broadwell have against bar soap?


--- Quote from: TameRlane on July 11, 2017, 08:38:55 AM ---what does Broadwell have against bar soap?

--- End quote ---


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