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The Rift Runner's League Week 2 [Finished]

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The Rift Runner's League Week 2 --- Rainbow Format


Tournament will begin on 7/10 at 12:00am IWT
Tournament will end on 7/15 at 11:59pm IWT

Unplayed matches will be scored as 0

Ban list: Omni, Startrek. Commander Banned: Enyah

This week's Tournament: Rainbow Round Robin format! The theme is Rainbow: no 2 commanders can be of the same faction so deck builders should start racking their brains now! The goal is to play cards of 3 different purities, this means all cards in the deck can at most be 1 purity. So if you choose a mixed/hybrid commander, make sure it counts as a different faction than the rest of your commanders. NO 2P CARDS IN THE DECK.

All players play a match against all other players over the course of the tournament. The winner is determined by highest point standing at the end. All players play Best of 3 matches by private invite. Players may switch decks between rounds.


Weekly participation prize: (awarded for playing at least one match each week.)

2 collection penta packs , 1 rift token, 1x random gold rare or higher

Weekly top prizes: (awarded individually for top three places in each week's event.)

1st place:
8 collection penta packs
2x Random gold rare or higher
Choice of IB cards: 1x epic, 1x rare, 1x uncommon, 1x common.

2nd place:
8 collection penta packs
1x Random gold rare or higher
Choice of IB cards: 1x rare, 1x uncommon, 1x common.

3rd place:
8 collection penta packs
Choice of IB cards: 1x uncommon, 1x common.

Sign up period extend by one day. This tournament will begin on 7/10 at 12:00am IWT

 ;DAlright folks, GAME ON! ;D

Tournament started.

You all have one week to complete one best of three match against every other player. the tournament will end on 7/15 at 11:59amIWT 

This is a Round Robin so by the end you will have played against everyone, therefore the order you play your opponents doesn't matter. It is up to you and your opponent to figure out when you play these matches since the tournament will go on all week long.

After each match has ended please post the scores here. 
i will update Challonge as the results come in and will be checking this forum thread daily.

The winner is whoever has the most points after all the matches are finished.
1 win = 1 point so a tied round (scored 1W-1L-1D) means both players will receive one point for that match. (draw = 0 points for both)

Any matches left unplayed after 7/15 at 11:59amIWT will result in a score of zero.

If you have any questions please post them here or PM me.

And as always,
Good Luck and Have Fun!

Challonge link:

Registered players:

If your Challonge name is different from your "in game name"(IGN)  please post your IGN here.










Rainbow_Reptile---------IGN? (please confirm)

Mew28 wins VS mushroom 2/0

2-0 won vs Urcheon 


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