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Deck Enyah Toolbox
« on: May 26, 2017, 02:47:52 PM »
Hi mate !

I decide to publish my only deck in the game. It's a deck who i balance since like 2/3 years, when i got Enyah. Wanna make a toolbox for any situations with the potential of this card.
I know they are some players who want to see it  ;)

So let's talk about combo who i use, most inspirate by players i versus all this time  ;D

Rita, Mistress of Shadow + Aleta, Immortal Sufferer + Engine of Reincarnation :
Way to always have char, the main combo of this deck. Due to Enyah, need to have it for defend, in a first time, and attack when got a lot of it.

Zuza + Mysterious Box of Wonder + Ancient Agression Emblem :
With 10 ressources, could put any char in attack zone, take char with zuza and keep it for me with mysterious box. Very strong.

Extended Operation + Unstable Bomb-Bot or Zombie scavenger or Rita, Mistress os Shadow or Noble protector :
Way to have strong card to kill battleground, strong attack or strong defense or make safe the support zone.

Acoyle of Altar + Avarrach as Risen :
Use Avarrach with 10 ressources. Good after a Calamity or change the way of battle in any situation.

War Machine + Agent Coyle, Superior Symbiote :
Due to lot of char, war machine could give you lot of 16/16. Coyle rez one of them all turn for 3 ressources.

War Machine + Mass Death :
Secure all your char in support zone even was in defend or attack and well ... mass death  :P

Fear + Desolation :
All enney char put in support zone and take 5 damages.

Maybe i forgot some combo but there are the main in this list. The other cards are here to deal damage, kill, anti flying or recall card for graveyeard.

I hope this post will help new player and have fun i got to play this so fun to play Enyah toolbox deck  ;D

PS : I trying to have all this cards in gold, so if you have one i miss, glad to call me in game to trade, lots of cards to trade cauz this is my only deck, enjoy  8)