Author Topic: More Changes: Flame Dawn Changes! [FEAR]  (Read 1160 times)

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More Changes: Flame Dawn Changes! [FEAR]
« on: April 10, 2017, 01:49:51 AM »
So given my last post I thought it would be nice to make another post regarding some Flame Dawn Epics that are in drastic need of a Quality of Life Update... Anyone who see's this post and see's the two cards I am about to list can either do 2 things.

1) Agree with me that these cards are just bad in general and need to be buffed.
2) Tell me when the last time they ACTUALLY saw this card played... Dont just give me hypothetical conjecture, be honest with yourself.

With that said let us begin:

Hilderic, The Toe of the Flame Dawn

This card is the definition of counter intuitive.. Think about it, the you have prepared to unleash the Glory of the Flame Dawn Emire! At Turn 8 you managed to have 7 Characters attack in one turn.. Now is the time to rain down hell on the infidels! Just one problem...

Half of your guys died defending, one guy was firebolted (Poor Aspirant didnt even see it coming), and all you have left is 2 guys. Furthermore last turn your opponent played 2 more bigs that they are going to defend with.. This isnt war... this is an execution.

Hilderic is essentially leading a suicide squad. A Last hoorah but with 10 health he will trade 1 for 1 with anything he attacks regardless of how high his attack is. And after this last attack you will have no hand and nothing on the board... You might as well Surrender.

That is the problem with Hilderic, he shows up too late to the party and he essentially forces you to all in your opponent because if you dont you can rest assured you will never get another chance to play him... I can expand on this more with examples, but I really want to keep this post short. But if anyone has questions I can elaborate... Just know that as a person who only plays 3 factions (FD, Sleeper, Exile) that Hilderic is unplayable and I would be surprised if ANY Flame Dawn player actually ran him in their decks.

Suggested Change:

Change his Cost to 11, that way if you can attack with 3-4 his cost effectively becomes a 6-7 which is ALOT more reasonable!! Furthermroe there is now some counter play, now you have more incentive to stop the Flame Dawn advance. But even with that said his effect and stats are a bit high for his new lower cost.

His new base stats will be 11/11, this would be a play on Firestarter whose cost is [7] for 7/7.

Furthermore his passive would change from +5/- to +2/0. Which is no big deal, it is almost like another Bromich's Banner.

Blood Bath

I saved the best for last... and by best I do mean WORST. Let me tell you how bad this card is... I have been playing this game (granted it has been off and on) for the better part of 4 years!!!! And I have YET!! TO SEE THIS CARD PLAYED!!!

This card is like Hilderic, but 1000 TIMES WORST. Lets look at what it does.

1) Moves all your characters to the assault zone and your enemies to their defense zone
2) Gives your characters 2 attacks

Moves all your characters to the assault zone...

This is HORRIBLE... Why? Well because as a flame dawn most of your cards are going to have Charge. So you dont really get the benefit of the quasi haste you get from having your characters moved to your assault zone. Furthermore, with Bloodbath being an 8 Cost, you probably didnt play anything else that turn anyways... but your opponent did! And because Bloodbath moves his characters to his defense zone he has now gained a quasi-vigilance, THAT YOU PAID FOR!!

Gives your characters 2 attacks

Flame Dawn Characters have notoriously low health. This means they are going to die after attacking anything just one time. Any card that does not will be so expensive that you wont have a full board, therefore you will get more use out of just using swift strikes!

So to re-itterate. If you have a FULL board, you will most likely have small characters with low health, and so they will all die after 1 attack and will never get a chance to attack a second time: And if you have characters with decent health 10+, you more than likely do not have a full board, and therefore you will get more benefit out of swift strikes.

This card is so nice (Or should I say bad) that it literally fails twice. Both of its effects are useless at best and at worst can actually hurt you.

Message to Lightmare

Changing those Legendaries were a great idea, one that I dont think should be placed in the back of the closet just yet. There are still PLENTY of underpowered and underutilized cards in this game that need a quality of life update...

Personally if I were running things I would have the game record every deck played in ranked matches and normals. Then it would count the cards used and the numbers of each. From there you can see what cards are not being used in ranked and normals and look into why and whether a card needs a slight change.

There is a difference between a card game with 1000 cards and a card game with 1000 cards in which only 100 of those cards are actually playable. This ofcourse is an exaggeration but at the same time altering a card is cheaper than creating a new one but can have the effect of creating a new one.

Please do something!

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Re: More Changes: Flame Dawn Changes! [FEAR]
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2017, 03:12:03 AM »
No one reads Wolf's balance changes until he makes good on his tourney rewards.

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Re: More Changes: Flame Dawn Changes! [FEAR]
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2017, 08:52:19 PM »
I once ran 1 Hilderic in a FD deck and he won me one game where I would have definitely have lost without him. That however does not change the fact that he needs a buff. He is borderline unplayable. Even in the deck I had I would definitely not consider more than 1 copy of him at most. And I would just overcharge him if he was not needed.