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for past 2? weeks?
the forum has been incredibly laggy taking up to  a minute to load pages..if not longer

has any one else experienced this?
this occured on Home pc and work pc for me and continues to do so.

Just noting for the web guy :)

I've noticed this since I came back to the game! Forum is super slow on all mediums for me, both phone, work comp, and home comp. this forum takes 30seconds to a minute to load, while I could have instantly brought up another website while waiting.

ES [BoD]:
Yes, that has been an issue lately and the team is looking into it, hopefully this can be resolved soon.

I run a firefox browser with 'no script' and if i disable the lag in loading disappears.

hope it helps! GL!

I noticed that the site spends a bunch of the loading time 'Waiting for" or "Connecting to"

Seemed weird since that site hasn't been used in ages, but then I remembered the 'Card' function which still exists in the forums post editor.

I looked in the source code and found one reference to the old aletas archive site
<script src=""></script>
trying to open the site or the file itself directly either times out or gives a 404 error.

Since this javascript link is in the sites 'header' and doesn't load asynchronously the rest of the site has to wait for it.

Basically whoever has control over the forum templates should check the custom head tags and remove that link and then look into removing the 'Card' option from the post editor.

The other alternative is to use an updated version of the file which instead of reading from aletas archive reads from the IW wiki or infinite network (, this would be the ideal option as we would regain the ability to embed card previews into our posts.

I did manage to find a cached version of the script and I've modified it to read from the infinite network site, I've done some testing with it and so far it seems to work fine (even added additional functionality ;)), let me know if you guys want to use it.


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