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January Tournaments:


Good Luck and Have Fun!

Other awesome people's tournaments:
None, so bring em in!

Suggestions for a Tournament? Leave a reply Below!
*If we don't get back to you then PM our Tourney team in Discord or in game (Type in globalchat "/whisper Player Name whatever your message is") and we'll be sure to reply as soon as we can.

You want to host?
Great! contact one of us here or on the discord and we can get you the tools you want for hosting. (door prizes and the like) Our tournament team is awesome and all have the ability to host things.

Our Tournament organizers:


Special Thanks To:


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largenuggets [BoD]:
Bump for more tourneys! join now! :D

I would like to see a 100 Enyah deck tournament, (no ban list) :) ....yes because its my main deck :p but also they make for some really interesting games! I get so many people comment on how much they enjoy our games (even when they get their asses kicked! :) )

You're thinking along the same line as me mate! i already have one planned for June!

although i didn't think of that 100 idea... I like it! Multiple Enyah/Varyus formats! we'll try a 100 later on down the line.  ;D Thanks for the suggestion!

Im a noob but I'm interested in entering my first tournament.  Upcoming is the Enyah tournament, but I don't have an Enyah, how do I get her?


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