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Introducing ES as your new Community Manager & What’s the Team Been Up To Lately

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ES [BoD]:
Greeting everyone, I am here to inform you that I will be replacing DrewUniverse as your new Community Manager, Drew has been relieved of his duties. I will be performing various roles but my primary role will be connecting with the community and getting your voice heard, I believe that transparency between YM and the community will benefit both parties. You can come to me with questions and comments about the game (bugs included), but I cannot give you special insider info ahead of anyone else.

Who am I?

I'm ES one of IW's veterans, First of his name, Aberion's highest ranking officer, with over 6k hours played odds are we've met on the battlefield  ;D, I started playing IW about 2 years ago and I fell in love with the core mechanics, the beautiful art and the unique IW community.

What would be my role as CM?

with the help of our great moderators, I will give a voice to the community, conveying information to the dev team while reporting bugs directly to the team.

My goals:

- Improving the NPE
I think that there needs to be far fewer barriers to get to the core gameplay IW has to offer and I will be working to achieve that.
- Polishing the game
We have a lot of cards that either lack in description or have some problematic keywords that will be hard for new players to understand, like the difference between "Deployed character" and "Enters the deployed area" for example. My aim is to go over all the cards in the game and single out those who's description require change or clarification. IF anyone wishes to help me in this endeavor, PM me either on Discord or on this forum, any help would be appreciated  ;D
In addition I will be working with the team to implement an Official Rule book so players can look it up during their match.
Creating an official Stream Team for IW with a weekly schedule to entertain you guys, the team will include Streamers such as GraveCrawler, Largenuggets, Equastro, Delusionofhope and more, if you wanna be on the team, let me know on Discord or PM me on this forum. They will be featured by the Official IW Twitch channel if I can get the login info (Can't reach the previous CM) or will have to create a new Official channel.
- Balancing the old and outdated cards, starting with the legends (we are getting close)

What’s the Team Been Up To Lately?

- The team is now collaborating with Infinity disciple in order to promote and revitalize the official Youtube channel.
- The team is working on some of my NPE ideas and will implement them soon:
-Removing the Fixed decks mode (no one plays that mode and it just makes the Normal queue much slower).
-Expanding the free weekly decks to include 28 decks (7 available each week), those decks will be available at the store at a lower price (18k IP and the appropriate LP).
-Once that squares up, they will be moving onto creating an in-game Bug report button, this will report and squash bugs quickly without asking the player to dig through their files in order to get to their log report. Creating a glossary/in-game rule book and others.
Team will continue to advertise the game, targeting TCG/CCG players and working with CCG/TCG channels.

In other news!

*Introducing MarvelousChester as the Official Tournament Organizer, he's a great player and a good guy, I'm sure he'll do an awesome job.

*Introducing Interesting_Socks (previously known as 128jaja128) as a new Community Moderator, i've had the privilege to know him over the years, he's a top IW player and a great guy and i'm sure he'll be a great addition to the team.

*Introducing the new official Discord channel, Join in and chat with some of the top IW players, ask questions, talk strategy, and hang out. The new Discord will replace the old one.
Thanks Key-Ranaway for setting up the new Discord channel.

I will update you weekly on a weekly basis on how things move forward.

Thanks for reading, now let's make IW great again!

Yay, finally it's official! GZ ES

(Btw my name is with a capital E  ;))

ES [BoD]:

--- Quote from: Equastro on January 20, 2017, 03:22:57 PM ---Yay, finally it's official! GZ ES

(Btw my name is with a capital E  ;))

--- End quote ---
Sorry, fixed it  :P


--- Quote ---with the help of our great moderators Together with our great moderators
--- End quote ---

So there are 2 GREAT teams of moderators helping each other? :P



ES [BoD]:

--- Quote from: OneTwo on January 20, 2017, 03:27:50 PM ---
--- Quote ---with the help of our great moderators Together with our great moderators
--- End quote ---

So there are 2 GREAT teams of moderators helping each other? :P



--- End quote ---
fixed it, thanks  :P


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