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Infinity Wars Star Trek cards hack...

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   I entered a Normal PvP game and, lo and behold, Picard was staring at me from the command zone.I'm going to put in screenshots of some of the cards I saw.
   I'm posting this because as far as I know the game doesn't let you report players for anything but spam?Also because I couldn't find anything about this hack on the internet or on these forums.
   Overall, the player I was playing against wasn't rude and he even said "Live long and prosper" after he beat me.It was fun but I think this could do serious damage if played in Ranked.
   I really hope the Infinity Wars team sees this and adresses this player accordingly.His name is January11th2017 but it's also in the screenshots.

LOL! Yes lets keep this hack out of ranked at all costs! If anyone sees these weird cards in normals report the player immediately!


You may be surprised to hear this is not a hack.

You used to be able to buy star trek cards in the store and play them. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to acquire these cards and they CAN'T be used in ranked play, or draft mode.

But you will occasionally run into the rare player, in casual matches, who is lucky enough to have a set of them.

star treck is a set that used be sold, so there was no hack.
wish I could get my hands on some though :P


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