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Sunday Tournaments - New Info (Qualifying, Prizes, Format)
« on: September 17, 2016, 02:30:15 AM »
Additional details are now available, explaining how these recent Sunday Swiss tournaments - the last two weeks, and one more this Sunday - will determine qualification of a competitor for the final top-16 event on the 25th of September. Please note that this is the first time we've tested this exact setup, so if any rulings seem unfavorable we can adjust them for the month of October.

How To Qualify

The first three Sundays in the month are Swiss events. You only need to enter one Swiss event to try and qualify for the fourth-Sunday top 16 monthly tournament. Once all three of these events have come to pass (in this case, September 18th), all players with all their score data will be added to a spreadsheet. We will then begin sorting everyone. Placement is explained below, in a short version as well as paragraph form:

  • Series Record
  • Second-best score (if a player attended two or more events in the series)
  • Points Difference (based on total # of individual games won and lost)
  • Special note: For each person who does not show up, the next-highhest ranked player will be slotted in. If you're rank ~17-25 or so, be prepared if you can attend on the 25th, just in case.

Placement will be according to series record, above all else. This means that anyone with a 4-0 record will advance automatically, and several players who have a 3-1 record. If we get to position 16 and multiple people tie the series record for 16th place, anyone who attends a second event will receive priority. If two or more players attended a second event, we'll go by their performance in that second event. If neither player has attended two events we go to Points Difference; which shows their relative performance by individual game. For reference, I set up our spreadsheet and did a sample top-16 based on the last two events. Slot 2 was left empty in case we do not get a repeat 4-0 player (Adorabear or Tenaccarli).


We will use the tried-and-true seeding format whereby, for example, the top two players will be at opposite ends of the ladder bracket.  In short, this is designed so that the tournament brackets are not so one-sided later in the event. The full format is best described with the sample image below, showing the winners' bracket layout.

Base on the above images, some examples of first-round matchups would find Adorabear vs Citridon, AccessDeny vs Ninjardo, and Toon310 vs InvertedEye. Please keep in mind that the third Swiss event this Sunday will be factored in. If you're low on the top-16 or not in there entirely, it would be best to try and qualify with high placement this Sunday if you are pursuing the Elimination event on the 25th.

Event Format - Monthly Finale

The event format we will use for this month is Double Elimination. Everyone starts with "two lives," and on your first series loss you will be sent to the losers' bracket, where you get one last chance to survive. The longer you last in the winners' bracket, the easier the tournament will be if/when you eventually drop to the losers' bracket.

To compensate for the fact that a loser's bracket typically lasts longer, we will do like in the past where some of the rounds are a best-of-1. Largenuggets and I have agreed to make the last, and second-to-last round a best-of-3 for the losers' bracket. The entire winners' bracket will be best-of-three however, and we'll observe the "Two Lives" rule for the grand finals. This means the following: If the losers' bracket finalist defeats the winners' bracket finalist in the grand final series, they will have to do so again. This is because the winners' bracket finalist will have only lost their first life, like everyone else in the event. If this happens there will be a second best-of-three to determine the final outcome, and decks may be changed for this second series.


These are the prizes for September's monthly event. It's simple and pretty flexible in that it's largely about LP. You could use it for a large supply of rift tokens, penta-packs, some cosmetics, or a mixture. Delicious.

1st:  LP x 25,000...with Infinity-border Legendary x1, Epic x2, Rare x3, Uncommon x4, Common x5
2nd: LP x 10,000...with Infinity-border Epic x1, Rare x2, Uncommon x3, Common x4
3rd: LP x 5,000.....with Infinity-border Rare x2, Uncommon x3, Common x4
4th: LP x 2,000.....with Infinity-border Uncommon x3, Common x4
5/6: LP x 1,500.....with Infinity-border Uncommon x2, Common x3
7/8: LP x 1,000.....with Infinity-border Common x3

Please post any questions you have below!

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Re: Sunday Tournaments - New Info (Qualifying, Prizes, Format)
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2016, 12:25:13 PM »
Can we get an announcement showing who's in today's tourney? Kinda need to know if I'm supposed to be there...