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Re: Why Drew is a failure
« Reply #45 on: November 05, 2016, 06:02:09 PM »
and I have every right to post my disagreements in this thread since op is expressing his opinion and I'm expressing mine, similarly I'm not making posts to persuade people that I'm replying, but rather it's for people who are viewing this thread.

And yeah, such threads need to convince someone. Maybe not the community itself, cause they can decide on their own, who is right or if they want to care. But if such stuff is forwarded to the CEO/Dev/HR department, they are not convinced as well.

1. Weekly Posts are not weekly! Even with promisses like "hold me to that time frame", they did not came in time. No excuses where made, DrewUniverse took the blame and apolgized.

Opinion: Maybe he apologized 1 time too often. If things are frequently not done in time, and the apology after that just feels like routine and not coming straight from the heart.

2. Tournaments got canceled without any information. People where waiting ingame, and there was zero informations, just afterwards some cryptic post with some "high emergency trouble" in real life. Prize distribution out of tournaments where missing, postponed and not very organized.

Opinion: People stated, that beeing a payed CM is his real life and everyone would understand a real life urgency, if there is any short notice and not letting players wait ingame for a tournament. Cause players sacrifice their "real life" activities as well, just for waiting for nothing. With a compensation for those, who waited for nothing everything would have feel more professional.

3. Hosting the forum is not a regular thing. You can see it in the current "Rebellion Pre-Order" thread, which might be the most important right now for IW and the community. Since 01.11. there is no answer on the question of when the ETA of the deck effect preview is. He hosted the thread on "Recent status: 84% toward Tier 5. Time: November 4th @ 7pm IWT"... its not like the thread is flooded with questions or posts).

Honestly op should just talk about these points instead of saying why "Drew is a failure", it will be a lot more productive that way and we could  actually see some changes.

regarding all three, they could all be explained by other factors like Drew is underpaid for it to be a full time job, or that lightmare did not give enough info to Draw for him to make a weekly post weekly, so I don't know why they choose to focus on replacing Draw, and this post doesn't even go into the specifics, hey, maybe the problem is we need an extra community manager? I mean I play solforge and they have multiple community managers.

I'm just concerned about random people wondering into this thread and see no voice to oppose op and take that everything op said is true, I mean this is a public thread on a public forum.
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