Author Topic: Test Server Events August 17-21. Players Needed!  (Read 1571 times)

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Test Server Events August 17-21. Players Needed!
« on: August 15, 2016, 11:12:49 PM »
Hey people! It's time for some more testing sessions. We're covering Rebellion Wave 2 cards, as well as Ranked gameplay, so read on for further details including dates, times, and player compensation.

***Please note, we can only provide the test server via the Steam client. However, we promise that it’s easy to switch between the live server and the test server. ***

Duration: 60 minutes.

Activity: Ranked gameplay, 2-3 series

Wednesday, August 17th at 4pm IWT and 11:59pm IWT
Friday, August 19th at 4pm IWT and 11:59pm IWT
Sunday, August 21st at 3pm IWT and 8pm IWT

*** For help with timezones, each time listed above can be clicked on. Each link will take you to a little Meeting page on WorldTimeBuddy's website, which will automatically show the event in your local timezone. GMT/UTC is used as a base since it is the same as Infinity Wars Time (IWT).

For these three sessions, we are testing a new ranked leaderboard that, on the live server, will soon begin resetting every single month with rewards. For that reason, these test sessions will used Ranked play so we can accumulate points and test the system.

We will also be testing with the Rebellion Wave 2 cards. I’d like everyone to have a few decks ready. Please prepare 2-3 decks and sideboards that have different purity settings and include Rebellion wave 2 cards. Be sure to use a full set of Defiant cards based on the faction(s) that you use. Also include the Overcharge common cards - and/or the Gravedredge Demon if you use Exiles.

The objective here is to play the game pretty normally, but making sure to use the Wave 2 cards in each match you play. We’re looking for three things at the moment: bugs, card balance, and potential exploitation (technically still balance). Also, try to find interesting ways to combo these new cards with existing IW cards that involve “removal from game.”

Our compensation for these three events is simple, just choose one of three types. To be sure you get compensated, please message me, DrewUniverse in-game with a PM shortly before the event starts, and check in with me again when the event concludes. Be ready in global chat. Here are the prize options:

1 Collection Penta-Pack
2 Rift Tokens
100 LP

Please have game logs ready to send to our bug reporting page if you encounter bugs, new or old. When filing a report, please specify that this happened during our testing events on the test server.

Lastly, if you need help connecting to the test server or want to know how the process works please continue reading. Otherwise, I'll see you at the scheduled time.

Instructions: how to enter the test server

First, locate Infinity Wars in your Steam game library.
Right-click, and choose Properties.

In the pop-up window, go to the Betas tab.
Select "External Test" from the drop-down menu.

Steam will check your game installation and download
files that are changed/updated in the test build.

The current download is about 400 MB. Once Steam says the download is complete, launch the game.

Note: Accounts are not synchronized; it’s a separate database. If you have not done so already, you may need to create a new account for testing purposes. You will start with 50x of every released card. Sometimes we will call for your decks to have certain cards in them, other times we may give you free reign with a general bug-test session.

Once you are done testing - whether it’s for a testing event or your own personal experimenting - just return to the Properties menu and choose to opt-out of all betas. The game will be patched back to Live Server status.
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Re: Test Server Events August 17-21. Players Needed!
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2016, 04:39:05 PM »
Bump, I made an error! The actual time of the events on Sunday are 3pm IWT and 8pm IWT. The WorldTimeBuddy listings are correct, I just wrote the numbers wrong in this post. I have updated the post above to show the correct time~