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EsAeLeR dNaTn Em EnIfNoCfOyR oTs S,nUdNuH
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Freed in his confinement Hundun monitored the temple from the spirit prison in which she resided.  Not watching the monks perform their daily motions.  Every night they woke up and recited their morning prayers to the setting sun.  Folding their simple beds in unison.  Hundun tried to divert them from their orderly ways.  But in the end he would writhe in bliss as her attempts were thwarted by the sad order of monks.  The monks never diverted from their routines and the order quelled the chaos that moved Hundun.  Hundun blessed the binds of the Azure dragon that held him.

Midday though something new happened.  An old member had left, coming fresh from training.  An opportunity?  New blood to disrupt the peace and bring chaos.  Pain glorifed Hundun as her thoughts were made coherent by the binds.  Hundun was lazy.  By the nights end when the sun set and the day began chaos would ensue through this one.  Sealed as he wasn't her powers still could influence the world, it just needed to be fed to grow.

Hunden ignored the young one as it was intergrated into the monks disorder.  He used every opportunity that was not presented to her.  As the old one prepared to join in silent prayer Hundun irritated the tip of its nose, but it was to great success and the monk continued its prayer.  When it went to craft caligrophy he used non of her might to spill the ink? but bottle had been empty so a huge mess was made and the monk created hidieous works of order. Hundun spent all night ignoring the monk, but none of his ploys failed.  The sun was rising and night would begin soon.  Should she succeed now the monk would be fully exiled from the order and Hundun would remain in his luxury.  As the acolyte prepared for rest Hundun forced her will upon the it.  Sweat trickled down the acolytes brow. Failure.... no sweet success.  The acolyte calmly returned to routine said the morning prayer lay down his head and fell asleep. 

The demon spirit writhed in its prison, its mind attempting to stay in its chaotic state, but calmed by the Order.  The monks of the temple were all to aware of its workings and nothing happened without prior planning.  Even when storms would come they were fully prepared to keep the order.  As the monks lay peacefully in their beds they slept knowing that another glorious day of order awaited them, and this drove Hundun sane.  Hundun thrashed in his prison, but then stopped.  Something new appeared, at the very edge of her influence.  Something strange.  Something unplanned.  Something...... chaotic.  With all his power Hundun pulled the source away from her, attempting to bring it ever closer to himself.

The trees in the forest whispered in the silent wind.  Their peace and tranquilty interrupted only by the occasional owl.  Suddenly energy arced between trees and a rift opened, burning and scaring nearby trees and stone.  From the rift emerged Vasir, the Demon Prince.  He looked around.  He had been destined for Torment but now found himself within this forest of unknown location.  He was determined to leave and continue his way to his realm when he felt something familiar.  It wasn't that he knew what it was, but it felt like something similar to Torment was calling him.  Curious the demon prince proceeded forwards.  It didn't take long for him to approach what appeared to be a temple made from Azure wood.  As he approached an alarm was set off.  In unison and without hesitation mortals began lining up in defense of the temple.  The battle did not last long.  The monks quickly fell before his might, it only took Vasir moments to read the patterns of their attacks.  Dissatisfied with the battle Vasir worked his way through the temple till he found the source of the power he felt.  Before him lay a perfectly round orb filled with what seemed to be an angry storm.  Vasir reached out to grab the orb but when he did he was repelled.  Again Vasir tried, this time using all his demonic might.  However a manifestation of what appeared to be a dragon brought its might upon Vasir and once again repelled him from the orb.

Chaos insued as Hundun observed the demon healing the occupants of the temple and approach his prison.  But the benevolent beings powers were not enough to imprison Hundun.  Assistance.  Hundun retreated his mind from the old demons.  Location.  Identities.  Purpose.  All these things pushed forward.  With her goal failed Hundun rested, allowing his chaos to flow freely.

Vasir hardly understood most of the things that were suddenly thrust into his mind, but one thing was clear.  Whatever was contained here was powerful and had friends, friends that could be of use to him.  Going on nothing but the visions given to him Vasir left the temple to locate 3 other temples.  Each of which, from what he could tell from the visions, held a being in them that could unlock the seal on the final.

A mere month had passed since Vasir had last been in the forest, but now he was not alone.  Beside him walked a young woman.  Vasir disliked her tastes, not only that but he was not overly impressed by the other demons he had unleashed.  The first traveled along side him now and led him to the others.  The old hag was filled to the brim with magic and for whatever reason always traveled by foot and wore the guise of a young shrine maiden.  The next had seemed more promising.  A great beast that exuded power.  But despite his attempts it would not budge from its spot.  The female assured that when the time came it would be there but Vasir had his doubts.  The last was the worst.  It was a giant demon, but all it wanted to do was stuff its face.  As soon as it had been released it began gorging itself on the remains of the temple and its occupants.  The female demon insisted that they leave soon and return to the forest and to leave the giant be.

Now he made his way through the forest but as the got closer to the temple things began to change.  It wasn't noticeable at first but as they got closer the land began to warp.  Trees were bending and warping, boulders floating, caves would exit in the wrong place if at all.  The only way to describe it would be chaos.  Upon finally arriving at the temple Vasir was surprised to see the beast and the giant approach at the same time.  Vasir lead the way to the center of the temple were the orb rested.  The hag clapped her hands in glee.  "You have done your part well my prince, now sit back and leave the rest to us."  With that she turned and approached the orb with the others and all together they assaulted the orb.  At first the dragonic energy seemed to be warding off their attacks but eventually it was over come and dissipated.  The attacks connected with the orb causing it to shatter, then all Torment broke loose.  Vasir had thought that the temple could not distort any further but when this new demon was freed he was proven wrong.  Space and time itself began distorting.  Vasir watched as pillars built themselves then crumbled to dust only to rebuild themselves again.  The bodies of what used to be monks contorted and converted to indiscernible masses of flesh.  Vasir himself fell to his knees as his mind was flooded with the pure chaotic nature of the demon.  The female chuckled, "Oh don't worry dear prince you will get used to it soon enough.  Now come, you have helped us so now we will help you, and we always repay our debts.

Inprisonment!!  Wonderful Imprisonment!! Hundun glorified his release by flooding the forest with chaos.  Hundun manifested her physical form.  Time and space wraped around his body and dispersed.  Her vision changed to view everthing around him.  The demons before him conversed, and Hundun sent images to their minds.  Eventually an impasse was reached and all the demons exited a rift, plans foiled and put to motion.