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The Only Sleeper Guide Wou Will Ever Have to Read
« on: July 17, 2016, 12:35:42 AM »
The Only Sleeper Guide Wou Will Ever Have to Read


My Credentials are in the two facts. Firstly I have played this game for 3 years now and during that time I have exclusively played Sleepers, Exiles and Flame Dawn. On top of which I run pure decks, meaning that I do not mix in other factions, rather I will either run a triple purity deck or a 2/1 deck with the 1 being a factionless commander, most likely a wealthy noble. (Which is a shame but the honest truth is that the most 3P cards are not worth what you give up by going 3P.. IW should really do something about that)

The general purpose of this guide is to make life easier for some 2P Sleeper players. I will not only rank the cards in terms of how good they are, but I will also go over general game strategies, synergies and tactics.


Tactics and Strategies
 - Cost Effectiveness
 - Character Cost Synergy

Part 1 ends here, Part 2 of the thread is continued in the Comment Section.
Counter Tactics
 - Sideboard
 - Command Zone
 - Spells/Abilities

Tactics and Strategies

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness seems self intuitive but people dont give this as much thought as they should. Most people think of this in turns of spending all your resources every turn, which is a part of it, but there is alot more to it. For instance, if you use Assassinate to kill a pesky Spiderbot the question you are left with is whether or not this move was cost effective. Well Spiderbot cost 4 resources and Assassinate costs 6 resources, baring its other effect you have already lost 2 resources on this deal.

Another way to think of this is like this. When your opponent played Spiderbot, Spiderbot had a hidden passive of when this character dies your opponent loses 2 resources. "Crazy good card right?". Using your resources every turn is important good macro but making sure you do not waste resources is another essential part of it. But even the spell example is pretty small example because the idea extends far beyond that. Here is another example for you:

PYR - for (4) cost it gives you a Flame Dawn Aspirant every turn forever. From your opponents perspective he will be behind 2 resources if he spent 6 resources to remove it from the field with Rift to the Old World. But should he? A Flame Dawn Aspirant cost 1 resource. PYR for 4 cost will give you 1 every turn meaning that it will become cost effective after 4 turns. The main question that goes through your head is "Should i spent 4 resources NOW, to get 4 resources worth of returns in the FUTURE", for any of you accountants out there this is called a "Return on Investment."

Now this issue actually gets a bit more complicated. Because a 1 drop on turn 1 is great, a 1 drop at turn 4 of acceptable, but is a 1 drop at turn 8 anything to smile at? As bigger and larger characters start making their way onto the board the value of a 1 drop begins to drop exponentially. In my opinion PYR is not a very cost effective card. Not only do you get what you paid far 4 turns later, which is an eternity in a game, but there has been a quasi deflation where the 1 drop you paid for at turn 4 isnt as valuable as the 1 drop you are getting at turn 8, etc.. Granted it the game goes on to around turn 10 and above the things start to balance out. But games rarely go that long, especially for a flame dawn player. And it is this lack of cost effectiveness that keeps this card from seeing any play in competitive decks.

Character Cost Synergy

This is a very important thing that players do not consider all too often. It is essential that you  build your deck and commander zone around your turns. An example of this would be if every card in your deck were a 2 cost. What would happen? Over the course of 10 turns you would have lost 5 resources. Because on turns 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 you wouldnt be spending all of your resources. The same goes for if every card in your deck were 3 cost. On turns 2. 4. 6. 8 and 10 you would not be spending all of your resources. While having a good spread of even and odd resource cost cards in your deck is a good solution, having a command zone that synergies with this is even better. Here is another example:

If you have yagron in command. Then a smart thing to do would be to have alot of 3 cost cards in your deck. Because you already know you are going to have a garunteed 2 drop. By building around this you can play it like this-

Turn 1 - Do Nothing
Turn 2 - Use Yagron
Turn 3 - Play a 3 Cost
Turn 4 - Play the Demon Yagron gave you on Turn 2 and Use Yagrons ability again.
Turn 5 - Use Yagron/Play Demon and Play a 3 Cost
Turn 6 - Play Two 3 Cost Cards

You can see that by structuring your deck this way you are not letting any resources go to waste!
This is cost efficiency at its best. While it is rare that any deck is structured this well, this should be the goal of all decks. While most players try to reach this by stacking their decks with low cost characters there are other approaches to this. (In a thread I plan to make some time soon I will go over different strategies for structuring your deck so it wastes as little resources as possible.)


The cards in this section will go in alphabetical order that way it is easier to find a specific card. In this section I will talk about every card in the sleeper faction. I will talk about its advantages, disadvantages and I will rate it from a 1-4.
(1) I consider a card of this value to be pretty bad, not cost effective and extremely niche.
(2) This card has alot of drawbacks but in the right deck it could become the center piece. Do not add this to your deck unless you have a specific plan for it.
(3) This card is strong in general. If you need to fill space in your deck this is a card you want. And if you manage to build a scheme around it that is even better.
(4) This card is a star, it is cost effective in general and can be considered an auto add to any deck with its purity, baring that your deck needs cards that fill a specific purpose and assuming this card cannot do so.
*The context behind this grading system is that at the end of the day you put most of the cards in your deck for a specific play style or combo. If you have a choice between a (4) card that does nothing for your deck and a (2) card that would help your deck then go with the (2). "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spent its entire life thinking it is stupid." But if you just need to fill space or add some characters to your deck this is a great tool for figuring out which ones you should pick. *

Agent Coyle Zomborg (2)
Advantages - You have the potential to get a very good character for very cheap.
Disadvantages - This card is extremely slow and takes a long time before you start to see any benefit. This card acts as a dead turn up until that point as most people will try not to use in in order to keep it from dying before it reaches its final form.
Analysis - I dont play with this card anymore. When playing it from command you dont get any return on investment until alot of turns later, and if you play it from your hand its pretty much a waste. Not only do you have to wait a long time before you get what you paid for but it is telegraphed to your opponent so they have several turns to prepare.

Character Cards

Aleta, Immortal Sufferer (2)
Advantage - Good defensive stats, the highest of any sleeper for her cost.
Disadvantage - Her active isnt great and you sacrifice a good character that could have been revived later for a 4/4 token.
Analysis - I run her in command in my main deck. She is pretty good against rush down decks as you get free chump blockers and a big blocker at Turn 5. She doesnt synergize too well with the revive mechanic but you can minimize her affect on your graveyard by making sure to use her active on 1 character, and keep reviving the token whenever it dies instead of burning through your graveyard every chance you get.

Bloodthirsty Dead (3)
Advantage - Very good at trading with lower cost characters
Disadvantage - Very weak against damage spells and AOE spells.
Analysis - Granted it is weak against spell damage this is a great character fighting, it will trade against most 3 cost characters and even some 4 cost. And most 2 and 1 characters wont even be able to do any real damage to it. I run a few of these in all of my sleeper decks.

Boomy (3)
Advantage - Great for board clearing and very controlled unlike Winds of War
Disadvantage - It can still come back to haunt you if your not paying attention since it damages your side of the board as well as your opponents.
Analysis - It is basically a winds of war that only affects 1 side of the board (attack or defense zone). On top of which you can move your units in and out of the zone unlike with WoW. It does 1 more damage than WoW and it has haste so your opponent cannot react to it. I run 2 of these in my sleeper decks but I may increase it to 3.

Converted Prototype (2)
Advantage - Decent Stats for a sleeper
Disadvantage - Stats arent really all that great
Analysis - This card has good stats for a sleeper card who dont really have big cards so you have to take what you are given. If you are playing sleepers and need a big, this is a good place to start. But if you have better options from other factions then you should pass this card up.

Cyber Infested Dragon (2)
Advantage - Great Passive and Subtypes
Disadvantage - High Cost and very Low health.
Analysis - The saving grace for this card is its passive that puts endless hordes in your graveyard. Which is a great passive if you can capitalize on it (with a revive mechanic or Aleta the Traveler), but if you cannot it is definitely not worth the cost.

Deadfeaster (2)
Advantage - The +2/2 it gets from bloodthirst gives it 8/8 which is on par for (3) cost cards. On top of which its passive allows it to scale out of control if your opponent is not paying attention.
Disadvantage - It has low base stats and most opponents know how to play around it.
Analysis - Even with its disadvantages its still a pretty decent card, and in this META of trying to rush your opponent down with alot of low cost characters it comes in handy occasionally.

Diseased Zombie (1)
Advantage - None that I know of, that being said it is cost efficient if used on Turn 1/2.
Disadvantage - Its 4/4 which is only useful early game. And its poison is very weak so your opponents have a lingering death. If you use it on Turn 1 on a character with 8 health... they wont die until Turn 9. So really why bother.
Analysis - It takes the perfect storm to make this work. You have to draw it very early, turn 1 or 2. And your opponent needs to be running something really weak with 4-6 health in their command zone. At that point it isnt that bad. But it happens so rarely and any point after Turn 3 this is basically a dead draw, meaning it is a waste of a draw.

Endless Horde (1)
Advantage - Great effect that has the ability to snowball out of control
Disadvantage -  Very niche and wont synergize with most decks
Analysis - This is a GREAT card if your building your deck around it, which can be pretty hard to do. Outside of that you should ignore it.

Evolving Parasite (4)
Advantage - Not only will this instantly kill whatever it attacks, but it will changing into what it killed.
Disadvantage - It can be hard to hit something valuable
Analysis - Most of the times when your ability see's this card they will arrange their attack and defense zones in order to make sure nothing valuable attacks this card. Even if a 1-2 cost character attacks this you are still good because you paid 3 resources to kill one of their 1-2 cost characters and then play one of your own. But with that said why not aim for something better? I run 2-3 of this in any sleeper deck I have that has extra room in it.

Hehkeem (2)
Advantage - GREAT ability that can really turn the tide in fights.
Disadvantage - The ability is counter intuitive in a sense. Because if it revives alot of characters that means you got alot of characters killed. Which means your morale is going to be low. And seeing as to how running hehkeem forces you to run low cost characters chances are they will also have low health. So a well timed AOE spell could mean defeat. Also If you're in ranked the next game you play you can expect to play against grave rob.
Analysis - The biggest drawback to this card is that it is triple purity. And for the most part this game does not reward people for playing triple purity decks (outside of Genesis and Flame Dawn).

Inevitable Dead (4)
Advantage - Very cost effective, and opens the possibility to alot of cool combo's.
Disadvantage - Pretty weak in general and doesnt scale very well.
Analysis - Personally I love the card, and I auto include it in any 3P sleeper deck I have.

Infected Pack Leader (3)
Advantage - Its stats arent that great but its passive makes up for it.
Disadvantage - With a 5 Cost this card is pretty slow and doesnt have a big impact on the board when played.
Analysis - Even with its disadvantages this is still a good card IF you are running alot of undead in your deck. But if you are splicing this with other factions you can probably find a better 5 cost out there.

Infectious Zombie (1)
Advantage - It has infect
Disadvantage - There are alot of better alternatives and with its low power it wont be able to kill anything.
Analysis - Personally this is a sleeper card but it is more so here to be combo's with other factions, like genesis, that can buff it and turn it into something that can actually kill stuff. 

One of Many (1)
Advantage - None
Disadvantage - Bad passive, Low stats
Analysis - This card is only useful if your deck is being built around the discard mechanic. Outside of that you should ignore it.

Patient Zero (1)
Advantage - It has Infect
Disadvantage - Low stats, high cost, high cost active ability.
Analysis - Ive experimented with a Bury + Awaken combo which lowers its cost by 6. And if you are running 3P sleepers and draw this on your first turn you can discard it and lower its cost to 5. But its so difficult a combo just to save a few resources and when doing so you just get a 10/10 with infect. That being said its a good card to have sit around in your support zone as a scare tactic. Your opponent may not move big characters into their battlefield in fear that Patient Zero will kill it with his active ability.

Plaguebearer (1)
Advantage - It gives +1/1 to all sleepers which isn't great.
Disadvantage - Its not cost effective, very weak against AOE
Analysis - I try to stay away from cards that are easily countered. This card is going to die to almost any AOE so if you depend on it you're going to be disappointing more often than not.

Re-Occurring Nightmare
Advantage - Great Passive effect
Disadvantage - Slow paced card, weak against removed from game mechanics.
Analysis - I love this card and its concept, but at the same time it is very slow. You wont need more than 1 or maybe 2 of these in your deck because you are going to be re-summoning the same one over and over again. On top of which resets/removed from the games, like controlled temporal anomaly, will completely counter you. Dont put all of your eggs into 1 basket by building a deck around this guy, but throwing 1 into a sleeper deck wont hurt and will put your opponent in an uncomfortable situation. ("How do I deal with something that gets stronger everytime I kill it!")

Risen of Avarrach (2)
Advantage - Nice Passive effect
Disadvantage - Not cost effective and its passive is very slow.
Analysis - I have started straying away from this card. Its effect is very similar to the PYR example that I brought up earlier. If you play it at turn 2-4 then yes it will come back in 3 turns. But how useful will a 2 drop be at turns 5-8? Granted they will be alot more useful than the 1 drop that PYR gives you, but it is still something you should take into consideration. I run this in my decks but only 1 or 2.

Sleeper of Avarrach (1)
Advantage - Good passive effect
Disadvantage - Not cost effective, very slow paced
Analysis - This is a good card if you have a revive mechanic and have alot of time to wait. If not then ignore this card. Even if you do have a revive mechanic it can be a chore just to get this thing dead early enough for its stats to matter. Outside of hehkeem the revive cost is going to be around 4-5 depending on how you do it. Its base cost is 2. So thats 6-7 cost, which means you should expect it to be 14/14 or 16/16 which is going to take 9-10 turns. Its a good card if you can make it work, but most decks wont be able to if they are not built around this card or a revive mechanic.

The Last Sleeper (4)
Advantage - Extremely good passive
Disadvantage - Extremely slow card
Analysis - It takes a while to build this card up and getting it killed early in the game will take some doing. For instance if you kill it on turn 7, then do you really think you will make it to Turn 13? That being said this is a great "Set it and Forget it" kind of card. You spend 2 cost and then get it killed, or 1 cost if you are using Bury, and just forget about it. 6 Turns later you get a very big character for little to no resources.

Tusked Behemoth (1)
Advantage -
Disadvantage -
Analysis - Just read what I said about One of Many

Zombie Abomination (1)
Advantage - It is really really strong
Disadvantage - Very slow to build up to, very easily countered. Triple purity.
Analysis - You cannot run it in command. And it will be a dead draw in your hand up until you have 15 characters in your graveyard which is when its cost becomes (10), if you have enough resources at that point you can play it. But if your opponent has graverob, then they have 10 turns to draw it and use it. And if they do you lose 5 characters from your graveyard. It isnt bad enough that it is easily countered but on top of which it is triple purity and as I have said before this game isnt favorable to most triple purity decks because there are so few triple purity cards and the cards that are there arent very good.

Zombie Scavenger (1)
Advantage - Great Passive
Disadvantage - Low stats, too slow. Extremely weak against AOE.
Analysis -  The cards suffers from the same problem as Zomborg. They are not too good if not played in the command zone because they are very slow paced but at the same time they are very weak to early AOE and spells which means the command zone is the last place you want to put them. So your taking a chance, they will either be very useful or completely useless. While that is too risky for me I am sure others  may find value in it.

Agent Coyle, Superior Symbiote
Advantage - Great Passive
Disadvantage - Low stats doesnt allow it to attack or defend.
Analysis - This card has some great synergy with the sleeper faction and when reviving anything below 3 cost you end up paying the same as an Awaken, but it also gets an additional +3/3 when attack with Coyle which is a nice bonus when you actually do attack with Coyle. This is a great card if you want to play around the revive mechanic.

Part 2 of this thread will be continued in the comment section!
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Re: The Only Sleeper Guide Wou Will Ever Have to Read
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PART 2 of the thread will be continued here


In this section I will list some good combinations I have come across. These are going to be Sleeper to Sleeper combo's because if I list ALL possible combo's with ALL possible factions we will be here all day and I will still miss some. That being said I wont list every single possible sleeper combo's, rather just the ones I like the most and think others should know.

Agent Coyle: Superior Symbiote + The Last Sleeper
This combo is great because while The Last Sleeper doesnt revive itself until after 6 turns, if you revive it before that it still recieves the +10/10. The best way to use this combo is to run The Last Sleeper in your deck with 3 Bury's. If you manage to draw a Bury by turn 1-3, you can use it to Bury The Last Sleeper, then Pay 2 Cost (+ another 2 for The Last Sleeper) and get him on the field at Turn 4. A 16/16 Zombie for 4 Cost on turn 4 (Technically 5 if you count Bury but if you used it on Turn 1 that would have been a wasted resource anyways)! If you are running 3P Sleepers with 3 inevitable deads you can possible further increase the chance of getting this combo since the 3 Inevitable deads will force you to discard a card, meaning if you draw The Last Sleeper on Turn 1 you can discard it and move into the combo without relying on Bury.

Agent Coyle: Superior Symbiote + Deadfeaster
This is a good combo especially if you manage to get some kills with deadfeaster before it dies. But now you have a 10/10 with bloodthirst 2 in the graveyard, no problem, pay 5 resources and get it back. And it now has stats that rival any other 5 cost character the sleepers have.

Re-occuring Dead + Decrepit Crystal
This is a nice combo because it gives Re-occuring nightmare an additional +2/2 and this extends into Agent Coyle: Superior Symbiote as well. The sad part is that this effect doesnt stack every time the unit comes back from the dead, which would have been awesome and personally I think it SHOULD be that way. But even without that this is still a nice combo.

Aleta: Immortal Traveler + Infested Cyber Dragon
This is a good combo because it is really really hard to mess it up and it is tough for your opponent to counter play it. That being said it takes some time to set up as well. After you have played and killed the 2 Infested Cyber Dragons they will spawn a total of 6 Endless Hordes in your graveyard. After that happens you can use Aleta to spawn more Endless hordes and at that point you would be paying 4 resources for a 15/15 which would continue to get stronger as more of them die. The only drawback to this combo is that it is a post turn 10 combo. It requires you reach Turn 10, play both dragons, and have them both die. Its not to easiest to set up and you wont run into it every single game, but with  just 3 cards (2 Infested Cyber Dragons and 1 Aleta) you can have access to this really strong late game combo. Lastly it is hard to screw up. If your dragons die... GOOD! If Aleta Dies... Wait 6 turns and your still good to go.

Bury + Risen of Avarrach/ Sleeper of Avarrach/ Re-occuring Nightmare/ The Last Sleeper
To put it short, Bury is just a really good card for any 2 or 3 purity sleeper deck. Alot of your cards get stronger from being in the graveyard and this lets you put them there very early in the game.

Patient Zero + Awaken
Patient Zero is normally an 8 Cost, but if you revive him from the graveyard with Awaken instead of playing him from your hand or command zone it will only cost you 5 resources. Now he not only has stats that rival that of any other Sleeper 5 cost character, but he also has Infect and a cool active ability. Now you just have to figure out how to get him into the graveyard without deploying him.

Overwhelming Dead + Zombie Abomination
Its a good combo if your going to run the risk of running ZA... that on top of the risk of running triple purity.But OD will add 4 zombie tokens which are killed pretty easily, tihs will go a long way as far as reducing ZA's cost.

Shirazura: The Cruel + Sleeper of Avarrach/ Re-occuring Nightmare/ The Last Sleeper
Once again you have people that you need to make dead and a guy that does it very well!

Aleta: The Immortal Sufferer/Defense Golem + Infectious Transfusion
She is one of the tankiest characters in the sleeper faction and her moderately low cost makes her very accessible. With this card she becomes a 14/16 that takes 2 damage every turn, which might I add is pretty big for a sleeper card. The same concept goes with Defense Golem.

Counter Tactic's


In this section I will go over some tactic's I have found to create some counter player against my opponents strategies. Most of them are somewhat hard to pull off and even them your opponent can still outplay them, as it should be with all counter strategies. But for the most part, with this, you can create a well rounded deck that has a good chance of winning against a multitude of different decks, as oppose to a deck that will beat 1 thing and lose against everything else.

To start I will let you know what my sideboard is in my current Sleeper Deck, and why.
2 Feast on the Dead
1 Calamity
1 Rift to the Old World
3 Radariah
2 Grave robs
2 Corrupt Machinery

Radariah x 3
I like to keep 3 of her sideboarded incase I go up against a heavy control deck. To start off with against a control deck I wont be able to play alot of characters, so this is a great environment for her to thrive. On top of which she has untouchable so they spells cannot hit her, and she has flight and chances are a control deck wont have a response against flying. At best she scale out of control, at worst your opponent uses up alot of his AOE spells killing her allowing you to play some characters.

Feast on the Dead x 2
This ties into the Radariah. My decks are character focused and dont do too well against control decks or morale decks. So I fill my Side board with things that help deal with that. I only run 2 Feast on the Dead's because I figure that by the time Morale becomes a problem for me, I will have drawn atleast one of them already.

Calamity x 1
For the times where I am going against a deck with a godly late game. The Omnitron decks, the late game Warpath decks, etc... For those seldom times I come across a deck that manages that completely trash me in the late game, I use calamity to take care of things. For the most part really strong late game decks revolve around slowly strategies with key cards. Granted it takes alot of time to set up these strategies but if they do the is very little you can do about it... except for use calamity :) This is a supreme troll card, i recommend that after you use it you say "cool strat bro" and top it off with a winking smiley face ;)

Rift to the Old World x 1
I only use 1 of these for the same reason I only run 2 Feast on the Dead's. Because most location cards are going to take time to play and it is so rare that I actually come across a troublesome location card that i cant just play around that dedicating alot of my sideboard to counter it just seems like a waste. That being said I still think having 1 is a good thing just in case.

Grave Rob x 2
Great card for dealing with any card that relies on the graveyard. Only 2 of them for the same reason I only have 2 Feast on the Dead. By the time an opponents graveyard becomes a problem you should haev already drawn one of these.

Corrupt Machinery x 2
One of the best anti-artifact cards in the game! Only 2 of them for the same reason I only have 2 Feast on the Dead. By the time an opponents graveyard becomes a problem you should haev already drawn one of these.

Command Zone

For the most part when looking to put a card in the Command Zone you need to be thinking of 3 things. Do I need an attacker, do I need a defender, do I need some utility, do I need a specific mechanic which I am building my deck around.

Most of the times a deck being built around a specific strategy will only need 2 command zone slots. It is rare that it would require all 3 slots and if that is the case for you then you are in a tough position and are more than likely playing a 1 dimensional deck that is going to do well against certain decks and fail hard against others. Which isnt a bad thing, decks like those have their merits, the purpose of this guide is to help you create an all around deck that can handle more than 1 problem.

So now you have to decide what kind of Commander you need and we go back to the original questions. And the answer to that is extremely personal and it will take time to find the perfect card that just feels right.

For instance in my most current deck my Command Zone is (XXX, Agent Coyle: Superior Symbiote, Wealthy Noble) (Wealthy noble gives ALOT of utility and I recommend alot of people, with slower paced decks that need time to develop, run it in command in order to help jump start things)

Now at first I was running a Zomborg in the XXX spot but he competed with Wealthy noble. I would play Wealthy noble turn 2, and the next turn playing a 4 Cost seemed alot better than playing Zomborg and another 2 drop, especially if my opponent was rushing me. After 8-10 games I traded Zomborg out of a Deadfeaster, which was alot better against Rushes but what I found was that he was too easily counter played and on top of which I would end up drawing him by Turn 3 most of the time since I run 3 of him in my deck. So running him in Command was a waste. I switched to Re-Occuring nightmare which made alot of sense. I want him to die quickly so I can bring him back to live, the early he gets on the board the sooner I can start developing him and with the wealthy noble on Turn 2 I can play him on Turn 4, it felt right, but I thought I could do better. The problem was Reoccuring Nightmare was just too slow paced and it took me alot longer to deal with early pressure, and because of which I took alot of unnecessary damage. There were too many times where I wanted to play RN in order to defend but with only 8 health he wouldnt have defended well and I just ended up playing Deadfeaster or converted prototype. After this happened too many times I decided to try something new.

What I am running now is (Aleta: Immortal Sufferer, Agent Coyle: Superior Symbiote, Wealthy Noble). With Aleta I not only get a really good Turn 5 defender but I can use her active ability to create 4/4 tokens to help defend. With her my success rate against early pressure is really well which is important since my deck is very mid-late game oriented.

The important thing to note is that it was not cut and dry, there were alot of options I could have used that free command zone slot for. Alot of those options made alot of sense but didnt work out in game, alot of those options worked in game but didnt work as well as I wanted them to, and after alot of trial and error and testing I found the perfect commander. Who knows 2 weeks from now I may find a different commander that I like even more than Aleta. Just remember that it is a learning process!

Incase you wanted to know my current card list on my top used Sleeper deck is:

3x Wealthy Noble
1x Aleta: Immortal Traveler
1x The Last Sleeper
3x Deadfeaster
3x Bestfiends (Something I am test with Super Symbiote, I will likely remove it)
3x Evolving Parasite
1x Re-occuring Nightmare
3x Converted Prototype
2x Boomy
3x Infected Packleader
2x Cyber Infested Dragon

3x Winds of War
3x Bury
2x Awaken
3x Eaten by Zombies
1x Avarrach has Risen
2x Kyrallic
1x Decrepit Crystal (Used to be 2 of them, I might switch back to 2 of them)

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Re: The Only Sleeper Guide Wou Will Ever Have to Read
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Re: The Only Sleeper Guide Wou Will Ever Have to Read
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Awesome guide!
Really interesting look at Sleepers, defiantly gonna try out the deck  ;D

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Re: The Only Sleeper Guide Wou Will Ever Have to Read
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FYI, Calamity doesn't hurt Omnitron. The artifacts aren't wiped off the board by it, so if anything Calamity helps Omnitron decks. Corrupted Machinery, on the other hand...
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