Author Topic: Patch Notes - Version 2.0 "Reborn"  (Read 10604 times)

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Re: Patch Notes - Version 2.0 "Reborn"
« Reply #15 on: June 21, 2016, 10:03:50 PM »

  • (Draft) Alphabetical sorting for tied scores removed. Replaced with new sorting method: First person to attain a given score (say, 27 wins), will always be ranked highest for that score. The second player to score 27 wins will rank directly under them, then the third player to get 27 wins, and so on.

Doesn't work. Look it up. (I was the first to attain 16 wins and Krisnata25 is above me in the ranking.)

Thanks for mentioning it. We were able to fix the issue and you placed above Krisnata, when I looked a few days ago. Let me know if it happens again.