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A guide of how to enjoy Infinity Wars: F2P mode
« on: June 08, 2016, 09:29:12 PM »
A guide of how to enjoy Infinity Wars : from a ex-new player to new players, F2play mode


Hello, I had a little time to lose and some ideas in my head. So I tried to write something. Some of you might agree or disagree on this, that's perfectly fine, it's only one way of seeing this game.

So, since the relaunch is soon, there will be a lot of more players.

Let's hope so...

They will have a lot of questions and will want to progress in this game as fast as possible. We will see "LF Last Sleeper" and other big cards in trade of players that don't even have tradable cards.

There is a lot of guide of how to play and trade, but I would like to share my advices on how to keep having fun at his game while progressing without punching your computer screen or dying while grinding IP.

The "author"

My IGN is Coco992, I started playing Infinity Wars in January 2016, never stopped since. I am a casual Magic player that was looking for a tcg online for like 2 years. I installed Infinity Wars without that much hope, I was hooked. I spent much of my time on normal play and on trades. I invested little to no money on this game and managed to have a big collection with trading and patience. I started playing while the game was consider dead, so I believe my way of playing is a good way to stick on this game!

The guide

The guide will be written in forms of tips and tricks. It's not the only way of playing this game, but it might help. Use the tricks that helps you, leave behind the one that you don't like.

#0: the way of playing

It's not really a tip, just the way I played and it suited me well.

It's not a full time game! Infinity Wars will get boring if you play too much of it at the same time.

Connect every day, use the login rewards, play some games, try to build a new deck or whatever then go do something else.

If you grind IP, you won't have fun and you'll stop playing. Make this game more like a chat box, the community is funny to read and the trade board always have some one that might need a card you have.

Between 2 sessions of play, think about this game. About a strategy you want to explore. About a deck you want to build. The next time you connect try those things and see what it does. I spent 300 hits in this game, but never more then 3 hours of full play.

#1 Discover the game:

Let yourself discover this game before jumping to deck creation and trading. Be patient. There is a lot of factions and a lot of cards, you might discover your favorite one after a while. This game might be hard at the beginning, but let yourself the time to learn, don't rush to have the best deck or the best cards. Learn the basics and the game before anything.

#2 Don't be afraid to play normal

Don't be afraid to play normal games with a starter deck, they are good enough to have some fun. A lost is normal is worth the same as a win against bots, so you are never losing. And you will learn way more!

#3 Do not trade to soon

Trading is an art and it takes a lot of patience to be effective and fun. It's a big part of this game and makes it great. You will slowly obtain tradable cards and you will of course want cards that you don't have. Before trading all you have for a card that might have no value, let yourself discovers what you really want to play. Then you will trade to build a deck.

#4: Play the free decks

They are varied, they mixed strategies and factions. They are fun! You will learn new strategies and new ways of playing. It's a good way of discovering the factions and the cards! Also, they are quite good overall and you can have a good number of wins with them.

#5: Start building your own decks

Open your cards and look at them. You have the starter decks and the cards you opened while leveling up. You can do a lot of deck with that. Try to mix factions, switch the command zone. Find a strategy and build a deck around it. Deck building is fun. Don't try to build the best deck, just try to build a deck you will have fun playing.

Here are some tricks:
- mix 2 factions that you liked the most
- Build a deck that can beat the deck you hate the most. Usually you will love to play the opposite of what you hate.
- Always have 40 cards, not more.
- Change it often, after each game try to see what you would have love to draw and what you hated to have in your hand.
- Build a lot of decks, just because you can. Diversity is the key.

#6: Choose your favorite faction (s)!

It's hard, I know. You want to play everything, I know. It will come. But for now, you need to focus your aim on few factions to upgrade them throught trades. I'd say that after some time you know what suits you the best, so trust your instinct.

Make a line in the factions: the one you want to build, the one you don't want. It will help your trades to know what you want and don't want.

#7 Set an aim on a deck

You know cards more now, if not check on the wiki. Look at guide, ask around other players for tips.

Now you can plan what you want in the big end. Is it a 3 purity War Path deck? Fine. You want those Primal Hunters. It will take time, but you will find them.

It's ok if the decks seems impossible to reach, you will reach it one day. You will have fun anyway without having it. And the day you will finally have it, you'll start this all over anyway!

#8: Set a smaller aim

While building this big deck, plan on something smaller. That way you won't be sad when nobody will want to trade you primal hunters at the beginning.

You can focus on fewer rare cards.

IT can be a version of your big deck wth some alteration, like another faction with it. For exemple : you want to build a 3p exile deck. While trading for it, you can play a 2 purity exile deck with flame dawn or DoD. You might even find more fun win those combinations then you think!

#9: Take your time for trading

Ok, trading is nice, but if you rush it, you will loose value. So be patient.

Get yourself use to the value of cards, there is a trading tier list that helps you. As a free player you don't have much cards, so don't trade them all for a single big cards you really want. After a while this card may be not worth it and you will loose diversity.

Try to trade with people of your level, they have similar needs.

Trade with the same rarity at the beginning, it's easier. It's hard to give value to digital cards, but you will find with time that some cards are more rare then others.

When you open a chat session, speak with the other player before. Ask what they are looking for, what factions they are playing. Tell them what you are searching, what factions you are playing.

#10: Trade for what you can trade

This is very important. People won't trade a top tier epic for a couple of rares. Most of the people won't trade a top tier legendary for a low tier. So don't ask around for cards you can't trade. If you are looking for a Klore, wait until you have a couple of legendaries before asking for it.

#11: be a fair trader

If you wouldn't do the trade the other way around, don't do the trade. Good traders make good relations that will lead to better trades. It's a small community and everyone wants to enjoy the game, nobody want to loose value. Be fair and other will be fair to you.

#12: Be patient

When you know you have the perfect cards to trade for what you want, just wait. Ask on the chat for the card you are looking for and wait for this good trade you saw in your cards. This way you won't loose value. When you rush trades, you loose value.

If you feel a trader don't want to be fair, ask too much for what you want or disvalue your cards, don't do the trade. Be patient and you will always keep value. Maybe it means you won't have the cards you need right away, but that also mean you keep your overall value. In the future you will be happy to have more cards to trade.

#13: Buy penta-packs

Use your IP to buy penta-pack. It's the best way to have more cards. The collection one is a decent one, always. Rise, infection and Core 2013 holds a lot of value if they are at the same price of the collection one.

#14: Love rift run carefully

Rift Run is a nice mode. Truly! Some players only play this. Be aware thought: it costs the IP you need to grow your collection.

If you prefer to play this mode, go on! But you will have a smaller card pool for constructed.

And, if you become good, you will earn big prizes!

#15: Join the community!

Create an account on the forum, speaks with other players! Join discussions, read what Pupils have to say. Follow the news so you know what is coming!

The community is really nice and helpful! Try to ask help and advices! You might even find a mentor online. A lot of veterans will give commons and uncommons to new player, be gentle and to do the same when you will be a veteran!

#16: Join the tournaments

When you feel ready, join the events! You will probably loose, but you will learn so much while doing so! Also, there is prizes for everyone, so it's always fun!

#17: Invite your friends!

There is no better fun then to challenge your friends on this game or to speak about it! Help yourselves to build the decks you want, support your group! The more here is player to this game, the more it will grow!

Okay, that's it for now. Thanks for reading! If it helped you, tell me! If you have other advices or tips that you discovered, share them! This guide can become a melting pot of all the player base advices for F2P new players!

FOR OTHER OLD PLAYERS THAT READ THAT: I am really open to comments. If you want to participate, to add something or clarify a point, tell me! I am doing this only to help new players, I don't have pride in it!

Also, I am not a native English speaker. If someone would like to correct my spelling errors, that would be nice.

See you in the game:)

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Re: A guide of how to enjoy Infinity Wars: F2P mode
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2016, 11:32:10 PM »
As a free to play player myself this is a lot of really good advice. Also might add you dont need to get a massive collection to compete only 53 cards put together into a deck. Most of those will be common and uncommon as well. So if you ask around or just play games and find out what some good strategies are its really easy to trade the couple rares/epics you have starting out for the couple rares/epics you want for a deck and play that.

Rift Runs are also a good choice potentially maybe depending on your personality a bit. On one hand without having a good knowledge of what the cards do you will likely lose in Rift Runs a lot, however you are also not limited by collection size at all and it makes you pay attention and learn fast when you have IP on the line. If you get good at Rifts they are also the most efficient way to grow your collection. If I was a new player id do as many Rifts as I can. However id be prepared to get slammed the first 10 times at least maybe more so its only good advice if your personality can handle that and learn from it.
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Re: A guide of how to enjoy Infinity Wars: F2P mode
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2016, 10:27:28 PM »
when you start to play you like to explore strategies, combos, but sadly in this game matter less because we have one card called CALAMITY, which promotes brainless games.

The game will be better when they BAN calamity card.

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Re: A guide of how to enjoy Infinity Wars: F2P mode
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2016, 10:39:34 PM »
While Calamity is a very powerful card, it's not exactly banworthy. It usually costs 20 resources over 2 turns and can be outplayed with the following tips which I'm blatantly stealing from someone far better at this game than I am (I think it was Merlinix):

1) around turn 7, check out the board state. If you're ahead, play only so much as you need to maintain that lead. Don't overcommit.
2) Use your leftover resources to draw cards or reshuffle cards with the Trading Post.
3) If your opponent boosts resources on turn 9, draw 2 cards on turn 10. With the card advantage that you've accrued, you should be far enough ahead of your opponent to come back from the Calamity.

Some of my own tips:
Cards that counter the Calamity:
Jinhai Dojo, affectionately called the Calamity Bunker and a super useful location.
Temporary Mass Reality Shift, which is good against the Calamity and if you're spamming Interdimensional Phase Bots, but is otherwise unplayable.
Disruption Sphere, which increases the cost of Calamity and other abilities. Omnitron decks do really well against the Calamity because their artifacts survive the wipe, meaning they still have most of their board presence and the ability to recover easily.

Note that sometimes a player will up their resources on turn 9 but not play the Calamity right away. This is a smart player, because it allows them to do more and play a Calamity without the usual warning later. I'm not sure how to best play around a bluffed Calamity yet.

Another "OP" board wipe card that gets a lot of hate is Mass Death. It's a 2-purity Verore card, so you don't always have to worry about it, but it can completely swing games around if played properly (and, as I did earlier today, completely throw games away when it whiffs). The basic tip to playing around Mass Death is to not overcommit to your combat zones after turn 6 unless you're reasonably certain your opponent doesn't have or won't play a MD. Beware, however, because a number of players will willingly throw away powerful characters to lure out an opponent (I've used Mass Death to brutal effect with multiple good characters locked in my assault or defense zones, for instance).
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Re: A guide of how to enjoy Infinity Wars: F2P mode
« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2016, 03:57:34 AM »
Thanks for the guide. I'm new to the game myself and I plan on putting this guide to good use.

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Re: A guide of how to enjoy Infinity Wars: F2P mode
« Reply #5 on: September 15, 2016, 07:23:39 AM »
I would recommend new F2Ps to save up all your IP rather than spending them on Penta-packs. The daily login rewards are usually enough, and also some players are generous enough to give Commons and Uncommons away to new players for free, since they cannot be destroyed for crafting in IW and are basically useless. Don't be afraid to ask! Just don't keep begging, you should start trading properly when you have enough capital.

Instead, save up for the pre-order of the next set, which will give you cards which are Platinum and thus worth more when trading.  Right after the set is released, since almost everyone would have platinum cards, they are not worth a lot more than normal cards, but since they get rarer over time, they can be traded for about twice their value in normal versions after some time. If you want to, you can save up some Platinum cards even longer for greater returns as well.
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Re: A guide of how to enjoy Infinity Wars: F2P mode
« Reply #6 on: September 15, 2016, 07:31:22 PM »
To add onto this:

Trade for and focus on a single solid meta deck (Easiest one rn is probably tinkercide or Tempus decks) when you are just starting out. This way you get one solid deck going earlier and can win more games resulting in more IP sooner.
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