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Pelagoth's IW Reborn Twitch Channel
« on: June 15, 2016, 06:38:13 AM »
Pelagoth's IW Reborn Twitch Channel

I have started streaming single events and on certain occassions a few weeks ago.

Now I want to stream almost every day and continue the day count since IW reborn launched.

Q: What am I going to stream?
A: All sorts of stuff regarding IW. To have an idea what I mean, here are a few examples:
  • Rift Runs (a lot)
  • Fixed Deck Mode
  • Ranked Mode
  • Tournaments
  • Other Special events
  • Deck Building
  • Campaign coverage
  • Step-by-Step Tutorial Sessions (for newer players)
  • Occassional Pack Opening
  • Friend/Viewer Matches
  • Whatever else might be added to IW

So you can see, I have a long list of content I want to cover in the next few weeks of Streaming.

If there's anyone good with designing Twitch/OBS layouts, I would be grateful to have a custom one. I'd also be willing to pay a fair amount of Boosters for whoever would be up for that task. Just get in contact with me. 8)

Since I have a real time job, I will not be able to stream more than 3-6 hours a day during the week and only during a certain time.

Possible Streaming time:
===== Monday - Thursday from 4:00pm til 9:00pm IWT (GMT)
===== Friday from 5:00pm til 11:00pm IWT (GMT)
===== Saturday ALL DAY
===== Sunday from 1:00pm til 9:00pm IWT (GMT)

I will not be streaming the entire time in the above mentioned times, but it will be the most likely times to see my channel being live.

P.S. I will be having a 3-Week holiday starting July 2nd. That means I will have exceptional long time periods in which I can and will probably stream, including a 24-Hour stream.
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