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Infinity wars on TVTropes


Hey guys do you know TVTropes? If not, read for yourselves it's pretty funny ^_^

I did contribute to the page a long time ago. Also planned on adding a review for the game but never got around to it.

TVTropes is a fun website, but obligatory warning: it's a huge time-sink. Read only with copious amounts of free time.

As they say, TVTropes Will Ruin Your Life.

Moreover, has the IW page been updated recently? I used to check it every now and then. Time to look again.

hmm interesting c:

Oh yeah, I was the one who made this.

Probably need to update this since Rebellion dropped. It's been so long between expansions. Need to add, among other things, a Defector from Decadence entry for Lilariah (and maybe Lucca), a Killed Off For Real entry for Candit, and a Body Horror entry for the various Aberrations.


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