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Hey guys, Wayfinder here.
I'm reaching out to our new Devs to find out a little more about them personally as well as
Infinity Wars-ively. What makes them tick? What keeps them awake at night?
What are they playing when they aren't on INFINITY WARS?

But I decided, why stop there? Lets find out more about the creators and some of our top players too! So I'll be reaching out to the dev's and creators Ian and Elphie, plus anyone
who's occupied the top 5 of the leaderboards to find out more about them to add
excitement to the lives of us "little" people.  8)

!! NOTE: Please don't respond with questions on the forum post. I want to add any questions you might have to the interview set of questions. On that note(hehe it's punny), if you have questions you want to ask please PM ME ON THE FORUMS so that I can ask them during the interview!  ;D

I'll let you know who I'll be interviewing next, and you'll have a few days at a minimum to PM ME ON THE FORUMS some questions you'll want asked. Not all will be asked mind you and the devs particularly may not be able to talk much about the future. But dammit we'll ask anyway!!

Update: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
An ancient video I found on YouTube that appears to be an interview about the creation of Infinity Wars: :3 neat!

Future Interviewees (please remember if you have questions to ask them PM ME ON THE FORUMS so I can include them in the interview):

MerliniX , ES , TheRealTuna , Elphie , Ian , Crestmoor , CannonFodder, RikkiTikki , Teremus , Adorabear , Pupils , HeliosAFlame, Logadd , Chappie, DrewUniverse, BestSakuyaNA , Orissolve, ETC.... (in no particular order) We'll start with these, and I'll update the list as we get more and more peeps from the dev team and in the top spots and winners of tournaments, etc, etc, bullet point, bullet points...

So the next 2 to be interviewed!!!

CannonFodder (The mysterious man who was the first to contact the community during the dark days announcing the possible merger. Has vanished from the forums as quickly as he came. Searching for him will be an ordeal... But we'll give it a try!)

Please PM Me Personal questions you've definitely been wondering about! :) I'll approach him with questions in about 2-3 days so Hurry and PM me here! :)

Orissolve (The residing naysayer of doom! If there's an exploit or a crack in the armor of whatever you've got planned he's the one to find it! I hear tell he's a detective for the truth!)

Any personal questions for Orissolve? PM me and let me know, and I'll be sure to ask him for you! :D Like CannonFodder, I will be interviewing him in 2-3 days so hurry. :)

~Ian Interview~
Q) Do you believe in Infinity Wars?

A) Yes, I believe in Infinity Wars. I believe it has really solid foundations in it's core gameplay, and it's just a matter of execution. We're a small company and relatively inexperienced (and poor) when we started the game, so that execution has been a constant struggle for us, but those are problems we are able to fix over time. Yodo1's backing behind the game has really helped us in those regards.

Q) What exactly is your role at Lightmare?
A) I'm the Lead Game Designer, which basically means I call the shots as to how the gameplay runs, and lead the development team when creating the game. Basically, if anything ends up in Infinity Wars itself, it's gone through me at some point. However, that doesn't mean I get to just do whatever I want! There's upper management in Lightmare above me, and pretty much anything outside the game itself (community management, pay, resource allocation etc) are outside of my jurisdiction.

Q) How are things going for you now with the new merger?

A) Things are going really great! I've been nothing but impressed with Yodo1. When the CEO of the company can come to me and intelligently discuss the latest meta decks of your game, it's very flattering and confidence building. The people running this company really “get” Infinity Wars and TCG's in general.

Q) How many hours a week do you actually play Infinity Wars?

A) I try to spend at least half an hour each work day playing the game on the live servers, usually on smurfs, I don't like players knowing who I am, I'd rather strike up conversations and get actual opinions rather than ones modified by blue text. Also I'm shy. So assuming you don't mean playing on the test servers working on the game, it'd be like 2-3 hours (on the test servers it'd be like... up to 30 hours a week). When it comes to playing in my free time, it comes down to how much my friends are playing lately. My circle of friends tends to cycle through different games we're playing at the time, so when the Infinity Wars bug hits them, I end up playing a lot more. I also end up playing a lot more when doing card design for a new set so that I can really reground myself in the current meta and what the game needs, compared to when my current project is something like a store revamp.

Q) Do you feel this is enough or would you like to play more?

A) I do want to play more, but there's only so much time in a day. When I get home I want to spend time with my friends most of all, so I guess I need to convince them to play IW some more!

Q) Why has it taken so long for new cards?

A) It's no secret, we went through a period where all the money had dried up and development of the game had all but stopped. We had a lot of plans for new cards, but without the money we had to stop production on new sets. Normally card sets are created on a rolling system (while Order is being released, Oppression is well into production etc) so getting that rolling again after it's been stopped means there'll be quite a gap.

Q) Ideally, how often would you want new cards to be released?

A) Originally my answer was a 100 card set every 4 months, so that's what we aimed for before. That number was mostly based off of my history playing other TCG's. After a lot of discussion with Yodo1, we've started talking about having smaller but more often releases. We feel like that will keep the game fresher as there will be new content coming out and changing things up more often. How exactly we'll get there is something we're still discussing a lot.

Q) What was happening with the game after Oppression release?

A) Unfortunately, Infinity Wars was always running in the negative and around Oppression all the money finally ran out, so upper management had to drastically cut back on its development resources (including myself, I was moved onto other things). It was a pretty dark time, even though I felt that Oppression was by far our best set yet. When Yodo1 approached us however, we were able to put resources back into the game.

Q) How many of the original members are left? Why?

A) Of the original team, there's three team members: myself, and Pat (the artist) and Ashley our server programmer. Most of the other staff has either left over time or moved onto other branches of the company.

Q) What modes would you most like to see introduced in the game?

A) I'm not really a big fan of alternate game modes, rather I think the variety of the game should rest on the cards. Certain cards can completely change a game, after all. The problem with game modes (like say, a mode where you gain 2 resources a turn), is that we have our current rules because we determined they were the best ones for the game, and the game was created around the default mode and designed to be most fun in those conditions.
However, I do understand that what players are asking for when they ask for game modes is more variety in the game. I think the idea of a rotating set of fun game modes would be fun.

Q) What new factions would you most like to see?

A) I'd really like to see a faction that does the “aggro-control” archetype well. Flame Dawn and Overseers have both dabbled in this, but they focus more on overwhelming the opponent than fielding just a few threats and playing well played control game around that clock. It's an archetype I think is really interesting.

Q) How long have you been developing games?

A) In a sense since I was nine, where I'd make games for my brothers and friends with Klik and Play (more or less the first “Game Maker” type program, made by Maxis. RIP). Professionally, I've been making games since I was 22. I'm 30 at the moment.

Q) Any meanings behind your IGN?

A) Well I actually have two, Toysparafucile and Keja.

* Toysparafucile is my dev account and comes from Sparafucile, a really cool assassin from a series of books by Margaret Weis called Star of the Gaurdians. His name, in turn, comes from an Italian play.
* The other name, Keja, is my main one for games I play. Nothing special to it, it's just a name I came up with for my World of Warcraft character, where I wanted a female character but wanted a name androgynous enough that I wouldn't mind being called it.
Q) What's your real name?

A) It's just Ian Underwood! I've had a few people tell me it sounds like a “hollywood name”, but it's actually just my name, I don't hide behind any sort of fake name.

Q) Why haven't you accepted my Facebook friend request?

A) Haha, sorry Wayfinder1026(edit), it's just that I have a policy of not adding people unless I'm quite close to them. Maybe if I get famous enough I should create another, more “public” profile.

Q) When will you be making another Youtube vid for Infinity Wars showing off the sexiness that is your Tygris face? (and possibly Deflect face)

A) So many people think I'm the Deflect guy, but that's actually a Kickstarter backer. That is me as Tygris however.
Like I said though, I'm generally somebody that stays out of the public eye, I'm pretty socially introverted. I just want to make games.

Q) What is your favorite card in Infinity Wars?

A) Hmmm. There's a few favorites, based on what criteria I'm judging it on.

* Ferocity is such clean design that actually does so many different things, while seeming very simple on the surface. In elegance of design, it's my favorite.
* Mass Death really represents what Infinity Wars is, and does a lot to keep the game in check. As frustrating as this card is to play against sometimes, I feel the game would kinda fall apart without its presence, there always needs to be that level of board wiping threat. It was also an important learning experience for me as a designer. Before, my games didn't punish mistakes hard enough, and the gameplay really suffered as a result, none of the actions you took really felt like they mattered. Mass Death, as I'm sure you all know, punishes misplays very, very hard, and I think that's important for a competitive game.
* Finally, Fiery Wish is my favorite art. Pat always does really great work, and this card is just my favorite one of all.
Q) Favorite faction?

A) That's a dangerous question, because no matter who I say, somebody's going to go “ah ha, I KNEW IT, that's why X faction is so strong!” so I'm going to actually just tactically decline this one!

Q) Can you give us an example of the complexity of the code of each card?

A) The code behind an individual card is usually not that complex, unless the card is doing something weird. The code which ties them all together is where the complexity comes in.
From a technical perspective of a single card however, it's usually just an override to various virtual functions. So for example, the Mass Death Card class overrides the virtual function of OnAbilityEffectResolution to destroy everything on the battlefield.

Q) What games do you play when you're not playing Infinity Wars?

A) Oh man I could go on forever. I generally have one “main” game that I'm playing and being really competitive about. At the moment that's League of Legends, but historically it was World of Warcraft and Magic: the Gathering. I'm also always playing a lot of single player story-based games, Undertale and Witcher 3 being the best ones I've played lately.

Q) Something happening in Infinity Wars that you want to talk about but just can't?

A) There's a lot in the works! Our policy is not to talk about something until it's ready to go onto the test servers (either internally or publicly) just because so much can change or needs to be canceled and then we've dug ourselves into a PR hole. Too often our excitement has gotten the better of us and gotten us in trouble, haha.

Q) What music, if any, do you listen to while you play?

A) Depends on what I'm doing. If I'm playing League, it's I Need You by Actium on loop for hours, that song just puts me in the right mindset for the calmness and patience you need to play that game right. If it's mindless “slaughter everything” PvP like battlegrounds in WoW, it's a bunch of heavy metal or industrial like Fear Factory and Celldweller (I play a warrior, you need that kind of music to crit more).

At work, I basically listen to two types of music while I work. If it's programming and I need a clear mind, it'll be “space” music like Solar Fields. If I'm doing creative work, for some godawful reason I need to be listening to the trashiest pop music I can find.

Basically my music is always used to enhance what I'm doing at the time.

Q) Who's the hottest Disney chick? (or guy if you're into that)

A) Belle, nobody else comes close. She's a bookworm and one of the only Disney girls who's appeal is mainly based on her being a good person. I've also always related to her, being somebody that grew up in small towns and wanting more, and always been super overexcited and wanting to talk to everybody about whatever book / game / show I'm into at the moment and being ostracized for it.

Q) If you weren't a dev what would you be doing instead?

A) I'd probably become an author. It needs to be something creative, though.

Q) Top 3 goals you have for Infinity Wars?

* To make the game gain widespread acclaim and for it to be considered one of the main “competitive games” alongside games like League of Legends, Counterstrike and Magic.
* For it to continue to thrive and grow for many years to come.
* To remake all the systems within the game the way the game deserves, but weren't able to with our resources the first time around.
Q) Top 3 goals you have for yourself?
* To make great games that I'm proud of.
* After to live with a girl I'm in love with and live a comfortable life with enough money that I'm free to live life how I wish (which basically means making the games I want to make and playing games).
Q) What are you favorite animes?

* Death Note,
* One Piece,
* Naruto, there's really a whole ton.
Honorable mention: the first 14 episodes of Sword Art Online.

Q) Which Infinity Wars character is your waifu?

A) Xi. I'm sure you can notice the trend that I like quiet, humble types.

Q) Anything else you'd like to share?

A) I'm really glad the community is so passionate about Infinity Wars. For a long time I thought I'd never make something that strangers around the globe would really fall in love with like I do with other games, which is the real proving ground of a game designer. It's amazing to see people talk about the game so much. I also pretty much have read every single guide you guys make and post on the forums, I love reading guides! I think I have a guide addiction, I was the same with MTG, I'd read more guides than actually play the game...

Getting back on track, seeing people become so invested in the game is great, and I'm always trying to make sure I don't let you guys down. I know sometimes it's a hard road, and we've fallen often. Somewhat foolishly, we've always been trying to deliver a AAA game on a more or less indie budget, but it keeps me going knowing that the community is so passionate about this game.

MARCH 24 2016

~BestSakuyaNA Interview~
Q) How long have you been playing?

A) I started playing Infinity Wars sometime during early Infestation, maybe even Infestation Release, hard to remember honestly.

Q) When’s your next Infinity Wars stream?

A) It's often hard to find time to stream with my current schedule. Ideally I'll be trying to switch my schedule to stream early in the morning, around 8 am to 12 noon Eastern Standard Time. It's not ideal but people can always watch the VODs later on. I'll still occasionally do late night streams without commentary though.

Q) Will it have commentary?

A) The morning ones likely will, but the night time ones will not (again, Eastern Standard Time).

Q) What game mode would you most like to see introduced in Infinity Wars?

A) Anything that aids the new player experience. The high level, veteran competitive meta is fantastic and doesn't really need much touching outside of a better Ranked system. Content oriented around new players is where Infinity Wars needs to focus now.

Q) Exactly how does one become a member of OTK?

A) When Merlinix, Heliosaflame, Logadd, and I founded the team, it originally wasn't intended to be anything serious. Now, we play and stream multiple card games competitively, offer coaching, have an official website, and are even developing our own game. The extended staff has expanded significantly since the original team's creation. To join OTK, you'd need to offer us something we need that we don't already have, but our Contact section of the website is fully operational and waiting for your application :)   

Q) Who's the best player in OTK?

A) I used to think Merlinix, Heliosaflame, Logadd, and then myself for skill level from best to worst in that order, with us all being very close. Now though, I'm not sure who's the best on the team. We should definitely do some sort of exhibition at some point in the future and find that answer on a stream, haha.

Q) How long have you been a member?

A) I was one of the original founders, and one of the two guys pushing for the team scene originally in the first place. Without Teremus and myself, I'm not sure if any IW teams would have actually existed, haha.

Q) How much do you charge for coaching?

A) We try to be as reasonable as possible of course. Our goal is to lower the skillgap between new players and veterans (which is a very serious issue in Infinity Wars especially) more so than to just make money. The problem is that when you work a 50-60+ hour work week, it starts to get difficult to dedicate your time to teaching players for hours at a time for free when you could be sneaking in an hour or two more of sleep. If I could work in some way with the competitive gaming scene full time, be it coaching, streaming, or whatever, I totally would, but right now it's simply not feasible. Paid coaching is somewhat of a foot in the door for that business, but again, we work with our clients individually to make sure they're paying a price they feel is reasonable.

Q) Any Meanings behind your IGN?

A) A long time ago, I changed my League of Legends handle to BestSakuyaNA as a reference to a handful of other league players such as Best Riven NA. However, the name stuck more so than any handle I had used previously, so the name stuck. I'm still Mori on sites like Advance Wars by Web, but anything new I get into has the BestSakuyaNA name on it for good now, haha.

Q) What’s your real name?

A) Rory's my first name, and if people really want to find my last name, they just need to look in the obvious places :)

Q) Favorite card in Infinity Wars?

A) Most of the relevant meta cards to be honest. Klore, Splitter Robot, Gao Han, and so on. Dojo and Box of Wonder are also pretty cool, new creative cards. It's hard for me to pick a favorite for mechanics. My favorite art is Blood Bath of course.

Q) Favorite Faction?

A) Really tough question. Flame Dawn is the easy answer, but I've been playing a ton of Descendants of the Dragons lately. I kind of like all the factions to be honest.

Q) What’s your favorite anime?

A) Not sure if I have a favorite. I like a lot of the classics like Cowboy Bebop, and I enjoy comedies like Nichijou, but some lesser known stuff I like includes Kara no Kyoukai and Fate/Zero. Also, I'm a huge fan of the Berserk manga, which is related I suppose haha.

Q) What music do you listen to, if any, when you play Infinity Wars?

A) A huge variety to be honest. Anything from anime/rap mashups to progressive metal to the Hamilton soundtrack. Longtime favorites of mine include Ken Ashcorp and TripleQ. I'll share some of their stuff below if you want to check them out.

Q) How often do you play Infinity Wars?

A) I try to log on and play a few games once a day, so I spend at least an hour or two a day logged in probably. I definitely have way over 2000 hours clocked in on the steam client at this point, haha.

Q) Who’s the hottest Disney chick/guy?

A) I honestly don't follow all that much live-action disney stuff that much, so I don't really have a good answer haha. If Mulan was real she'd probably be super chill though.

Q) Favorite combo in Infinity Wars?

A) This isn't a very big combo at all, but using Dojo on your priority to zip characters to safety before your opponent can hit them with most abilities, then unloading dojo on their priority, dodging anything from mass death to calamity. It's a really simple interaction that I enjoy immensely. Obviously cards like Demon of Dark Bargain have really expanded the potential for complex combos for Infinity Wars, but some of the simpler interactions are just as cool to me.

Q) Anything else you’d like to share?

A) I mentioned this vaguely earlier, but I'm working on an original card game with around a dozen or so other developers and testers. We're hoping to show some progress in the upcoming months, so stay tuned for details!

MARCH 24 2016


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