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Re: Tournaments!
« Reply #60 on: January 09, 2016, 10:22:01 PM »
most of us are solo, but i bet we can make some groups.
with all this hype going there outta be enough players interested, well i hope so at least.

I don't see the point of groups when there isn't a play mode that allows teams yet.
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Re: Tournaments!
« Reply #61 on: January 09, 2016, 10:40:22 PM »
I know how we can arrange the team tournaments.

Every player that participates are put into a list. Then 8 team captains are selected. There will be a RNG raffle or w/e that decides who picks first, the very last player will be able to pick twice in a row. Then the picks will go backwards on the captain list. 3 Players per team. This way the top players will not be in a specific team and wreck everybody. On the participant list will be your username and the Faction Purity you will be playing. You will be locked into the Faction Purity throughout the tournament, not necessarily the deck (because we can't monitor that). I expect there to be raging between teammates and rage quitting.  ;D

(If tournament is popular, there may be a substitution participant list, with a vote of 2/3, probable cause, and agreement of tournament officials you may kick a team mate out at anytime during the tournament for a substitute on the list in numerical order *First come first serve*)

Matches will be either Bo3, or Single matches. (I prefer single, quicker matches) 1 player on each team starts the match, the winner of that match will face the lineup of the next opponent on the team until everyone on a particular team has been defeated. Match Lineups may change depending on how each team deems fit for a particular match up. ;D
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Re: Tournaments!
« Reply #62 on: January 09, 2016, 10:55:08 PM »
I don't have the means to play IW atm since I am not at home however I will be home in a week to dive back into the battlefield and I am ready!

Drew I have your back with whatever help you may need as long as I have the time to do it!  I will be getting my stream back up and going part time and I will be getting back to developing my own card game but I am so ready for tournaments!

I don't have time to run them myself however if spectator mode ever comes out I would love to commentate as people who frequent my stream have said I commentate fairly well and try to keep up the enthusiasm!  And if I decided to play in the tournaments myself you know damn well I will stream them!

Anyway I will still be quiet on the Infinity Wars front for the next week or so as I spend some much needed time off from the world with family but when I get back game on!

Lots of love guys/gals!

Live, Laugh, Love and Enjoy a good game of Infinity Wars!

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Re: Tournaments!
« Reply #63 on: January 09, 2016, 11:31:39 PM »
I would support this - but there need to be enough teams in the game to make this fun.
2 top teams
4 mid-top teams
2 mid teams
thats probably how it will be if there's a team tournament

To be clear, two things.

#1: I didn't think twice, and wrote inaccurately. What I meant is, are you guys up for team battles if we did work up the team count appropriately (whenever that will be).

#2: On Syrian's post: Yes, that is extremely likely. There is at least one way around this, though. It's been done in games like StarCraft II. Now, one thing I witnessed was that Starcraft and many other RTS games are most competitive in the 1v1 format, unlike LoL and other games. But, team play works into the 1v1 "gauntlet" AKA King of the Hill format. I initially presented this to Teremus originally, and he used it as a basis for the planned Team battles last September-ish. Now, I'll explain it in StarCraft terms and you can directly translate that here on your own.

In StarCraft, most event hosting groups did it like this:  We had teams of all-Platinum league players, sure, but we also set up teams of scaling skill levels on each side. So each team has 4-5 players. Two from Bronze League, two Silver, one Gold. Or similar spreads. In this format, just like Teremus showcased, one person from each team fights in a normal 1v1 match, typically starting with the lowest-skill players.

Whoever gets knocked out, that team has to select and discuss who will go in next. For example, who they think can best defeat the specific opponent or the specific faction they're going up against. The winner stays in until they in turn are knocked out. A team wins, when the other team runs out of players. In some cases it's a 5-win condition with just 3 players each, and you have to choose who to "revive." We have that as a secondary aspect for people if they want more than one chance to fight. I think we would need to stick with teams of three, no larger because of low population for now.

We can do a straight 3-to-win format where each player fights no more than one time, or a 5-win condition where two players get revived. This format may not be "true team battling" with all players involved at the same time, but it's a very respectable and prestigious format that warrants attention, and preserves the stability of 1v1 gaming, whereas 2v2 gaming would require a re-evaluation of the entire IW card library with adjustments to either which cards are allowed, or which cards receive cost changes.

[Edit] Example: Say we have two teams. Team 1: Myself, Merlin and Electro vs Team 2: IHateRegistering, Niadra, and Adorabear. First, I play against IHateRegistering, and he defeats me. He stays in, and Electro is our median-skill player so he comes in after me and happens to take the victory. IHR is out, and Electro stays in to face Niadra. Electro takes the win, #becausehahaha, and Electro is still in. Team 2's last player is Adorabear, he wipes the floor with Electro and calls out Merlin. Then it's the last player on each team (assuming we do a 3-game victory condition instead of 5), and whoever wins this match will complete the team victory.


So, yeah. It's a start for what need to work with right now, if people are up for it. I am very seasoned with this format and can don my experience going forward. And yes, I heavily prefer having an ample amount of teams before thinking about exact dates, much as I love setting target goals. I like having more than the bare minimum because a few teams may encounter real life priorities suddenly, have a missing player, etc. Safety nets are just smart.

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Re: Tournaments!
« Reply #64 on: January 10, 2016, 07:27:30 AM »
i can enter a team if it has anybody who can replace me in case something happens.
the electricity cuts regularly here (after 3 hours of electricity comes 3 hours without it and so on) and my laptop battery can only last about 2 hours.
so if anything happens i wont pay the price alone, my team will.
so for now im not participating unless there are subs.
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Re: Tournaments!
« Reply #65 on: January 29, 2016, 02:49:20 AM »
Toon310 / Mew28