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Teamspeak Voice Chatting Location


tl;dr I'm offering Teamspeak space for you guys to come in and chat together in audio!


Hello hello, everyone! I'm Drew. Most of you don't know me yet, unless you've been participating in the IW Pauper League or my recent tournament, or my Twitch streams of IW. I come here to play, but the main reason I'm here is because I believe in this game and its people.

I'd like to do and offer nice things in the name of that. The largest aspect being event hosting, which Teremus will allude to in the near future. However, I'd also like to offer Teamspeak. After talking with T-man about it, I'm going to go ahead and offer an unlimited amount of space on a server I operate. Well, on the front-end at least. I can't code worth a darn! (Yet?)

The server is located at , and the password will always be "community" without quotation marks. 50 slots, usually empty for now, and if it gets full I am completely ready to expand the max user count. You will be able to clearly see the Infinity Wars channel area, and I have a few sub-channels ready for any needed separate conversation as well as a spectator hall for people who want to congregate and talk on voice about an ongoing live event. If you need to know more, please post here and ask questions! (Un)Common sense applies: no racism, discrimination, etc. That's all for now! See you on the battlefield.. or the Twitch stream~

- Drew


Getting Into The Server (If you're new to Teamspeak)

Download link showing all OS versions:

If you need help getting into the server, I can only help regarding Windows operating system.

1. On program launch, go to Bookmarks > Manage bookmarks

2. In the pop-up window, click Add Bookmark. There will be empty text boxes to fill in.

3. Label: any name you like, but this is where I do neutral community event hosting and invite other communities/clans to hang out or congregate for events my group (Ignition) manages. I call it Ignition Events, but you can call it "Infinity Wars Hangout" for your purposes.

4. Address: this is where you copy/paste " " without quotes.

5. Password: community

6: Nickname: Preferably your IW username.

7. From now on, you can always connect by going to Bookmarks, and selecting the saved entry which will show whatever text you wrote-in for "Label."

As for troubleshooting mic issues, I can be of general assistance but I suggest you look to your friends (local ones if possible) that can help you with any issues on your end. If you experience oddities that may be about my server, please let me know in a personal message/IM and offer any details you can. Thanks everyone, and I hope you enjoy the voice server!

I'll be on this teamspeak most of the time so if anyone wants to stop by it I'll be on it for sure.

This is awesome. Will hang out for sure :)

I shall Endorse this :D



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