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Re: A couple questions from a newbie
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@BrainsoverBrawn's Hermit deck

Looks like quite a good start. First thing is to maximize the amount of token generation and cheap creatures you can pull out with hermit.

-No shamba (too expensive)
-No Skraar's Young (too expensive and predictable)
-No Enraged Hulker (too expensive - I think it's an OK card, but I generally use rampaging stag if I want a 3 cost creature. In the case of hermit we will be needing lots of low cost beasts, so he doesn't fit.)
-Keep Hehkeem/Skraar - They will win you the game

Next, generally to take advantage of all of your cheap creatures I will run playsets (3) of Pack Leader and Eucalyptus tree. Those two cards are quite strong by themselves, and they combo quite well together.

For example, if you have just played a pack leader into support but the rest of your creatures have died (mass death), you can use eucalyptus tree and hermit to instantly summon 4x 6/10 beasts, which will generally stop a FD rush while also putting pressure on your opponent.

Everything else is pretty much up to you. For me, kidnappers and caretaker of the young aren't my style, so I don't use them, and I also put all of my hulking snipers in the main deck.