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Gigonoth, His Journey Begins
« on: February 05, 2015, 08:32:13 PM »
So here is the story that begins Gigonoths Journey in the Infinity Wars.  I know I am not the best writer so please bear with it and otherwise I hope you enjoy.  As a note of those who don't know or want to know at this point he is Gigonoth, Silver-Tongue Master.

For those who like this and are interested here is a link to cards I made up from the same universe as Gigonoth (and it of course includes him in it to)

"... and that about concludes the basics of this contract," Gigonoth said as he slid a piece of paper and pen to three men.  The leader of the group, a knight by the looks of it, took the paper and began looking over it with his companions.  As he did so Gigonoth looked around the room.  The Guilded Noob was pretty empty right now with Fight Night having been held the previous day.  The bartender was polishing glasses and eying him carefully, the head waitress, brimming with mysterious power was cleaning up various broken décor and the owner was nowhere to be seen.

"It all looks promising stranger but how can we be assured that you can really deliver on your part," the knight asked?

"all I can say is that I always deliver on my end," his eyes flashed bright red for a moment and his words seemed to gain more strength, "however if you really don't want it I can just leave right now and..." he began pulling the paper back. Sweat fell from the brow of the knight and at the last moment he took the paper back and signed it followed by his two companions.  As the last one finished signing the paper rolled up and disappeared with a pop leaving a black ball of energy.  "Touch it and the power to complete your quest is yours"

The knight hesitantly began reaching out and stopped just before the ball, "What about the payment?"  Gigonoth chuckled, "There is no need to worry about that you will be paying me back in due time in accordance to the contract."  Seeming satisfied with the answer the three touched the ball.  Each of them then became covered in a black aura.  They stood up and began excitedly talking amongst themselves about how much stronger they felt.  They thanked Gigonoth as they left.  The knight scrathed the back of his neck and when his hand left a black ensignia could be seen engraved there now.

Gigonoth chuckled to himself once again.  These 'heroes' were so easy to bind to one of his contracts.  They only ever thought of their short term goals and never of long term effects.  Yes they would complete their quest much easier now but in a years time, maybe two they would be joining his collection.  Suddenly his thoughts were inturupted. 

"You know the boss don't take a liking to you doing your business here, you should take my advice and take it else were dark one."  Gigonoth turned his head.  The bartender was now standing next to him menacingly polishing a very thick glass pitcher. 

"Now, now Marvis your boss has said that he doesn't prefer my business here but he has not outright banned it.  Besides this establishment is a sanctuary were other then a few excpetions outside conflict is not allowed.  So unless you have some sort of business with me I ask that you keep that short leash of yours on and stay behind the bar."

Even before the pitcher hit the ground Marvis had his hand around Gigonoths throat, however it was now clawed and covered with fur, his arm expanding as muscles grew.  "You watch that silver tongue of yours or perhaps you would rather I rip it out," he said in more of a growl then speech as his eyes became more wolf like.

Gigonoth frowned, his word-magic never did seem to work on the employees of the Noob.  His bodies self defenses began reacting to Marvis attack as dark magic began creeping from beneath is robes towards his claws.  "Now Marvis you shouldn't let that temper of yours get out of hand.  You know my offer to rid you of your curse is still up, though if you continue like this I could find a more permanent solution," he said as he grabbed his pen which began changing into a dagger. 

The dark magic had began reaching Marvis and his fur began to burn .  The waitress was looking back between the two as she began to grab one of the few intact bar stools.  Then right as both Gigonoth and Marvis were about to make their moves the room was filled with the smell of concentrated Pont l’Eveque. 

"Now boys if you wanted to fight you should have done it last night."  Vanir put his hand on Marvises shoulder and the bartenders grip on Gigonoth was released.  Gigonoth sheathed his pen as well.  Vanir was the owner of the Guilded Noob and was one not to be trifled with.  He himself was not too much of a threat but he had some divine connections that made it so dealing with him in was difficult. 

"Marvis I need you to go do a door check, they seem to have swapped around again and I think we may have some new ones."  Marvis grunted an answer to Vanir as he walked off, Vanir then turned to Gigonoth.  "Now unless you plan on buying a drink I suggest you leave... now." 

"Why barmaster I was just getting ready to leave before I started having that nice chat so I guess I will be off now.  It is always a pleasure to come here so until next time," he said as he pushed his chair in.  He began walking away, he could still feel Vanir watching him.  Gigonoth made his way to the front door until he felt Vanirs gaze leave him.  That's when he felt something else.  It felt like the faint traces of a new power was attempting to enter the tavern.  Gigonoth looked around until he traced the source of the feeling.  He walked over to find a door, hidden behind some empty bottle crates.  The door was metallic, rusty and looked like it would break at any miniute.  The doors of the Noob could lead anywhere so there was always a risk involed in entering an unmarked passage, but this power that he felt was too tempting.  He turned the knob and walked through.

The air was heavy and if it weren't for the fact that it was uneccesary for him it would probably be hard to breath too.  As the door closed it fell to pieces, no going back that way it seemed.  Gigonoth looked around.  He was clearly in some place far from the Noobs current location.  The land was dead, buildings were crumbling and machines were falling apart from age and rust.  he seemed to have come out of an old house at the side of what used to be a busy highway.  He could still feel something here but was not quite sure what it was.  With no other leads he began following the road.  After an hour of walking he finally found something that told him where he was.  It was just a sign but it was better then nothing.  It said one simple thing, "Welcome to Kyrallic."

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