Author Topic: Vasir chained, Dark wish, Vasir Demon Prince  (Read 961 times)

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Vasir chained, Dark wish, Vasir Demon Prince
« on: January 28, 2015, 04:16:32 AM »
So this is just my theory on some lore of things that happened involving Vasir.  He was summoned by Aleta Immortal Sorceress and then chained up to become the secret key to the Verorian power (this would be Vasir, Chained Prince)  Aleta and the rest of Verora began using the power they gained to further the cult and increase their dark magic.  Then the rifts begain opening and the Sleepers invading.  Coupled with the demons from the wastes that were constantly attacking Aleta made a decision and approached Vasir once again.  She demanded a wish from the demon prince in attempt to save the cult.  However Vasir told her that he would only be able to do so if the power keeping him chained up were instead diverted towards him so that he could grant the wish (this would be not paying the 5 resources to keep Vasir chained up and instead using them to play Dark Wish).  Aleta agrees to these terms and channels the power to Vasir.  Vasir keeps his word and grants the single wish but after he immeditly turns on Aleta and chains her in a sphere of dark magic as he returns to his war with OoS (Vasir, Demon Prince)

So anyway that's my theory any thoughts?