Author Topic: Veroe Swarmer thoughts  (Read 691 times)

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Veroe Swarmer thoughts
« on: December 23, 2014, 12:31:51 AM »
I think the change was too dramatic. I'm still in shock..(i had fun with those decks!)

How about this?
Bring the Old effect back
but it ONLY works if that swarmer dies in battle / with battle damage?

Heck even reigning it further back to only damages creatures in same zone?  (like noble protector) is a nicer option then current state?

Meaning we could not pull off fire bolting, mass death or killing our own swarmers to wipe the board., but still get the effects of the damage and some of the mind game back...

And it still gives opponent a way of removal, meaning he could now safely firebolt, or any damage removal on one swarmer without taking board wipe damage..but when its creature to creature combat he must be careful.

Consider u made noble protecter who can all by himself STOP the OLD veroe swarmer....

 maybe for IW2015 :) a suprise veroe swarmer remix  :)

Side note:
 i wonder if noble protector should ONLY protect characters NEXT to him not Everyone in the same zone.?

my 2 cents!

I'm really looking forward to IW 2015! Time for another Coyle Post!