Author Topic: Verore Chaneller's Weirdness (Suggested Change)  (Read 557 times)

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Verore Chaneller's Weirdness (Suggested Change)
« on: December 17, 2014, 03:47:13 AM »
She gives a buff. That's it. Would be more apt as a Genesis character, wouldn't she? With the new Research card maybe the devs are trying to promote GI+CoV, but I don't care. She doesn't fit Verore's theme at all.

I suggest a change of mechanic to something balancing risk versus reward, in tandem with the theme of Order's Verore cards.

Perhaps buff her stats to 5/5, 4 Resource Cost, 8 Morale Cost and the text would read 'When you play Verore Channeller, another deployed character has additional Power and Health equal to the Power and Health of Verore Channeller. If either would die or be removed from the game, the other dies or is removed from the game as well.'

Firstly, I use 'has additional' instead of 'gains' to convey that the gain is temporary, updated according to Verore Channeller's current Power and Health, in contrast to Lucca, for instance, who gives +3/+3 permanently.

Thus, if Channeller is Hubrised, the other character only has +1/+1. On the other hand, you could use things like Support Drone on Channeller to give a net gain of +6/+6, greatly enhancing your buffs.

Secondly, the side effect is there to raise the risks of using her. If either dies or is removed from the game, the same will happen to the other, doubling the opponent's efficiency of such cards.

I also want some offensive use for her, so you can target an enemy deployed character and use her as a 'hostage', threatening to kill the enemy if the opponent kills Channeller, thus the heightened resource cost and 5 health to prevent easy Lightning Bolt suicides.

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