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From Newbies for Newbies: Guide to the Sleepers of Avarrach
« on: October 18, 2014, 01:15:14 PM »
From newbies for newbies: Guide to the Sleepers of Avarrach


1. Introduction

Hello all, and thank you for taking time to read this. Firstly, a disclaimer: I am not a veteran player, much less a pro at the game. I have no ranking to speak of and almost no experience playing TCGs. Having gotten that out of the way, I would like this guide to be judged on the information in it, and not about its author.

The IW community is one of the better ones around, yet there is an issue for new players with a multitude of cards available at their disposal. Many (including myself) feel or have felt overwhelmed especially in deck building simply due to the inexperience in picking out good and bad cards for the deck.

As such, this guide is written to help explain, faction by faction, some of the more notable cards in the game. The intended audience is specifically new and novice players. This is because some aspects of the game take time to get used to, and more experienced players might forget that newer players do not know these aspects by heart yet. The guide focuses on explaining cards keeping the faction in mind as either a pure deck or as the major part of a 2 faction deck.

Without further ado, I present: the Sleepers of Avarrach (aka the sleepers)

2. Faction Background

The Sleepers are the sixth faction in the campaign, and the primary 'antagonist' force in the campaign, until later on. They have a near monopoly on the Undead subtype, and they utilise graveyard mechanics more than any other faction. Although they usually start out slow and small, given time they can become unstoppable.

User friendliness: 2/5 to 4/5, depending on deck type. Some decks can be built extremely straightforward, while others require more thought and planning. Certain mechanics can also take some time to get used to, but other combos can be simpler to grasp.

Deck timing: Midgame all the way to Ultra Late game. Some characters start out at a medium pace, but other strategies such as graveyard cycling can take more time. However, certain unique abilities of the sleepers mean that unless checked early they can become increasingly difficult to stop as time goes on.

Focus: Defense early, then switch to an assault once a board advantage (more/bigger creatures) is attained. Early on, many sleepers are better at combat rather than fortress damage, but they have a few tricks up their sleeve.

- Infect. If a character with infect kills another character (whether through combat or a damage ability), the killed character comes back under your control.
- Bloodthirst. A character with bloodthirst X gains +X/X when in combat with another character.
- Revival. There are many mechanics and means to bring characters back from the grave.
- Poison. A slow damage over time, of varying strength depending on source.

The Sleepers are the game's resident zombie faction, and like zombies, they don't stop coming. They have a reasonably well rounded toolkit, allowing them to build up steadily into a near-unstoppable lategame. Infect is another devastating mechanic, allowing the sleepers to throw an opponent's characters back at them.

The sleepers have several weaknesses, though. The first, and probably most major, is removal from game. Cards that remove from the graveyard such as Soldier of Purity or Grave Rob, or cards that just remove characters from the game e.g. Flame Dawn Purifier or The Calamity prevent the sleepers from utilising the grave. Their early game is also quite weak, as their characters take lots of time to grow. Finally, they have a weakness towards flying, as no zombies have reach as of now.

3. Notable Characters

Under this section, I'll explain the uses and synergies of certain characters, as well as their place in a deck. Particularly noteworthy or powerful characters will be marked with an asterix (*).

Agent Coyle, Zomborg*
Although the text 'evolves into a stronger form' is sort of vague, the card still remains quite good. For a more detailed explanation of his evolution, feel free to look here: as it really is quite lengthy to type out. The infect combined with what is essentially a Heat Wave and flying for a turn can net you a couple of character steals, especially versus softer guys like Flame Dawn. At the end, he automatically evolves into a Cyber Infested Dragon, which is nice.

Aleta, Immortal Sufferer*
If there isn't anything better, Aleta makes a solid commander. Funnily enough, her ability isn't used that often in the 'standard' pure sleeper decks, as it will deplete the power of Endless Horde and negate the abilities of cards like Sleeper of Avarrach. However, she does work well turning small tokens into 4/4 zombies for absolutely free, which works well in certain decks.

Best Fiends
Best Fiends can be strong if you get a bunch of them out, as they are 12/12 with just 3 deployed. In theory you can keep spamming them and returning them from the grave to your hand to push down an opponent's defense, but it can be a little slow to get going. Bear in mind that since it's not a direct revive effect, you don't gain the bonuses from artifacts like Decrepit Crystal, and as a final thought, Purify will give you a very bad day indeed.

Bloodthirsty Dead*
Although 4/4 isn't much to look at, the bloodthirst 4 actually gives this character much more robustness than is readily apparent. Basically, for combat math, decrease the incoming damage by 4, and increase your attack damage by 4, as the +4/4 buff from bloodthirst refreshes each time. To put this in perspective, a single Bloodthirsty Dead can eat up an unlimited number of unbuffed Flame Dawn Aspirants.

Surprises don't come much nastier than this, and this guy is a major reason many ground attackers pull back on turn 5 against 2 purity sleepers. 6 damage is nothing to sneeze at, and Boomy is very, very easy to kill. He has excellent synergy with Kyrallic, Origin of the Virus as anyone you blow up comes back on your side. If your opponent won't proc him, you can do it yourself with Firebolt or even a tick of poison from Diseased Zombie. Beware of friendly fire, though.

Cyber Infested Dragon*
In an Endless Horde deck, this guy is an invaluable lategame play. 20 attack is respectable, although 10 health is far from ideal, and the infect and unstoppable are a potent combo to steal flying blockers. As a bonus, if this dragon dies, your Endless Horde get powered up by +6/6. Not sure if the ability procs if it is removed from the game, though.

Dead Feaster*
When buffed, this guy turns into one of the scariest blockers the sleepers can have. Similarly to Verore Death Worshipper, this guy gains stats as he kills, which can potentially allow him to gobble up an entire assault line solo. One interesting fact is that since these bonus stats aren't lost upon death, he is a good candidate for a revival deck or Zombie Abomination, that gains power of off stuff in the grave.

Diseased Zombie
Part of the 'power 1-drops' with Ascension, Diseased Zombie is an alright card, and a direct upgrade over Soldier of Fortune. A 1 damage per turn isn't going to kill a character solo, especially if there's healing or health buffs from the likes of Daode, Sage of Strength or Aleta, Immortal Caretaker. It can soften up an enemy nicely, though.

Endless Horde*
Although I don't feel the card is that powerful, it is at least noteworthy in being the backbone of one of the more iconic sleeper decks in existence. It basically gets strength from its counterparts in the graveyard, and various ways have been used to this end. Fill the Graves, Shikana, who Demands Tribute and One of Many, Exhumed, and Cyber Infested Dragon are only a few of the methods available.

Evolving Parasite*
Evolving Parasite is a fun card for mindgames, and is basically a kill-and-steal of the first character it enters combat with. Naturally, the bigger the steal, the better. Although interactions with the card have a tendency to be a little buggy, for the most part it forms part of some strong interactions. Fight is an especially powerful card to guarantee a kill, especially if your opponent decides to bait you by putting someone like Wealthy Noble in front for your parasite.

Hehkeem, the Corrupted*
Hehkeem is a powerful tool in the pure Sleepers arsenal, and can be a backbone of a reasonably scary 'recursion' or mass revive deck. Naturally, the deck's options tend to lie along the cheaper end of the resource curve, as he only brings back those cards costing 3 or under. As for his stats, 10/10 isn't fantastic by any means, but passable.

Inevitable Dead*
Another tool for pure sleepers, Inevitable Dead is quite notable for being, well, inevitable. They are guaranteed to show up in your hand, and they are good characters in their own right, having passable stats and bloodthirst 2. Although they see their most common usage in Hehkeem Recursion decks, they can have applications in even an Endless Horde deck, as you can fill your hand and start discarding when your hand size becomes greater than 8.

Infected Pack Leader
Although functioning similarly to Pack Leader, the infected variant has a trade-off between having a lower buff overall, instead being able to buff two subtypes (undead and beast), and as an undead beast, benefiting from both. However, if you're running a pure undead deck, generally this card is outclassed by Plaguebearer, as it has a lower cost and does not have combat zone as a condition for the buff.

Infectious Zombie
I'm not that big a fan of the card, and here's why. Unless you find some way to buff it up, and fast, 5/5 isn't going to kill much. Although it can work for example with Genesis Industries splash, I feel that with Kyrallic, Origin of the Virus giving an overall stronger prescence I don't see a huge necessity in this card. It's still usable, but I don't like it personally.

One of Many Exhumed and Tusked Behemoth, Exhumed
Although they have the Undead Beast subtype which works well with Infected Pack Leader, their main use is to get cards from the deck into the graveyard. Naturally, they are often used in Endless Horde decks, although certain other decks can benefit from it.

Patient Zero
Although this guy is often seen as a commander in Sleeper decks, I'm not a fan of him. He basically has an 8 cost deathray and character steal. Of course, it's nice to pull this off, but there are a couple of issues. Firstly, your commander is close to useless before you get the chance to pull this off, i.e. 8 turns of no contribution unless you use resource ramp. The second issue is of course, missing, and it wastes 8 resources, more than even missing a Mass Death.

Although +1/1 doesn't sound like much, having multiple plaguebearers out helps to really get good value out of even small zombies, and can stack up quite decently. One benefit of these is their low cost, which means that even Hehkeem the Corrupted can revive these. They work well with Overwhelming Dead as well, as their initially puny stats can become quite respectable.

Recurring Nightmare
The Nightmare is quite unique among the characters utilising graveyard mechanics, able to be played directly from the grave, much like how you would play a character from your hand. Although it can take a while to get going, the permanent +3/3 buff ensures that it can have quite a steady buildup. As it's played rather than revived, it's close to immune to most graveyard removal abilities, as it can be played onto the field before it can fall victim to a Grave Rob.

Risen of Avarrach
A card that is quite commonplace in the campaign, Risen of Avarrach has an automatic return, similarly to Aleta. Although it is rather slow, its low cost allows it to benefit from Hehkeem as well. 6/4 isn't that fantastic, statwise, so a Decrepit Crystal might be worth considering to make them a larger threat.

Sleeper of Avarrach
Another card that complements the Hehkeem recursion, Sleeper of Avarrach sits in the grave and grows in power until needed. Naturally, as with Endless Horde you want to get these guys in the grave. However, unlike the Horde, you want to get them in early rather than necessarily in volume. They can be quite a threat when left to grow, though, and it's easy for an opponent to forget about them.

Zombie Abomination
Zombie abomination represents perhaps the pinnacle of the sleeper's graveyard mechanics. From having cost reduced by the number of characters in the grave, to having stats equal to the sum of those of all in the grave, this guy seems quite the intimidating monster. However, there are soem issues, as it doesn't have unstoppable, making it easy to chump block. Secondly, there are means to deal with it without killing it, e.g. Demonize. Finally, he doesn't have reach, allowing opponents to fly over him.

Zombie Scavenger*
Personally my favourite zombie, this card can turn into a beast if left long enough, and is worthy of a commander slot. With this card, even 1 for 1 trades between characters benefit you, as do chump blocking (throwing out small blockers to die), and throwing bodies at a defense line to break through. This can form a particularly nasty combo with Hehkeem the Corrupted in order to bring the zombies back again and again to die and fuel the scavengers.

The Last Sleeper*
A fitting end to what has been an entertaining faction, although who knows if they will ever die off completely. This is the only card the sleepers received in Order, in conjunction with their rotating out sometime later. In terms of its base stats, 6/6 is quite average for a 2-cost. However, upon being sent to the graveyard, it will revive itself some time later, gain +10/10 and infect. A useful card, and a fitting, final gift to the faction.

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Re: From newbies for newbies: Guide to the Sleepers of Avarrach
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2014, 01:15:33 PM »
4. Abilities

The sleepers actually have access to a surprising amount of useful abilties, which allows them to be included in quite a few decks. I'm going to take a look at the abilities by purity, starting with single purity and moving to triple purity .As with the characters, particularly noteworthy abilities will be marked with an asterix (*).

a. Single Purity

Many of these options work well outside a pure sleeper deck, and make sleepers an excellent splash faction for many purposes.

This card is one of the core cards of a revival deck, which focuses on getting a huge character out on the field from the graveyard. A single purity allows it to be splashed in many decks, especially as those larger characters usually are 2 purity of another faction. Notable examples are: Mega Unit 02, Subjugated Dragon, Dragon of Summer Flame etc.

Bury puts a character in the grave, but there's a limit on the resource cost of said character. This is probably a balancing factor to prevent revival decks from being too consistent, but still has its uses. Characters that benefit from being in the grave, such as Sleeper of Avarrach or have an effect that works from the grave, such as Infested Abomination.

Drag Down
An anti-flier card, it can be quite useful to deal with a large flier, or bring down an unstoppable flier of your own to rampage through a defense line. Although it is cheap and quite cost-efficient, it isn't going to stop huge flier spam, especially in large amounts e.g. from the Overseers. Having said that, it does excel at taking down single large fliers.

Eaten by Zombies
Eaten by Zombies is double the cost of death ray, but with a bonus of a character steal, albeit after 3 turns. As far as killspells go, it's a little on the costly side, but the added bonus of a steal might make this worth considering. Do note that when a character returns, it comes back with its base stats, so don't hope to steal a super buffed GI robot and get the full stats from it.

One of the best stall cards in the game, Fear is superb for clearing the battlefield of characters, although just for a turn. It's useful to time especially when you think the opponent is going to push with a lot of characters, or drop their big card e.g. in Precautionary Measures. However, it isn't limited to defensive uses, as combined with movement spells you can get an attacker through with no resistance, notably in a Verore Spell Siphoner deck.

Feast on the Dead*
One of the best counter-cards for morale damage, Feast on the Dead can refill your morale all the way back to full if you have a stacked graveyard. When playing against decks that attempt to morale you out by killing characters, this is invaluable and can be a lifesaver. It's also worth considering in any decks that have inherently high morale costs, such as Flame Dawn/Sleeper decks.

Fill the Graves
This card has a simple effect, which is to send cards from your deck into the grave straightaway. Granted, you have no way of guaranteeing whether the card you want to put in the grave will actually go in or not, and useful cards might go into the grave with it. This card naturally goes with Endless Horde and probably Zombie Abomination, but also has other niche uses such as revive decks, with the original Mega Unit 02 version relying on this.

Infectious Transfusion
A power buff as well as a poison debuff, this card has its uses, albeit relatively niche compared to other cards. If you can find some way of healing characters or buffing their health (e.g. Matriarch), it's a good buff. If you use it on a low health noncombatant such as a Wealthy Noble it can double as decent removal.

Overwhelming Dead*
In terms of sheer numbers of tokens generated, only Overseers have a higher capacity with Heaven's Assistance. 5 tokens with 2/2 stats can be put to exceptionally good use whether to buff up Zombie Scavengers or to leverage certain bonuses e.g. from Sacullas, the Final Hammer. To be fair, with a couple of buffs and Plaguebearers they can be a decent threat in their own right.

A slow form of damage, poison ticks for 3 each turn and can wear down a character relatively quickly.
The fact that it can target anywhere is a point in its favour, although some factions are naturally weaker than others in dealing with it. In general factions with heals and health buffs at their disposal are better off, as is Genesis, which can sacrifice a poisoned artificial character and preserve the stats.

Undead Corruption*
This is a phenomenal card, and can be quite a nuisance to certain decks. It has a particularly nasty combo with Zom-b-Gone 4000, although any killspell will do fine. The bigger the character (in terms of base stats), the better. As far as I know, sacrifice counts as part of this ability, so if your opponent is looking to pull some sacrifice and revive shenanigans you can mess with them by taking their character when they sacrifice it.

b. Double Purity

Many of these cards are more specialised, and fit more with zombie and undead playstyles of character stealing etc.

Acid Rain
An AoE version of poison, acid rain damages all deployed characters for 2 every turn. Although not as potent a damage source as, for example, Yuanshi's Wrath in their immediate effects, it is quite effective at wearing down opponents across the board. As with Poison, though, healing effects can negate this, especially AoE ones such as Kung-Ji, the Glorious Strategist.

Corrupt Machinery*
I consider this a direct upgrade over Vandalize, as the steal is just so potent. Stealing a Low Orbit Ion Cannon is fun, stealing an Omnitron is awesome. Do note that in the case of activated artifacts if you steal it on your initiative when your opponent activates it, you will gain the benefit e.g. the Ion Cannon will blast your opponent's troops if you steal it the turn it goes off.

Raise Dead*
A rarer version of Awaken, and a direct upgrade, it has the benefit of raising a character your opponent controls from the dead, and as such can be potent against revive decks, if you can play this before the other revival card goes off. Although it lacks the ability to be splashed into decks (due to being 2 purity), it's still a strong card, and carries all the benefits of awaken.

Rampant Virus
Rampant virus is, like Acid Rain, a slow but steady source of damage. I have mixed feelings about this card, as although the damage is nice, I sometimes wonder whether it's worth including or not. Giving enemies the undead subtype may or may not backfire, especially since it's main drawback is in Zom-b-gone vulnerability, and actually can benefit your opponent in specialised cases (such as a Warpath/Sleeper deck)

Avarrach has Risen
Raising all characters from the dead, from both sides, makes this card a ridiculously strong lategame play against most creature-based decks, especially if you manage to snag some beefy warpath beasts or some strong demons. Of course, there are issues, such as surviving until you manage to pull this off, and the other one is getting nuked into the ground or falling victim to the Calamity. I personally include 1 copy of this in my sleeper deck, just in case the game goes super late.

The Virus of Avarrach
The text on the card is outdated. The new effect is similar to a reverse Call the Warpath, taking every character in your opponent's deck and putting them in your support zone. Like Avarrach has Risen, it might be tough to hold on until this is played, but also makes for one strong card to pull off. A heavy amount of resource ramp is required to have a chance of pulling this off, and is not a card for every deck.

c. Triple Purity

Undeath Wish*
Similarly to Dark Wish, this card has a few effects, designed to fit in with the sleepers. To be honest, I consider this a Raise Dead with bonuses, namely the option to send the top 7 cards of your deck to the grave, or a Death Ray that sends the character to your own graveyard. Perhaps the choice of effects isn't as versatile as the Verore version, but I still feel this is quite a strong card.

5. Locations

Kyrallic, Origin of the Virus*
A fantastic location, Kyrallic really enables sleepers to fend off ground assaults like no other faction, gaining strength all the while. It has really powerful synergies with chump blocking and Zombie Scavenger, allowing you to pick up multiple enemies. Another strong character is Boomy, which can serve as boardwipe and mass character steal in one small explosive package. Do note that infected characters come back undead as well, which allows them to infect more characters, which, well, you get the idea.

Undisturbed Necropolis
Similarly to Engine of Reincarnation, Undisturbed Necropolis is a token generator that is based of off killing enemy characters. It encourages you to trade characters with your enemies, and works well with some measure of AoE nukes or killspells. It can keep up a steady stream of zombies to buff up Zombie Scavenger, as well as keep some measure of board prescence.

6. Artifacts

Decrepit Crystal
A card that fits in well with a graveyard cycling deck, this card gives a decent buff to any creature that comes back from the graveyard. In general, you'd want many small creatures to leverage the buff well, and it can work with a few methods. Notable ones include Hehkeem, the Corrupted, Unending Drones, as well as Risen of Avarrach.

Engine of Reincarnation
Engine of reincarnation is a token generator that helps the sleepers be a little more haphazard in the way they deploy characters, especially against boardwipes. It's quite a nasty token generator, and if you know a heavy assault is coming you can activate this and chump block, knowing you will get an army of tokens for board prescence the next turn. Naturally works well with Plaguebearer, too, to buff up all the small tokens.

Tome of the Dead*
The tome is one of the sleepers' best known and valuable artifacts. It is basically a ticking timebomb of an artifact, killing anything deployed after 3 turns, even support zone, and sending them to your graveyard. For any character that relies on having stuff in the graveyard e.g. Zombie Abomination or Infested Knight, this card is insanely good, although it can be a good stall tactic by itself. Beware of artifact removal, though.

Wall of the Dead*
Often overlooked, wall of the dead is actually a pretty good defensive card, especially if you have some source of incoming tokens to send to the graveyard. It's a great surprise play to give you an edge in deflecting an incoming attack, especially one you know you aren't going to be able to block. However, for a more sustained assault, don't count on it to infinitely stall, as it can be worn down in a couple of turns.

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Re: From newbies for newbies: Guide to the Sleepers of Avarrach
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2014, 01:15:41 PM »
7. Other Factions

A major part of Infinity Wars is how a faction works with others, which is a major consideration in deck building. A good deck usually works around a plan, and part of making that plan is knowing what each faction brings to the table. I will first look at what the Sleepers of Avarrach bring to a deck, followed by what options are opened up with the inclusion of other factions.

As a splash faction, Sleepers bring a variety of interesting and helpful aspects, including a good token generator, Awaken as an excellent revival spell, stall cards in Fear and Tome of the Dead, and some counter-options especially Feast on the Dead against morale decks and Wall of the Dead to pull a surprise defense against faster aggression.

As a main faction, Infect starts to come into play more, and a lot of the characteristic sleeper mechanics such as zombie generation and resurrection get a little upgrade. However, one of the more notable options with this are the two super-lategame plays in Avarrach has Risen and The Virus of Avarrach. Corrupt Machinery also gets introduced as a counter-option to artifacts.

Please follow the link to "A strange index of guides" below to find the master guide for faction synergy. Thank you.

8. Conclusion

Thank you for reading. I hope this guide has helped you understand the faction better, or at least entertained you somewhat. Please feel free to leave feedback, comments, and criticism.
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Re: From newbies for newbies: Guide to the Sleepers of Avarrach
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Re: From newbies for newbies: Guide to the Sleepers of Avarrach
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Appendix A: From Newbies for Newbies Guide Index:

1. The Flame Dawn:

2. The Warpath:

3. Genesis Industries:

4. The Cult of Verore:

5. Descendants of the Dragon:

6. The Sleepers of Avarrach:

7. The Exiles:

8. The Overseers of Solace:

9. The Factionless:

Appendix B: Sample Decks

Faction purity is indicated in the brackets before the guide. Each letter indicates a faction (e.g. F = Flame Dawn, N = Neutral etc.)
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Re: From newbies for newbies: Guide to the Sleepers of Avarrach
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A few thoughts on sleepers:

You have to play them as a rush faction because else they are no longer viable. True, that in the beginning of IW they dominated the late game. But now with titan cards available it's only luck who plays his titan first if you aim for an end game win.

You will however win against any stall ("mill") deck with ease.

And I strongly disagree with the weak start. Bloodthirsty zombie equals an 8/8 for 2 and do I need to say more about how fast the inevitable death can wreck havoc?

Fear and poison are probably the most used cards as splash. And yeah the poison mechanic is pretty much sleepers only.
Still waiting. Hope declining.

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Re: From newbies for newbies: Guide to the Sleepers of Avarrach
« Reply #6 on: October 18, 2014, 05:25:27 PM »
You have to play them as a rush faction because else they are no longer viable.
Not entirely true. While they were severely crippled by the rise of graveyard hate in Ascension, there many decks splashing SoA or with them being the main purity that are still viable, even w/o being a rush. But indeed rushing is a great way to make their weakness less apparent. A fairly interesting deck I've seen being used revolves around Wall of the Dead as a defense pivot while keeping pressure with your attackers + tomes.

You will however win against any stall ("mill") deck with ease.
That's also arguable. While you do have Feast on the Dead to get your morale back up and graveyard cycling, some mill decks will still give you a lot of trouble, specially if they're splashing FD.

Fear and poison are probably the most used cards as splash.
I've yet to see Poison being used anywhere outside of Rift Runs, really. Fear + Overwhelming + Awaken are by far the most splashed cards.

As a last note, I'll have to agree with Fallen on the early game. SoA early game is nothing to laugh about as they possess one of the best 2 drops (bloodthirsty dead), alongside guaranteed Inevitable Deads (if playing as 3SoA) and some cheap buffing in plaguebearers.

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Re: From newbies for newbies: Guide to the Sleepers of Avarrach
« Reply #7 on: October 18, 2014, 06:36:47 PM »
Fear and poison are probably the most used cards as splash.
I've yet to see Poison being used anywhere outside of Rift Runs, really. Fear + Overwhelming + Awaken are by far the most splashed cards.

As a last note, I'll have to agree with Fallen on the early game. SoA early game is nothing to laugh about as they possess one of the best 2 drops (bloodthirsty dead), alongside guaranteed Inevitable Deads (if playing as 3SoA) and some cheap buffing in plaguebearers.

Indeed, my 1 FD / 2 OS deck got at one Point beaten up by a Sleepers/Genesis deck that buffed up Infectious Zombie + Jetpack. Before I knew it, all my Angels belonged to my Opponent....

I also think Fear + Desolation is a great Combo.

I guess, Poison could work great with Altar of Binding? Poison something and bind it to a Location so it cannot move away to be thrown at the enemy? By the time they can remove the artefact, their character is likely dead or thinned out strongly.

Other accounts of mine can be found on Spacebattles and Sufficient Velocity.

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Re: From newbies for newbies: Guide to the Sleepers of Avarrach
« Reply #8 on: October 19, 2014, 08:38:03 AM »
Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll take a second look at that intro.

For me, though, the midgame starts around turn 4-7, and even though sleepers have some good 2-drops I still feel like their assault power, especially to damage a fortress early on, isn't really much to write home about.

Another note is that when I say 'mid-lategame', I mean that's when their power really gets noticeable. However, this is only a preliminary assessment, and subject to change as I'm going to be running some sleeper decks for a few days to get a feel of the faction again.

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Re: From newbies for newbies: Guide to the Sleepers of Avarrach
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Going to work on formatting this and polishing up the other guides before moving on to exiles and overseers. I hope to get them done by the end of the year.

Also, if anyone has any deck ideas to share please feel free to post them in a reply or PM me. I'm *still* looking for deck ideas to supplement the guides, and your contribution will be a great help (and credited. I won't take other people's ideas without credit or permission)

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Re: From Newbies for Newbies: Guide to the Sleepers of Avarrach
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Updated for Order. I'd like to think this is a big deal, but the sleepers only got one card, so there wasn't much to write.