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Hey there, I'm Best Sakuya NA, a frequent top 10 player in Ranked and occasional tournament player. I tied for 5th in the Gold Tournament, and I do regular commentary and Best of 3 play on my stream. When I can't do commentary, I switch out for a music playlist.

I also do fairly regular highlights of the stream. Here's some fun ones:

Bo3 MerliniX versus Best Sakuya NA!
A top level Best of 3 match with one of my favorite players. Features commentary and whatnot.

BestSakuyaNA vs GoldPhoenix90 - Heartbreak Mirror
An old favorite of my long time viewers and probably my most viewed IW highlight, featuring commentary and general talk from both me as well as a ton of other IW players. It's one of my personal favorite recordings as the game slowly gets more intense.
And my personal favorite part of this game

BSNA Aggro versus Triple Verore
I go up against Braydin and their take on the Altar/Dragon verore deck. Featuring music.

BSNA vs SDSakuragi 2014/10/08
A sleepy match with SDSakuragi, featuring music and lazy webcam, where you can discover that I am not, in fact, a 3d touhou.


Also, keep in mind, I'm not always streaming IW. I also stream many other games, such as League of Legends, Starcraft, Arma, and Soldat, so if I'm not streaming IW one day, I might be streaming it tomorrow. If you want very consistent IW streams, I would highly recommend MerliniX's channel at

Other stream information:
I use OBS to stream, which can be found at
I use Instasynch to make my current music playlist
My personal playlist is at
It alternates between the pop/rock of Ken Ashcorp, the rap of Badministrator/Hizkit, and a lot of stuff in between.

I play IW with a simple Logitech keyboard and mouse, or with another keyboard and mouse that was kindly donated by Vilearbiter, and use whichever one is working more consistently that day.

Feel free to ask me any questions about my stream, or about streaming Infinity Wars on Twitch in general, I'll do my best answer accurately and in a timely manner.
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