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Infinity Wars 2015 Announced!
« on: September 04, 2014, 07:13:45 AM »
Welcome Rift Runners,

With our first version of Infinity Wars, now known as Infinity Wars 2014 (or just IW2014), just released; we'd like to lay out our vision for our next release: Infinity Wars 2015. Some may have seen this mentioned as version 1.5 of vanilla Infinity Wars but we wanted to surprise you with this on launch day. Before we even start talking features, know from the get-go our priority is still ensuring a smooth Infinity Wars experience. We'll be using and building on the same engine for both titles, and all bug-fixes & many of the minor features will be implemented in both games simultaneously. So it's clear, all contents of your profile including card collections & achievements will carry over to IW2015. All going well, we'll continue releasing new releases every year, so you can be assured this truly is only just the beginning of what we all believe is the evolution of Trading Card Gaming.

So for you Infinity Wars aficionados, here's what's going into Infinity Wars 2015:
- Switch to server side architecture (less disconnects, more bot banning)
- Spectator mode
- Tournaments!
- New campaigns for a few factions
- Overseers Themed UI
- An unannounced feature we wish to pleasantly surprise you with.

As previously mentioned, we have a few minor but vital features we're working on, that will be added into 2014 including:
- Card zooming by hovering
- Group selection and movement (ala RTS)
- Free to play decks of the week
- Sideboards
- Best of 3 matches
and of course, new sets of cards starting with “Order”!

Our slated release date for Steam Early Access to IW2015, which will be backwards compatible with 2014 at least up until release, is December this year! We still have the hopeful release of 6 months from now for the full version, but as always herein, bugs come first.

For those waiting for the mobile version of the game, now that Gold is released, we are now free to allocate more resources than previously possible. We will be progressing it while we work on these new features.

So to our users viewing this announcement, both Veterans and those just joining us today, Infinity Wars is not just here to stay, it's going to a whole new reality!

~ ‘Agent’ Elphie Coyle, Ian "Tygris" Underwood & on behalf of the rest of the Lightmare Team.
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