Does Verore Magic Siphoner need a change? If so, what do you suggest?

Yes, reduce power increment it gains per ability.
8 (14.3%)
Yes, increase its Morale Cost.
3 (5.4%)
Yes, increase its Resource Cost.
0 (0%)
Yes, change the way how its ability activates (e.g. additional cost).
2 (3.6%)
Yes, completely overhaul its ability and replace it with a new one.
0 (0%)
Yes, change it's Purity to 2 or 3.
5 (8.9%)
No, it does not need a change.
38 (67.9%)
Other (please specify in comments).
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 47

Author Topic: I Want The Community's Opinion On Verore Magic Siphoner  (Read 2271 times)

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Re: I Want The Community's Opinion On Verore Magic Siphoner
« Reply #15 on: August 28, 2014, 01:06:14 PM »
The difference between Siphoner and Brutality is the element of surprise. Brutality can be devastating when played on a character with infect/haste/vigilance etc. Siphoner doesn't have that kind of flexibility, and once it's out on the field you know what to expect.

You can use word of command or ferocity to get siphoner to attack straight from hand. It's pretty devastating, especially if you combo it with other spells during that one turn.

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Re: I Want The Community's Opinion On Verore Magic Siphoner
« Reply #16 on: August 29, 2014, 06:22:56 PM »
The only time I've lost to a siphoner deck is the 1p sleepers 2p vevore. I was using rush... :(

A combination of fear, command and some other abilities (siphon structure) can OTK you. If I see siphoner in command or even played...I know what to expect. If I know what to expect, it really isn't that difficult to counter. They're usually high priority "to kill asap" cards.

Siphoners tend to sit in support for a few turns before they make their debut or splashed in late game in rush decks. If you're getting owned by rush, siphoner isn't the problem. If you see siphoner come out when its not a rush deck you have really only a few options:
-Rush more and go for the kill before he can do anything with an eye out for mass death etc. If he's using kill cards on ya, he can't buff siphoner enough to hit you for big dmg.
-Kill it asap ;)
-Kill one and purify it XD

They're strong for sure but they're really only used in like 2 or 3 decks built around using/splashing them.

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Re: I Want The Community's Opinion On Verore Magic Siphoner
« Reply #17 on: August 29, 2014, 07:32:05 PM »
*points to avatar*

But seriously I don't really think it needs to be nerfed, yes it can be very powerful, but it's fairly easy to counter, you can usually see it coming since they're typically pulled into the support zone before the player using them attacks.
(Since if a player holds them in the command zone or hand until the attack in order to be surprising then they've lost resources they could've used on abilities and will therefore have a weaker attack)

Since it doesn't have untouchable and the player using it will want to keep it out of battle until they attack it can be hit with called shot pretty reliably, if not assassinated, hunted or banished.
With only 6 health you can kill it with fight, or it can be pulled to the assault zone with word of command/ferocity (or Ireul) and killed by one of your units, it can also be killed through aoe damage, or pretty much anything that can target cards in the support zone.
Plus there's cards like humble to make it lose its ability or altar of binding to keep it in the support zone.

If it's in the command zone sure it's harder to deal with but there's still plenty of cards that can mess with it, like assassinate.
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