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My Star Trek Tier List
« on: August 01, 2015, 09:53:16 PM »
Hi, I've been playing for about a month and the Star Trek cards were the thing that initially caught my eye to try Infinity Wars in the first place. But I knew I could only use the Star Trek cards well if I had more normal cards, and that's why I've only just now started getting Star Trek boosters. After a week playing Star Trek cards, here are my impressions:

Tier One:

Starfleet Ensign (5 star) - Starfleet Ensign is incredibly useful and versatile. It provides a real problem for the opponent to have to deal with in certain situations. It is probably the easiest card in the set to make use of, but also difficult to master. I'm still learning to use it properly myself. Starfleet Ensign is the best card in the set for its combined power, versatility, and ease of access. In a card game that feels like a combination of magic, chess, and poker, Starfleet Ensign really suits the designation of "pawn" to the letter. So weak, yet so powerful.

Make it so. (4.5 star) - give any character haste for 0 mana. Even if they are exhausted. there are so many combos with this card. Should you add this card to your deck? Make it so.

Gowron (4 star) - Overall the Klingons are a bit weaker than Federation, and that is why Gowron exists as a rare card. So that the weaker faction will have easier access to a very powerful card that might have easily been an epic or a legendary. The only reason I rate this card lower than Starfleet Ensign, is that it is more difficult to use overall and if you fail to get his effect to trigger once, then you've put yourself at a cost disadvantage. But if you get his effect off multiple times then you're basically creating free 4.5 drops over and over again. Difficult to use, even more difficult to master. Extremely interesting and he single handedly makes Klingon faction worth giving a try.

To Boldly Go (3.75 star) -Making a Cult opponent walk into a copy of his own Mass Death is very nice indeed. I think cards like this one are the reason that Star Trek sets will never be legal in ranked.  :P I rate it lower than the previous two cards because of its unpredictability. But then again, that's also a part of the fun.

Bird of Prey (3.5 star) - Let the guessing games begin!! Bird of Prey may at times snipe off an enemy character. It may also use it's ability to safely attack even when a CoV opponent is about to use Mass Death, because if your opponent has initiative the Bird of Prey's ability will activate after the mass death, allowing you to get in 12 damage even though they just tried to clear the board. Bird of prey has a high psychological effect on how your opponent chooses to act.

Data (3.5 star) - he is a specialized ramp card, that's slower than generic forms of ramp, but he's also highly reliable and potent. Being artificial also makes him very easy to buff up quickly. Nice.

USS Enterprise (pure theory) - 1 leg in a 2 part win condition. I admit I don't have a copy of my own so I've never played it. But by looking at the card I put it in tier one for sheer fun and awesome factor.

Tier Two:

Worf (4 star)
- worf is a great card with a great ability, however his Achilles' heel is that he requires 1 federation AND 1 Klingon purity. that limits his compatibility with other factions and thus limits your deck building options with him to a very small amount of cards. Sure Enterprise and Bird of Prey have the same situation, but they are also more unique in their abilities. Worf is simply a very strong soldier. That's it. No flying, no untouchable, no recruiting characters from your opponent's deck. He's a very strong character for if you are planning on using those loyalties anyway though. [Edit: I misread the card. it says OR, not AND so I would rate it a solid 5 star for the second tier of the set]

Duel (3.5 star)- it's basically another copy of Fight that allows characters with lower attack values to get the kill anyway provided they are tanky enough to survive up to 3 encounters with the enemy. Reliable as heck but slower than Fight so not as flexible when you are under pressure. But that's not a problem if you build your deck with that in mind.

William T. Riker (3.5 star) - This card should never, ever be allowed to live if you can help it. Riker isn't an overpowered card, but he is a huuuge threat when you take on an assault team's mentality. And you can almost always bait out removal with him. He doesn't make it into Tier one because of his lack of versatility, and his stats!! 6/6 with a slower effect than Lucca. Ouch. But he can still be very strong in the right situations. Personally I like to combine him with Agent Coyle: Assimilator/Lucca combo for a Guns of Goliath effect on non angels (and angels alike).

Jean Luc Picard (3 star) - it pains me not to put him at the top, but his effect is really difficult to pull off and useless vs rushes. As a sideboard, he'd be top tier. But this card isn't legal in ranked.

Bat'Leth/Type 2 Phaser (1 star)
- these cards are really strong if you can press the issue and force the engagements that you want whether you are defending or attacking, but in other situations, such as vs slow decks they are really weak because it can become very difficult to get the effect to land where you want it to. Some games you will dominate with them, other games you will wonder why you even bothered to add them to your deck. Because of the death effect I will say that Bat'Leth is slighty higher rated but not by much due to its higher cost.

Tier 3

Q (5 star) - If you want a taste of Hearthstone in your Infinity Wars, give Q a try! He's so random! I've won games because of Q. I've completely thrown games away because of Q. There are certain sitautions however, where it is more advantages to roll the dice than not to. So in that sense, you can convert some of that randomness into qualified skill-ishness. The card art looks puffying awesome too.

Red Alert (4 star)
- highly..highly situational. But when it works. My gosh, does it work. Useful for when you are playing a rush deck, perhaps with Riker, and your Flame Dawn or Overseer opponent doesn't want to defend at all and all they want to do is rush you back. You can make them pay for it with Red Alert.  Otherwise this card will just sit in your hand and be generally useless. As a sideboard this card would be TOP TIER. But you can't play this card in it gets tier 3 from me.

Klingon Warrior / Captain Kurn (3 star) - decent, but blah. Sometimes you need a fancy effect or tribal compatitbiliy more than simple decent stats. and that's all this card has other than a cool animation

Tier Poop

Counselor Troi - Why? Her ability needs to do more than it does for 2 mana. I would understand if the revealed card remained revealed so that the next time you used her ability you would be certain of revealing a new card, till you could eventually see half of their hand or more. That would be worth 2 mana. But as it stands, this ability should only cost 1 mana or it should have a stronger effect considering Troi has a near useless set of stats at 4/4. Troi is the worst card in the set.

Tier I don't even... is this even real life:

Tribbles - I only have 1 copy. So I don't know.

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Re: My Star Trek Tier List
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2015, 12:53:12 AM »
Hi there! I agree with alot of what you said, I'll add my own thought as well. I have 2 decks that I bring out occasionally with Star Trek in them: a Diplomatic Exploration deck with Sleeper Splash, and a Klingon Deck with Flame Dawn Splash. although I should probably make a couple more at some point.

Starfleet Ensign - Such a great card, for either offense or defense, main weakpoint is it's almost always in combat zone so easy to pick off, and the health means they are very vulnerable to AOE

Make it so.- This is a good card, but less so I think in the decks I've made, so I value it a bit less I think

Gowron - Yeah, one of my favourite Klingon cards. As a tidbit for those that came after launch, at launch he pas part of a 2 combo with Diseased Zombie that would work turn 1 (after that they made Gowron only work when deployed and the Zombie only able to target the opponent) it was really nasty.

To Boldly Go -Probably my favourite card of this set, it also gets bonus points for having the stolen cards still have the cardback your opponent is using. A big part of my Federation deck, but there I prefer seeing Creatures then spells.

Bird of Prey - Great card, I like that it'll move into combat zone even if the power fluffs due to the creature being in support, mainly useful to dodge removal on their priority, but the damage is nice as well.

Data- Works great in a genesis deck, in most others not really that useful, he does make the USS Enterprise cheaper at least

USS Enterprise- Love it, I have all 4 in my deck (1 in command) I do find it surprising that many people with a flier don't try blocking it, which is it's biggest weakpoint really.

Worf- Worf is a cool meatstick with a great power for a finishing blow or to get rid of a troublesome blocker. With 10 resources, you can make him a 34/12. It should be noted he is a Hybrid Purity, and so can be used in either 1 purity Federation or 1 purity Klingon, he was the first Hybrid card made. (although he was Dual at first because they didn't have the coding for hybrids at that time)

Duel- I like it, as you say a fight alternative, works great with a Martyr golem out as well for the extra hits.

William T. Riker- Sounds like I've been misrepresenting Riker, I had him as my second worst card in the set (just above Troi) he is a worse version of Leader of the Charge in almost every way ( no flying, less stats, only gives the buff when he hits fortress, not when he attacks) I need to make an aggressive Federation deck and give him a try

Jean Luc Picard- I really like Picard as a commander, he can be used to get rid of any annoying character, even the hard to deal with ones like the avatars.

Bat'Leth/Type 2 Phaser- I do like the Bat'Leth a lot more as well, I especially like using it on tribbles or wealthy nobles in the attack.

Q- I like Q, and have him in all my Star Trek decks, I have lost and won games purely because of him though, and is very random, although it is weighted in you favour I think. Although the give +4/+4 to everything really hurts if you have no defense.

Red Alert- I have this one in my federation deck as I often have a lot of characters and am looking for a stall so I can get my Diplomatic Exploration off.

Diplomatic Exploration - I love this as an alternate win condition, although it often feels a bit more like you're capturing slaves then exploring worlds, it's a way of winning by being peaceful, and that's really great and in theme.

Klingon Warrior / Captain Kurn- yeah, I agree. I do have kurn in my command, because he's a great statstick, but he is death ray bait as he cannot dodge it.

Counselor Troi - I agree she needs something, I love the Idea of the card being permanently shown, the other thing that would make it more useful is give it the Denial Treatment, and have it work in the planning phase, that way it would be useful if they only have 1 card in hand, instead of being useless.

Tribbles - Tribbles are funny, I have them in my klingon deck for use with Bat'Leth, they're also good for Sacullas. They do have an unprinted power on them, when you play one, your opponent gets 2 Tribbles put into their deck. Could be good with a Genesis Spy deck.

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Re: My Star Trek Tier List
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2015, 02:55:44 AM »
haha we think a lot alike. When I first heard of the unprinted power today I immediately began thinking about genesis spy

And I do recognize that Riker is very very niche. Very limited in how he can be used.

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Re: My Star Trek Tier List
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2015, 06:18:43 AM »
Fun facts:

People used to complain how bugged Evolving Parasite was. Duel continues to have weird interactions, and I've used the two of them together before. It's about as unpredictable as Q.

Gowron, Gowron, my favorite card. Let's take a moment to remember the days of Diseased Zombie and Gowron. And a moment to remember the many more days when Gowron would work from command. Now, the only really reliable way to abuse him is with a poison effect (although Bat'Leth will grant his trigger even though it avoids combat--the more you know).

Q used to completely destroy and desync the game if you resurrected him or prevented him from dying. Not anymore, thankfully.

Make it So is an amazing card, and I have it in gold, plat, and platfoil. Happiness.
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