Author Topic: Full Patch Notes 0.98  (Read 26566 times)

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Re: Full Patch Notes 0.98
« Reply #195 on: August 25, 2014, 03:05:31 PM »

Veroria, The Lone Keep
-          Old effect has been replaced with: 'Pay 10 Health: Opponents cannot attack you this turn'.


I just played a deck that had 3 field engineers on defense while playing Veroria, this combo makes the player almost invincible if you don't have an ability to remove the engineers.
I have been playing IW for like a year and have seen lot of combos and OP things, and i think that this is one is one of the worst for the game =|
So, they are all but unbeatable as long as you don't run any of:
Yuanshi, Yuanshi's Wrath, Lightning bolt, Mark of the Demon, Firebolt, Death ray, Mass Death, Winds of War, Humble, Assassinate, Called Shot, Poison, Acid Rain, Infectious Transfusion, Demonic Corruption, Eaten by Zombies, Patient Zero, Tome of the Dead, Demon Wastes, Wholesale Slaughter, Splat, Flame Dawn Commando, Diseased Zombie, Cleanse the Land, Rift to the Old World, Annihiliate, Cannon Barrage, Laser Cannon, Shrapnel Launcher, Brimstone Tank, Immortal Sorceress, Navi, Picard, Calamity, Fight, Hunt, Shrapnel Launcher, Oblivion, Banish, Bird of Prey, Boomy, Champion of Ruin, LOIC, MU02, Spontaneous Combustion, Mad Monk, Bomb-Bot, Warped Swarmer, Consecration, Dark Wish, Undeath Wish, Void Split, Dehumanize, Demonize, Granthar, MU01 or Shikana.
And that's not even including all the ways to move those things out of defense, deal direct fortress damage without attacking, or use a combaination of multiple cards to kill those off (like disarm/shifting stone or rampant virus/zom-b-gone)

Doesn't seem very scary to me. A potent combo, sure, but nowhere near OP.
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