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The Bad Company (Story)
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Chapter .1

"Hoof it! Hoof it! Move!" Castor shouted, "It's a Boomy!"

Jester and I nearly flung ourselves over the trench. The cackling necrotic zomborg blew blowing a small mushroom cloud in the air. The Flame Dawn grunts were flying in blood and armor. A rain of what I hoped was dirt rained down on us. I coughed and picked up my gun. I peeked over the edge and Castor was already up rallying the company.

"Sound off!" The sergeant shouted. With another cough I shouted out, "I'm five-by-five." I looked down, "Jester... Jester bought the big one." I hoisted myself out of the trench and put the stock of my machine gun to the my shoulder. The scene around me was one that was all too common these days. The giant parabolas of energy rose stories into the sky. Mirrors to another plane of existence. If you'd told me a month ago it was possible... well... here I was lugging a gun fighting techno-zombies and witches and spirits.

"Here, Sergeant Castor, sir!" I said racking the bolt on my rifle.
"Good man, Talent, go take Cat and some of the boys and protect that blood flame dawn ram. The G.I boys are waiting for the ion cannon to come on line, see if they can't take down those rifts and the deaders comin' through it. "It's a good day to be in Bad Company, sir!" I said and ran off.

Cat and her squad of demo-boys met me halfway to the ram. It was being swarmed by the horde and the boys of the dawn. One of their centurions stopped me. "Look, merc, we lost all our brimstone support. Get on that ram and clear the way." No one liked us mercenaries. Worked for any faction  who could pay, but hey, those were the breaks.

Cat had her magic users fling firbolts into the crowd while the guys who were left formed a firing line. I was picking them off as fast as possible, still they kept coming and we kept losing people. "Feaster!" someone shouted. It was all spiny fingers and gnashing teeth and it was tearing through our men like they were rations.

"I got it..." I said softly. The pull of the trigger was familiar, the kick of the rifle a comfort. The bullet flew true and the feaster's head snapped back and it crumpled. We had our grave robbers going through the field as much as possible but it wasn't enough. The horde was still coming.

My radio chattered, it was someone back at the G.I. H.Q. "We got a surprise for you guys, look up." I looked up just in time to see a gold fired ignite Talich's atmosphere. The beam shot down about a kilometer back and sliced across the unending line of zomborgs. We all whooped and cheered as the rifts started collapsing. Renewed Bad Company pushed forward and he ram rolled on in breaking through the wall of corpses that had piled up.

Then the Tuskers came up from the earth. Spilling forth like some great tidal wave of death. They charged the line. "Damn sleepers..." Someone shouted, "Fall back!" It didn't take some of those jade-boys tacticians to realize when to run. Slinging my rifle over my shoulder we ran. All the G.I. artillery in the world wasn't going to save the day now. We passed one of their scrap shooters. They looked panicked and I could see why. They were out of bots to throw in the machine.

I met up with the remainder of Bad Company. "Lt.!" I shouted, "What do we do?" Lt was a severe man with one good eye and graying hair. "We're bugging out, Talent." We packed up as the G.I. HQ sounded the alarm. It was abandon ship or abandon hope. The only place to go was the Untamed World though, and it was mostly gone.

"Look!" Someone shouted and pointed. We all followed his extended finger toward the sky. "What?" I said, "Is it the ion cannon again?" It couldn't be the fight was over. The Flame Dawn's leader was even here, and knowing old rivalries he'd turned on Orion. We looked. It didn't look like Bad Company was getting out of this one.

From the sky came thousands of figures. I looked through the scope on my rifle and saw they were not any side in the fight so far. "They look like... angels..." I said. I passed the rifle to Cat. They descended on the hoard of Sleepers.White-gold flame washed over the field ending the conflict so quickly it was insulting.

The company was cheering and waving. The LT was having none of it. "Shape up and move out, we're leaving." He turned away, "Better late than bloody never..." he muttered. I looked at the onslaught. Considering how easily they were mopping up I was wary of this new faction of glowing people. Where were they months ago? I shouldered my rifle and turned to follow the rest of the recon team.

I found I shared the Lt's sentiment.