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Faction 3: Chapter 4
« on: August 25, 2013, 01:34:30 AM »
Planet 3: Araneam
Chapter 4

I'm finally happy with the organization system and this is going to be what I stick with. Sorry for any confusion that was caused messing around with various naming systems, but the new index should help to mitigate any confusion. With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy this installment!

(Chapter 3 can be found here)

(Three days after the destruction of the Synth Core)

The air is thick and musty. Aleta waits alone in one of the side rooms of an ancient building, long since reclaimed by the jungle over harsh years of overgrowth. What the building could have been in it's prime is hard to say, possibly a clock tower or even a chapel.(;)) One thing is for certain, though, she has a strange feeling like she knows the place, despite having come upon it for the first time the previous night. It was as if she was drawn to it, like she knew the way, even though any knowledge she had, had of the terrain would surely have been lost by the ever changing jungle plant life.

It is not long before her wait is over. A familiar Rachna crept into the room stealthily, as only a Rachna can. If it were not for the fact that he was expected, he would most likely have completely avoided detection, a surprising and remarkable trait for such a large species. Upon noticing his arrival, she ushered him into her room and awaited his report.

"As you suspected, he has made his move" Aratel spoke with an almost mocking indifference, but, in reality, he felt shame for having been doubtful and proven wrong. "The humans appear to still be in a state of chaos after whatever happened inside the dome, it appears that it has been divided into two groups. The government and lead scientists, as well as what little military Arious has to offer, has formed a perimeter around the center of the dome. The civilians have all taken to their homes, the ones closest to the center of the dome have been moved further out to prevent riots. There's no way such a weak army could hold them back if they decide to riot and storm the center. It seems all these years of comfort have left you humans soft and weak."

"I would not dismiss them so easily. As I recall, before the dome was constructed, they spent decades in a prolonged war with your people, casualties on both sides."

Clearly striking a nerve, Aratel retorts, "Our brothers gave up their lives to protect their ideals, soon they will do so once again."

"Oh yes, that sounds like a perfect plan, and once both sides are all dead, you and me can just ask Drezac nicely to leave us alone. Who will protect your ways once both of our races are wiped off the face of the planet?" Aleta replied with indignation.

Although not entirely satisfied, Aratel could see the wisdom in her words and he was no fool. If they were to defeat Drezac, they needed to do whatever it took to stop an almost inevitable conflict from reigniting between the two races.

(To be continued...)
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