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Fan Lore Faction 3
« on: August 15, 2013, 09:58:28 AM »
It has been several full cycles since the event that that reshaped the face of Nimarin. It all started when our our scientists began detecting a massive energy source beyond anything we had ever experience before. It was a completely stable energy source, except that it was everywhere... in everything. Our readings indicated that it stretched as far beyond the surface of the planet as we could monitor, who knows, it probably went on forever.

At first it seemed like a great opportunity. If we could harness such energy, we could have done so much with it. Imagine the implications for space travel when the ship is literally swimming through an endless power source. Our dreams and aspirations soon ended when we started getting other readings. The planets geological signatures were beginning to shift rapidly. Not only that, they seemed to be following explicit patterns. It was not long before everything else followed in its footsteps. The weather started to change, the oceans became violent, pieces of ships washing up on shore became a regular occurrence. Our government banned travel until they could find a solution, but there was no solution. It was as if the planet itself was changing in a single concerted effort.

There was no warning, no time to escape, one day the ground just... opened up and swallowed our city whole and everything I had ever known was gone in an instant. I awoke in the nearby wilderness, unaware of how I had gotten there... I tried to make my way back, but the further I went, the less familiar the terrain looked. It was as if the land was shaping itself around me. Never guiding me, or sending me anywhere, it just seemed to be making a way for me no matter which way I went. It was as if I was being toyed with just to see what I would do.

I had to find ways to survive and picked up survival skills quickly. I was able to live off the land and provide for myself, but my inexperience was obvious even to myself and soon I found myself being hunted by a zorlik. If you have ever tried to get away from an animal with five sets of legs, each of which longer than yours, then you probably know about how far I got before it caught up to me. It was just about to set into me with its front claws when suddenly a spire of rock erupted from the ground, impaling the zorlik and swiftly retreated back into the earth. It confirmed my suspicions that the I was being watched, but by whom, and for what purpose?

It was not long before I got my answer, as similarly strange events continued to occur during my travels across the shifting terrain. I had begun to notice small things in my daily life that were just too convenient. Food would be found right when I needed it most. Water would appear in locations it had no way of reaching, but one day while I was huddled in a makeshift camp for the night I noticed out of the corner of my eye a rock move several inches without making as much as a sound. Perhaps I was just starting to go crazy... perhaps I'm still crazy... but I called out for to it saying, "I know you're out there!... What do you want!?"

Then the world fell silent, if only for a moment, and the ground before me began to shift. A form slowly rose up and took shape, molding itself until it settled. When it was finished, it took the rough form of a human being. Course but an obvious attempt at an imitation. It spoke not a word. I don't know why, but I stared at it as if I expected it to have a grasp of the concept of eye contact. Was this the only one of its kind? Was I even looking at the entirety of its being? It didn't matter. For whatever it was though, I was actually glad to have it there. It was the first time in over a cycle that I felt safe and I was sitting next to something that could kill me any time it chose.........

And then, it hit me. *What if it couldn't? What if the reason I was the only one who survived the cities destruction was because I could not die? What if the being in front of me was actually the entire planet?

With that in mind, the pieces started to fall in place. The city it had destroyed must have been like a gaping wound in the planets surface, irritating it. If the planet had just become sentient, then how would it have known the consequences of destroying it?

At that moment, I did something I figured I couldn't regret even if I wanted to. I grabbed one of the spears I had created for hunting and thrust it directly into my heart.

When I awoke, the form was standing over me, as if it was staring at me. At that point, my suspicions were confirmed. When the planet had destroyed our city, it must have found that it could not destroy me and grew curious, as any young life form would when confronted with something it cannot understand, and in the following months it spent its time observing me. Now it emulates my form and copies my behavior. I don't know why, but I found it all a bit humorous. An entire race wiped off the face of the planet because the planet itself was essentially scratching an itch. Truly a dark comedy for the ages. I bore no resentment. How could I and what good would it have done? So I stood up and turned to the being, speaking directly to it as if it were a human, "It's about time I started calling you by your name, Nimarin. We have a lot to do and we'd best get started." It stared at me as it had before, meeting my eyes with its rough impression of a face. As I turned to leave, it followed, and with that the days task was clear. I would teach Nimarin a new form.

This is the beginning of our story, Aleta, the Eternal Shaper, and Nimarins Tera Forms.

-Holo Log entry 1, day 37 of cycle 48715

Please leave comments bellow and, as always, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 8)
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