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These are the official guidelines to the Infinity Wars forums, please follow them closely and all will be well. As the game grows I will be recruiting admins to assist in the crowd control of this lovely community we're building.

Let's all be friends, let's all get along, let's not get eaten by machine-infused flesh eating zombies, and let's create the worlds best Digital Trading Card Game shall we?


* Be courteous. Don't just start slandering someone because you feel like it. Keep the post constructive, and keep it moving along so we can keep discussing what's important about the topic.
* Vulgarity will not be tolerated. While these forums do not have a language filter (yet), we do have this handy little ban button. While I hate to drop banhammers, I would also like to keep vulgarity out of the eyes of the respectful people who play this game. Keep your adult language to private messages and whispers. Or just use "Puffy" like everyone else.
* If you're commenting on a post that is about a specific topic, do not de-rail that post. Keep every comment in line with the desired subject so that the discussion can be useful to the community, and everyone can benefit from it.
* If you have ANY issues with your account whatsoever, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at so that we can assist you. If possible please provide a detailed description of what you're experiencing, and a screenshot if you can. Posting on the forums requesting support will very likely just get this copypasta'd unless I can help you directly.
* We have a thread detailing all of the options available to you in reporting a bug. Please utilize to make sure you know how and where to report bugs or receive help. Posting on the forums (unless discussion about the topic is needed) isn't generally an effective way because I'll just have to follow the same process you would.
* Please keep in mind that while we do see every post in these forums, we may not respond to all of them as quickly as others. Just know that you are extremely  important to us, and your feedback and questions are more than valued.
* Lastly, we are a community of gamers and friends. Help one another, the game is not complete yet so not everything is obvious to everyone. Please, ask questions if you need to, and if you know the answer to a question help your fellow gamers out.
With all this said, please enjoy the evolution of Trading Card Games. Lightmare Studios is dedicated and committed to making the dTCG that the world has been wanting for so long. There are so many great games coming on the market, but we feel Infinity Wars offers truly unique gameplay that sets us apart. We are here, because of all of you. No company can create a game of this magnitude without it's players. We look forward to evolving this game into launch with all of you by our side.

Sit back, keep your computers on, enjoy the ride, and watch out for Firestarter.

For further information about our Player Behavior policy please view

All our finished policies are always viewable at[/list]

13 weeks later, first.


thanks Randall, thank you so very much :/


--- Quote from: Viquel on September 05, 2013, 04:15:52 PM ---

thanks Randall, thank you so very much :/

--- End quote ---

What the heck man posting funny pictures in response is my gig. You can't just come in here and steal my thunder.

Now with that said, good job.

Is that from Nichijou as well?

Also, good thing duds and I are well known felons, otherwise us disobeying the 3rd forum rule.


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