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Test runs: Streaming (Off)
« on: May 30, 2013, 09:09:30 PM »
I guess I should finally take Jesse Cox's advice and "advertise like shameless whores".

So I have mentioned it on my channel a time or two. And now that we have new players and background music (anyone know any decent creative commons music?) I figured I'll dust off XSplit and see if my computer explodes.  for videos. I try and keep an IW playlist but sometimes I forget. Updating it now because... it's been a while :p


I never claimed to be good, just claimed to enjoy CCGs and digital is just too darned convenient. My real forte is deck building games. Similar, but different :)
I don't have 2 monitors. At times that means I may tab out to check chat. If I'm playing Infinity Wars, the best way to talk is probably just in Mumble.
This will not be a regular thing (yet). Assuming Lightmare is okay with it, I'll just try and write something when I'm live and change it when I'm not. Habits take time to build so I may forget :)
During the morning or early afternoon I may be getting caffeinated. Hopefully my mic doesn't pick up every sound :P
I'm no trucker, but no promises about language.
If the Mrs is home, her computer is 5' from mine. Any State of the Game (from Starcraft 2) fans just picture Geoff's girlfriend (at the time) calling in regularly :P
I'm using a free version of XSplit. Sorry if the quality is "meh".
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