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Patch 0.85.0-2 Discussion
« on: May 29, 2013, 11:40:58 AM »
Quote from: Ian
May 29h 2013, Version 0.85.2

Bug Fixes

Fixed allowing adding cards as commanders when the player doesn't have enough cards

Items can again be purchased with LP.

Fixed the Chat Pane breaking after returning to the main menu after a game. Known problems still exist with the player XP bar, and when clicking on a player's name.

Minor fixes to positioning of chat window

Connection window has been changed to prevent errors.

Discount tokens should now be functioning properly.

Added a message for the quest rewards token redemption while we work on internal issues with displaying the rewards gained to the player.

The rulebook now has a close button. This rulebook is still under construction.

May 28th 2013, Version 0.85.1

We're currently working around the clock to fix issues as we handle our massive influx of new players! It's an exciting time for us as we've already had 20x the logins as our previous peak, in just one day. Thank you everybody for your support and understanding as we put out patches to fix these issues. We hope you enjoy Infinity Wars!

Bug Fixes

Added many additional server back-end systems to cope with the increase in players online.

Fixed a bug where if you tried to cancel Aleta's ability in the card choosing stage, the game would freeze.

Fixed a bug where players would get a message stating that the other player left the trade session when they weren't in fact in a trade session.

The list of decks you have should now properly refresh when making a new deck or deleting a deck.

The area which shows your current deck on the Play screen should now always be accurate.

Added a Rulebook button on the top bar of the main menu.

Cards in your collection are now sorted alphabetically after type, rather than purity cost.

Fixed commanders breaking in deck builder screen.

Items that cannot be bought with IP won't display in the store any more.

You can no longer add more cards than you own when making a deck.

Bug Fixes

Added a version number to the start.

While looking, hosting or connecting to a game, the buttons for Joining or Hosting a game will be grayed out and not functional, to prevent errors.

Options button changed to cog, the universal Options icon.

Social buttons added on top bar of the main menu.

Twitter and Facebook buttons added to login screen.

May 27th 2013, Version 0.85

Hello everybody! With this patch, we're finally doing away with the ugly temporary menu interface that we've all gotten so fond of. While we develop this new UI, we will be working around the clock to iron out any bugs we find in it. Please, if you find a bug, let us know using the “Report Bug” button at the top of the menu.


New UI introduced!

In a focused push to standardize wording on cards and terminology, and to make these terms more natural to players, we are changing some of the definitions of terms in the game. From now on, we will be using these definitions in the game:

“In play” refers to being in the Command Zone, Support Zone, Assault Zone or Defense Zone.

“The battlefield” refers to the Support Zone, Assault Zone, or Defense Zone.

“The combat zones” refers to the Assault and Defense Zones.

The term “deployed” is no longer used.

Many cards which said “When <this card> enters play, <X happens>” have been updated. Previously, these cards only triggered when they were played from the Command Zone or the hand. Now, these cards have been split into two new wordings:

If the card requires any sort of choice from the player, it has been reworded to “When you play <this card>, <X happens>”. This is because the design of Infinity Wars only allows decisions to be made while in the planning phase.

Cards which don't require any decisions on behalf of the player, such as Candit, Hehkeem and the other cards of that cycle are having their wording updated to “When <this card> enters the battlefield,” and will now trigger when entering the battlefield from any means.

Hunted Dragon, due to the internal programming of creating a card, requires for it to be played from the hand, despite otherwise being a candidate for its ability triggering whenever it comes into play.

All instances of the word “destroy” have been updated to consistently use the much more brutal term “kill”, if it refers to a character.

We are testing changing how “token” cards are handled. When a card creates a token card, it will not be considered special in any way after the fact that is has been created (thus it won't leave the game after being removed from play). Some cards and token costs may have be adjusted to account for this change.

Updated many grammatical and spelling issues in the card and tutorial text.

Addressed many issues with disconnecting when joining a game.

Players can no longer rearrange or play cards after hitting End Turn, preventing various desync issues.

The damage a character takes can no longer be negative, thus increasing their health.

Fixed a bug that caused all players to draw a card when Battlefield Scavenger dies.

Fixed a bug where it would create an infinite number of “Error, other player timed out while waiting for their action list.” popup messages.

The game should now properly close all open views when the turn ends (such as when viewing a card or graveyard) and no longer become unresponsive afterwards.

Fixed an issue with Mega Unit 01 where undoing selecting a pilot would not return the resources spent.

Orion now properly has the Human subtype.

You can now cancel when discarding a card at the end of the turn.

Updated Exhaust and Stumble's wording to clarify that it refers to the base cost of the card.

Updated many instances of card text referring to the “Attacking Zone” rather than the “Assault Zone”.

When a player shuffles away a card using the Trading Post, it will no longer reveal which card was shuffled away to the opponent.

Bug Fixes

Potentially fixed a bug that would cause desyncs with character movement after playing a location.

Added Invincible Defender to Aleta, the Immortal Traveller's choices.

Pilgrimage Monk now properly gets +2/+2 when she returns to play.

Raise Dead can now target cards in the graveyard that have Untouchable.

Demon of Fear will now properly refund the extra resources paid when clicking Undo, and no longer resolve his ability if it was undone.

Balance Changes

Martyr Golem's redirection ability will now only work while on the battlefield. (Reminder, battlefield now refers to Support, Assault and Defense)

Aleta, the Traveller's ability now requires a card to be discarded.