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its a great idea imo. tho the actual realization might be difficult i guess, especially considering the forum activity (0?). if i can be of any help, pm me on discord tho. TilMania [BoD]

Thank You! :) We'll see where this idea goes for now it's just a dream.
its a great idea imo. tho the actual realization might be difficult i guess, especially considering the forum activity (0?). if i can be of any help, pm me on discord tho. TilMania [BoD]
Does anyone know if the development team has changed or is it still the same guys?
Pawns are new, king remained the same - Elphie Coyle.
Only 3 guys work on it, primal problem with IW - it was underinvested, and ultimately hesistation of spedning more resources on it killed this game.
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Actually, there's 5 coders on this one, in particular a few really crazy good ones from what I hear.
Yeah, Coyle is still in charge but he's (pretty understandably) determined to make sure that IH doesnt become the same management dumpster fire that IW turned into.
General Game Discussion / Re: How dead is this game?
« Last post by Akiko, Lady of the West on December 19, 2018, 03:33:20 AM »
Hey guys, my name's Aki
I should preface this with saying, I am not a representative/employee of Lightmare, I am simply an active member of the community and (I believe) the only person who streams the game on anything near a regular basis.

Over the past year I've gotten fairly close with a few current Lightmare employees, and been given the opportunity to have a lot of questions answered in regards to the state of IW and LM as a whole.

To my understanding, the causes of the current state of IW can first be traced back all the way to development. Its clear that a lot of love and passion went into the game, which is why its lasted so long, however the underlying code was apparently poorly put together, creating many of the glitches and bugs that we still deal with to this day and no way to get rid of them without rehauling the entire client from the ground up.I wasnt present for this, nor for the first few years of IW's history, only joining the community around a year or so before Rebellion dropped so Im unable to comment on the management that went on during that time from a personal perspective, but from what many people say, it was a bit of a mess.

At a certain point, it became LM could no longer support IW and the game was sold to Yodo1 while LM was allowed to keep the rights to the assets from the game. Yodo, however, has not seemed to take any care of IW, there only real contribution so far being the fact they havent shut off the servers yet. Although not given the best base to work off of, the current stagnant nature of the development of further content for IW is due to Yodos unwillingness to do anything with it as its unrealistic to put any further effort into development as the effort would not realistically see a payoff considering IW's current profit margin.

At this current point in time, LM has moved onto their new project called Infinity Heroes.
Keeping with a lot of core themes from IW, IH is being built from the ground up with the knowledge gained from IWs development so that it wont become a coders nightmare down the track. LM community reprasentative JasonOCE has said that depending on the profits made from IH, new projects similar to IW MAY (big emphasis on the MAY) be pursued in the distant future.

For now, I believe we should keep an eye on the development of IH while we continue to enjoy this Schrodingers Cat of a game that is both alive and dead depending on the perspective of ones observations.

If you want to keep up with the goings on of the slow yet seemingly infinite decay of Infinity Wars, you can join the discord here:

If you want to monitor the development of Infinity Heroes and join in the pre-alpha "hype" the link to the discord is here:

And finally, if you want to ask me any questions directly, or check out my twitch channel you can seach me up at:



I hope this helped a bit, and until next time.
Stay Awesome.

~Akiko Mara
Why is first month half of first year? This feels like less than I expected for some reason

There's still the cost of the game
General Game Discussion / Re: How dead is this game?
« Last post by WWKnight on December 17, 2018, 03:16:56 PM »
I'll do something I never thought I would do...

Defend Lightmare.

Lightmare Studios, and by extension Elphie, werent bad people.  Bad at management?  Oh sure.  Bad at design?  Absolutely.  Purposefully trying to steal our money?  No.  I kind of wish the answer were yes, because I think i'd feel better getting robbed than seeing Infinity Wars crash and burn the way it did.

I dont know if any of you know me.  I was the first backer for Infinity Wars.  I was local to one of the development offices (Yeah, they ran two offices).  I ended up visiting and hanging out with the team.  I ended up working for Lightmare.  I wrote the lore for Infinity Wars.  At least, what it was before Yodo took over.  I have no idea what they did with it.

I left the game after watching it stagnate for years, but I definitely feel like it was an amazing opportunity.  But between the head designer not really understanding game balance (which would have been fine if they implemented a development team), and Elphie INSISTING he got to put his finger in every pie (Around the fourth set he had to sign a contract within his own company promising not to push his designs any more, in return for an Agent Coyle in every set and a new dragon), and the loss of the three guys I used to hang out with (the main programmers and secondary designers) to proper mobile gaming companies, it was not going to last.

I was part of the Infinity Council, the team of passionate players they asked to donate a LOT of free time to test and balance new sets.  To give feedback on broken metas.  To explain what we want out of the game and what makes it fun.  We would have 4 hour meetings over voice chat nailing down new sets, only to find NONE of our suggestions after months of testing would be taken up. 

Again, I dont think anyone here was evil.  Ian and Elphie were so god damn passionate about this game, it was their baby. 

When I first found the game, I was totally taken in by its world building.  I asked for more lore.  constantly.  Daily.  Eventually I started writing my own.  Thats how I got the job to write it.  I was told my fanfiction fit the idea of where they wanted it to go.

So I met with Ian, who is the real brains behind the game.  I think Elphie is the wallet.  And we talked shop, I pointed out a few things I didnt like with his world, he agreed.  I signed on as a freelance writer.  I did massive multipage primers for each faction, discussing culture, philosphy etc, detailing little things, suggesting character arcs, suggesting overall faction arcs.  I wrote the original campaign missions which I was told would be voice acted and displayed how Yodo eventually did it (Was very proud to see that, even though they changed my work a fair bit.  At least they did great justice to Bromich!!! <3  HATED Lucca though).  I wrote 5 short stories for a number of different factions.  I think only one was ever released.  Aleta's Discovery, where Tinker discovers Sufferer.

I wrote style guides for the artists to follow, to ensure no men were drawn in positions of power in verore cards (ignored).  What sort of animals should be drawn in warpath cards to keep a thematically correct faction (ignored).  So much research into chinese culture for DoD (which was a faction added SOLELY to appeal to the chinese mobile market.  Fun fact) that was all ignored by the artists.

My stories werent released.  Ian didnt like where I was taking the story, but didnt have time to do his own thing.

And here is the main problem of Lightmare.  They had no communication between the offices, no communication between the departments.  No communication and no direction and too many cooks and not enough indians.

My heart puffying broke over this game.  I put months and months and months of worldbuilding into it.  I got paid $500 for my work, because I wanted to see my contribution in game, and I knew how much they were hurting.

They were not evil people, just highly incompetent.  They had an amazing idea (sort of... a lot of the game was designed by the fans in the original kickstarter comments.  For example, the concept of purity?  *raises hand*  Yep.  My idea.) that they didnt know how to grow or nurture.  And they refused to listen to thier investors, the people who bought the card packs and kept the game alive.

I wish Infinty Wars picked up.  Believe me, I have SO MUCH love for this franchise.  But it was never going to happen because Elphies Ego was too big, Ians grasp was too strong and Lightmares business structure was... unsustainable.

General Game Discussion / Re: Infinity Heroes - Lightmare Studios New Game
« Last post by Hiding on December 10, 2018, 11:37:25 PM »
If they transfer our IW cards over ill check it out, otherwise probably not

I think you're grasping at straws bud.
They mentioned that they would
Why is first month half of first year? This feels like less than I expected for some reason
Let me pop a purely hypothetical question to you guys, those who still pop on occasionally to see if there's anything worth hoping for. If you're interested, DM me.

TL/DR: If we work together, we could own and run IW. Total Costs for first month are roughly $200k. With a steep drop to about $10k /month afterwards. World's first community owned game. Are you in?

The digital card game market generates roughly $400 mil dollars in revenue yearly. Currently games like Hearthstone and Elder Scrolls Legends are the ones taking the biggest bites out of this hunk of dough. And if you've played Hearthstone or Legends after playing Infinity Wars, then you know they're crap. no offense. But when you're itching for a card game to play that has strategy and significant choices with minimal RNG then Infinity Wars is it.

Anyway I'll cut the fluff and get to it.

First and foremost we need to hammer down how to monetize the game:

Auction House. It's hard to monetize a trading card game specifically because obviously the cards can be traded. Without taking away the trading concept I believe the best way to garnish funds necessary to sustain the business will be to first limit the number of times a card can be traded. Another game did this (mabinogi duel) which I found was a great concept. Instead of having "soulbound" cards, all cards can be traded up to a maximum number of times. This will encourage people to either sell or trade their cards.


ALSO the company would sell cosmetics for players as a given.

How to grow the community:

I don't think there's any possible way to grow the player base without a complete server wipe. Of course there are many people who have invested heavily into the game and they deserve some compensation for their collections. with that in mind a server wipe is a must.

Advertising is a must. I think an animated video of the card characters being alive would be great to encourage people to try the game. similar to what hearthstone does in their advertisements.

Plans for the future:

Rotating game modes. Such as 3v1 and all for 1 up to 4 players.

additional factions. Obviously more cards as well. Likely eliminate star trek cards IF it's a continuous licensing payment agreement based on sales.

To preserve the economy of the cards there should be a limited pool per each card like in real life card games. there's not a limitless supply of particular cards. so managing that is also important to prevent an overabundance of specific card types.

Creating leagues with cash prizes down the road similar to what counter strike, league of legends and hearthstone have all done. I think it would also be important to continue the card design challenge as a monthly competition where the grand prize is implementing the card designed into the game. therefore at minimum at least 12 cards per year is added to the game.

Initial Investment:

Those who invest financially or with their time/skills should be the first to receive from any profits generated by the game. Until they're paid back in full.

I spoke with Elphie to find out how much they'd sell the company outright for. I assume the total initial investment to buy out the game would be roughly $50 - $100k AUD (I assume)

1-2 Programmers with 0-1 year/exp - $60k USD
1-2 Game Artists 0-1 yr/exp - $40k
1 Animator - $50k
APP Development - $75-$100k
Animation Commercial Cost - $50k
Miscellaneous costs - $50k

Total costs for Year 1: $450k
Minimum Costs for first month: ~ $200k Including cost to acquire game AND animated commercial costs.

doesn't hurt to ask/try.
General Game Discussion / Re: How dead is this game?
« Last post by Wayfinder1026 on December 05, 2018, 05:46:10 AM »
I don't think they're greedy. they're just oblivious.

How hard is it to open a browser and read the forum on your own game?   :o

I don't know. they used to be so passionate and excited about the game. i don't want to think they're inherently bad people. it's easier to believe they're just really dumb and don't know how to run their business. :|
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