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General Game Discussion / Re: Ranked points gain/loss
« on: January 19, 2016, 12:20:24 AM »
Get rid of ELO or ELO-like systems, it's just plain wrong to use ELO to determine skill whenever any kind of luck is involved.
Historically, ELO system has been used for TCGs rankings because MTG,  the first TCG who needed a ranking system, copied from chess and called it a day. It took seventeen years to realize it's not optimal and replace it with the much fairer planeswalker points system (which I won't describe here, just go to WoTC site and learn about it if you want to, my point is that ELO sucks for everything but chess and certain sports)
My suggestion for ranking is the following:

Have each season last a pre-determined timeframe
During this timeframe, any player can play as many matches as he wants, always paired with a random opponent of course
Everytime a player reaches certain milestones of played games, his score (number of wins/draws/losses) is recorded if it's better than any previously recorded score.
At the end of the season, there is a ranking for each milestone and prizes are awarded accordingly.

Example: set the milestones at 20, 100, 200 matches.

A player plays his first 20 games: wins 16, loses 4. His score for the "20" ranking is now 16/4/0 (wins/losses/draws)
Then he plays another 20, and goes 13/6/1. His score is still 16/4/0, because it's better.
The following 20 games he goes 16/3/1. His score is now 16/3/1.
Then he does 11/7/2 and 10/10.
Completing his 100th game, he qualifies for the "100" ranking and his score is 66/30/4. His "20" ranking score is still 16/3/1.
The following 100 games he scores 70/25/5, and he manages to improve his "20" score to 18/2 too.
His "100" score is now 70/25/5, and he also qualifies for the "200" ranking with a score of 136/55/9.

Tiebreakers between players who, at the end of the season, have the same score is determined by who reached that score first.

That's all. That's fair, it encourages people to play NO MATTER WHAT because they can just improve their score and never lose points, and removes luck factor of point gain/loss depending on the opponent.

If i understand your system correctly, this will mean that the first 100 games or so will set your score for the entire season, and you won't be able to change much in the upcoming games, this is absurd since the 100 games will probably won't represent your skill level since most resets happen after a new set has been released and no one really knows the meta or how it works, people still figuring things out.

but i may missunderstood your point and that makes this answer pointless.

General Game Discussion / Re: Ranked points gain/loss
« on: January 18, 2016, 11:26:24 PM »

Let's say a 2400 rated player plays against a 1400 player. Currently, as has already been mentioned, you will gain something like 5 points for a win, and lose 60+ points for a loss. That's just insane. That means every 12 wins is worth 1 loss against this player. Even if the 2400 rated player is much better, presumably, than the 1400 player, disconnects happen, randomness happens, 1400 player could be a smurf, etc, that enable the lower rated player to win.

Oh the disconnects, the horrible horrible disconnects...

General Game Discussion / Re: Ranked points gain/loss
« on: January 18, 2016, 11:21:01 PM »

As I said before, draws should not affect points regardless of which two players are playing.

If I am the higher rated player in a game, I should have the opportunity to try and force a draw if I recognize I am in a sticky situation and in danger of a loss. While this "shouldn't" happen because theoretically, if you're the better player, you should be able to avoid this kind of situation. But, this is a game where puffy happens. It is too variable for that to be fair. It doesn't make sense for me to try and compromise a position in which I could tie and draw to try and half-ass defending and then winning. That is completely counter-productive.

If points must be lost in this case, they should be significantly lower than they are now, and a maximum of half of what a player would have lost in accordance with the algorithm above.

I wonder what you guys think about the drawing situation, but I really feel like I am cheated by losing points in a draw.

I second that motion, many times iv'e found myself losing the same points from a draw as I would from a loss provided the ranking difference is more than 500 points.

It just seems kind of pointless to me, you have to have the benefits "going for the draw" because as you stated above, puffy happenes...

General Game Discussion / Re: Ranked points gain/loss
« on: January 18, 2016, 11:07:06 PM »
Here are my thoughts on a possible system.

I think it might be a good idea, to have placement matches. Where you would play against players of different elo levels progressively higher before being placed in a certain elo level. Elo rankings could be 0-10, 11-20, 21,30 and so on.

I really like this idea, people in lower ranks often gets discouraged and stop playing alltogether, while for top players this might get a bit boring with little to no reward.

Guides / Re: Rift Run Hall Of Fame
« on: January 18, 2016, 10:22:37 PM »
you DRAFTED an agent coyle!?!

Yea, I was lucky as hell  ;D

Guides / Re: Rift Run Hall Of Fame
« on: January 18, 2016, 10:20:08 PM »
awesome decks es! tho i thought i lost my mind seeing that fat gi guy in deck 2  :P

Yea, that guy is pretty OP :P

Guides / Re: Rift Run Hall Of Fame
« on: January 18, 2016, 07:27:43 PM »
Wow, tks _ES_!

I guess Adora should add this list (and others to come) at his+Helios unified guide, as examples!!!

That would be great.

Guides / Rift Run Hall Of Fame
« on: January 18, 2016, 07:05:45 PM »
Hello and welcome to my rift run hall of fame!

Iv'e seen a lot of rift guide but I haven't seen any examples of some good Rift decks so i wanted to share some of my "tested" Rift Run decks which made it past 35 wins, one picture is worth a thousand words so without further ado, here are the decks:

#1 Triple flame dawn: (36 wins)
Commanders: Bromich, Herald of Dawn, Adaptive scout.

#2 Granthar & Overcharged bot: (42 wins)
Commanders: Granthar,the elder ape, Bring life by passing, Overcharged bot.

#3 Warpath death worshipper: (37 wins)
Commanders: Granthar,the elder ape, Verore death worshipper, Rakarl.

#4 Genesis Rush (104 wins *personal best*)
Commanders: Aleta Tinkerer,Splitter bot,Flame Dawn commando

#5 Rita - Splitter duo (42 wins)
Commanders: Rita,shadow priestess,Splitter bot,Masked initiate.

#6 Genesis Beast (39 wins)
Commanders: Aleta tinkerer,Symbiote Prototype, Brown bear.

#7 Genesis Rush 2.0 (35 wins)
Commanders: Aleta Tinkerer,Splitter bot,Siege Braker.

#8 Genesis Rush 3.0 (42 wins)
Commanders: Support drone, Kali the flaming blade,Splitter bot.

#9 Aleta - Vahnash duo (52 wins)
Commanders: Dirty devil,Aletta Sufferer,Vah'nash, the ritual master.

these 2 work really well together, when vah'nash discards character without exile, aleta comes into play, Never had a deck with so much controll in rift run before.

#10 Genesis Rush 4.0 (48 wins)
Commanders: Kali,the flaming blade,Splitter bot,Torch bearer.

#11 Genesis Rush 5.0 (36 wins)
Commanders: splitter bot,flame dawn footman, decimator.

Decimator proved himself by being a valueable rare.

#12 Genesis Rush 6.0 (37 wins)
Commanders: Bromich, infected drone,aerial commando.

#13 Flame Dawn / Overseers (40 wins)
Commanders: Bromich,Vanguard of the bond,Grounded angel.

#14 Overseers / Genesis (38 wins)
Commanders: Aleta Tinkerer,Drone,Harbinger of law.

#15 Genesis Rush 7.0 (62 wins)
Commanders: Kali,the flaming blader , Splitter bot, Scheduled Constructor.
*This deck had 1 disconnection which resulted in a loss.

#16 Flame Dawn / Warpath (39 wins)
Commanders: Bromich, Field commander, Harbinger of light, Adaptive Hulker.
*This deck had 1 disconnection which resulted in a loss.

#17 3p WP (42 wins)
Commanders: Subdues the meek, Adaptive hulker, Hehkeem.

#18 2FD / GI (44 wins)
Commanders: Bromich,splitter bot,flame dawn purifier.
*No rally  :'(

#19 COV/DOD/EX (30 wins) MORALE
Commanders: Rita,Mistress of shadow,Kung ji,Dirty devil.
*This deck is an exception to the 35+ win rule since it's a morale deck, and my personal deck with a pure morale deck.

#20 The Holy Stumble deck! (35 wins)
Commanders: Paladin of the flame dawn,mindbender,support drone.
*This deck had 1 epic stumble, the most valueable thing in the deck obviously  :P
The deck did better than expected, a lot better.

#21 3wp (39 wins)
Commanders: Matriarch, pit brawler, rakarl
+1x Corrupted forest.
*Just a normal 3wp deck, nothing more.

#22 2wp/1dod (86 wins)
Command: Aleta caretaker,hulking sniper,cheff.
*This deck was really good because it's really hard to deal with a 4/8 cheff in draft, and overall the deck was consistent.

#23 GI/EX/FD (39 wins)
Command: Taiga,Knight of the flame dawn, infected devil
*nice power curve, not enough artificials.

#24 2ex/wp (35 wins)
Commanders: ixxi,mindbender,rampaging stag

#25 FD/GI/OOS (57 wins)
Commanders: Bromich, splitterbot, Grounded angel

#26 2fd/wp (49 wins)
Commanders: Aberion's apprentice, Klore, Hehkeem

#27 FD (59 wins)
Commanders: Bromich, Duelist, Morningstar Accelerator

Note:That this is not a guide, but rather an example of some good rift run decks.
Feel free to share your decks as well.
Let me know if you have any questions about Rift Runs or any suggestions about this thread.

General Game Discussion / Re: Ranked points gain/loss
« on: January 18, 2016, 07:02:23 PM »
Couldn't agree more.

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