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Guides / ES's Low Budget Decks
« on: June 26, 2016, 03:05:23 AM »
Hi there, So I wanted to share some highly competetive decks I made for the new players with emphasis on cheap (about 3 rares in deck + 1 in command required) that are great to use in normal mode.

By Highly Competetive I mean that they could beat tier 1 decks.

All decks are simple and easy to use.

The Decks:

1.Exiled Flame:
Deck type: Aggressive
Complexity: Low
Rares in deck: 3x descension.
2 Exiles, 1 Flame Dawn
Commanders: Bromich,field commander, Infected devil,Infected devil.

Preferable Sideboard: 3x winds of war, 2x mark of the demon,3x purify,1x demonic reflection,1x kidnapped by demons,2x splat.

*note: You can replace one Infected devil with TwoFace to get more out of this deck although it will be a bit harder to pilot.

Deploy 1 and 2 drops to strike your oponnent, then use the 2 devils to defend and take control of the board by overwhelming it with characters backed by Bromich at the end of the line, finish him off by playing cards like descent into madness,descension (which can be used to defend as well).

2. Overwhelming Descendants:
Deck type: Combo
complexity: High
Rares in deck: 3x counting the days.
2 Descendants of dragons, 1 exile.
Commanders: Xi,ascended, Infected devil, Gao Han, Saltwart.
Preferable Sideboard: 3x splat, 3x lingbao's will,3x jinhai dojo,3x Glorious warrior.

Defend at the early game while playing cards for future buffs in the late game like Counting the days.
3. Tibat’s Assault.
Deck type: Aggro/control
Complexity: Medium
Rares in deck: None.
Descendants of dragons, exile, Flame Dawn.
Commanders: Tibat,the mad monk,Knight of the flame dawn, infected devil.

Preferable Sideboard: 3x retaliation,3x lingbao's will,1x noble protector,3x purify, 2x chaos in the ranks.
Use the assault power of the flame dawn with the defensive power of exile/dod to control the board and pressure your opponent.
4. Robotic Descendants
Deck type: combo/midrange
Complexity: Medium
Rares in deck:  3x Unstable Bomb-Bot
Descendants of Dragons, 2 Genesis industries.

Preferable Sideboard: 3x disruption sphere,2x retaliation,2x lance of junhai,3x lingbao's will,2x winds of war.

Commanders: Adaptive construct, Splitter Bot, Infected Monk.
Rush with the power of the Genesis while protecting your units with the power of the Descendants of Dragon.

5. Aleta immortal sorceress
Deck type: Control/combo
Complexity: High
Rares in deck: 3x Mass death.
Exile, 2 Cult of verore.
Commanders: Rita, mistress of shadow, infected devil, Aleta immortal priestess.

Preferable Sideboard: 3x vandalize,3x rift of the old world,2x assasinate,1x verore kidnapper, 1x overcharged bolt, 1x chain lightning,1x overcharged storm,.

With cards like Candit, recycle, gather thoughts and Dark vision,Adaptive Ritualist you can pretty much find the kill card you are looking for.
Destroy your opponent's morale and pressure him by hitting the fortress points in the process.

6.Exiled machines:
Deck type: combo/midrange
Complexity: Medium
Rares in deck:3x Angelify
Exile,2 Genesis industries.
Commanders: Splitter bot, Infected devil, Adaptive construct.

Preferable Sideboard: 3x zombigones, 3x disruption spheres,3x chaos in the ranks,3x mark of the demon.

Dominate the board from the early game right until the end with this great defense/offense balanced deck offered by the genesis industries and the Exiled alliance.

7.Demonic Tribe:
Deck type: combo
Complexity: Medium
Rares in deck: 3x descension.
Commanders: Alpha demon, Master of demons, infected devil.

Preferable Sideboard:3x chaos in the ranks,3x splat,3x hubris of the strong, 3x spontanious combustion.

Start you match by weakening your opponent from turn 1 with cards like burden of command and lightning blast, play demons on curve followed by master of demons + infected devil on turn 4 to create a 10/10 master of demons for 1 cost and overwhelm your opponent with the power of demons while blasting them with various removals such as deathray, kidnapper, demonize, and tools like descension and descent into madness in the late game.

8.Warpath Fury
Deck type: ramp/midrange
Complexity: Low
Rares in deck 3x skraar.
Command: Bring life by passing,adaptive hulker, aleta caretaker.

Preferable Sideboard: 3x antient aether,3x corrupted forest,2x wreckful walrus,2x subdues the meek,1x hunted down,1x denial of magic.

Use the giant bests and ramp up with resources faster than any deck with bring life by passing and gift of the passing,not many decks can deal with a defensive hulker on turn 3 (14/14 when deployed and overcharged), and than may give you time to deploy other large beasts, take control of the board with cards such as ecalyptus tree, hunted down, and the infamous fight+rite combo and finish your opponent off with skraar or hehkeem.

9.Beasts Of Fire
Deck type: Aggro/midrange
Complexity: Low
Command: Kali, the flaming blade, Adaptive Hulker x2
Rares in deck: 3x Skraars.

Preferable Sideboard: noble protector x3,wreckful walrus x3,3x ancient aether, assasinate x3.

A Flame Dawn deck that uses The Warpath faction for utility cards to break the opponent's defense with force rather than try to stumble or move them out of the way.
Play small flame dawn and warpath drops until you have enough resources to unleash your powerful command and take control of the battlefield, and if that's not enough, you can always finish them off with use a skraar or the Fight!+Rite combo  :P

10.Corrupted Machines
Deck type: combo/midrange
Complexity: Medium
Commanders: Splitterbot,bloodthirsty dead, support drone.
Rares in deck:3x Unstable bomb-bot.

Preferable Sideboard: 3x feast on the dead,3x disruption spheres,2x lucca ascended, 2x anti air missle, 2x angelify.

Buff your undead characters with constructor , upgrades, support drone, build a powerful infect chatacter and overwhelm your opponent with mission+lucca later in the game.
*This deck has a powerful removal tool: Undead corruption+zombie-gone.

Deck type: Combo/control
Complexity High
Commanders: Rita,mistress of shadow,Kung ji,Rubble golem.
Rares in deck:3x Mass death.

Preferable Sideboard: 3x xi,ascended, 3x desolation, 2x vandalize, 2x rift of the old world,1x chain lightning, 1x verore kidnapper.

*Warning: This deck may be a bit harder to pilot for the new player since it requires a bit more exp with morale decks and a different gameplay from the rest of the decks here, don't get frustrated out of this one  :P

Use your commanders to stall well into the mid-late game where key cards come into play such as Demoralize and Mass death and glorious warriors while blasting your opponent with some of the best morale removals in the game.

Deck type: Combo/midrange
Complexity: Low
Commanders: Aleta Tinkerer,Splitter robot,Adaptive construct.
rares in deck:2x Bomb Bot, 2x Angelify.

Preferable Sideboard: 3x disruption sphere, 3x temporary mass reality shift,3x zombgone, 2x low orbit cannon, 1x give him a jetpack.

Overwhelm your opponent with the power of the Genesis Industries!
Buff your robots and scale them in size quickly with key cards such as upgrades, Luccas and Aleta Tinkerer, clear the way with cards like Bomb Bot and Winds of War.

Deck type: Combo/aggro
Complexity: Medium
Commanders: Tempus, 2xForerunners or champions
Rares in deck: 3x Lilariah

Preferable Sideboard: 3x Tyra,3x consecration, 3x cassial,the selfless, 3x heavenly wish.

Use Tempus and other champions to buff your Forerunners and surprise your opponent with various Champions from hand.

#14 Unlimited Tokens (InvertedEye came up with this great idea originally)
Deck type: combo/control
Complexity: Medium
Commanders: Rita,mistress of shadow, Gao Han, xi.
Rares in deck: 3x Counting The Days, 2x Dojo (Dojo is really important without it, the deck has no answer to The Calamity, can be played without it tho).

Preferable Sideboard: 3x yuanshi's wrath,3x eagle-eye,3x humble,2x cheff, 1x jinhai dojo.

Play small tokens to stall and recycle them in the form of spirits via Xi while gradually playing cards like Counting The Days and Dojo to buff those cards and eventually overwhelm your opponent with your powerful swarm army.

Let me know if you have any questions, Thanks for reading, hope it helps  ;D

General Game Discussion / Where are the Legacy Titles?
« on: June 22, 2016, 08:57:41 AM »
This was a really nice gesture of Yodomare to compensate vets for the level change.

Was that feature removed intentionally or is it due to yet another bug?

General Game Discussion / Double Resource bug
« on: June 19, 2016, 11:00:03 AM »
Sometimes some cards cost 2x resources to play, tho once you undo your action and play it again the card will work as intended, the problem is with cards such as denial of magic that doesn't have the undo option, so you end up paying 4 resources.

So far iv'e seen this bug in Denial of magic, Retaliation and descent into madness, if you seen these bug please write the name of the card to help the devs identify the problem.

General Game Discussion / Can't see premiums in Draft
« on: June 18, 2016, 05:34:50 AM »
Currently, you can't see premium cards while you are building your draft deck, only after the deck is complete.

General Game Discussion / Some fixes for Draft
« on: June 17, 2016, 11:06:36 AM »
hi guys, so we had some balance problems in draft recently:

Some fixes to make draft a bit more healthy:

SOA 2p or above may be too strong, as most frequent Draft players know, there is nothing to do against them in most cases (especially vs 3p soa) and that creates frustration and bitterness which is unhealthy for the game.

so what happened with the recent change was: some cards of SOA that were not that competetive moved to"uncommon" like fill the graves,acid rain,undead corruption,drag down,corrupted machinery.

As a result:

Common cards started to appear more as card choice while you are building your deck,

Cards like scavengers, overwhelming dead,and plaguebearer,infected transfusion being commons, this makes the faction really strong in most match-ups, resulting that 2SOA and above decks are dominating the draft meta and really is frustrating/boring to play against.

The case above is especially strong with an Adaptive ritualist which is simply too strong and imo unhealthy as a draft card especially when cards like Gather thoughts and Recycle are banned from draft.

In addition, cards that helped countering sleepers are now mostly uncommons, this makes them less frequent and harder to draft, these cards are: laser cannon, zombigone, jetpack,cta and more.

To sum up / tl;dr :

The goal is to weaken 2+soa a bit while making gi desirable and more playable.

I think that some changed need to be made and i hope you will consider the following to make draft more healthy and enjoyable:

From uncommon to common:cta,jetpack, zombgone, laser cannon (or atleast 3 or those)

From common to uncommon: Zombie scavenger, plague bearer, overwhelming dead (or atleast 2 of those)

To compensate: aleta's discovery,undead corruption,fill the graves, acid rain should be commons.

Those above are my main concerns and requests.

In addition:

Adaptive ritualist : from common to uncommom.

I'm still not sure about whether it's wise to bring Aleta Tinkerer back but that is defenately something to consider.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.

General Game Discussion / The Zone Bug (Hopefully one last time)
« on: May 31, 2016, 09:26:34 PM »
All I know about the "Zone Bug" A novel by ES (inspired by real life events) :

This zone has been in the game for months, even before yodo1 came for our aid.
Victims: Usually characters which you gain control of by zuza,Raise dead, even avarrach has risen (3 characters at the same turn move from the assault zone to the support zone - Don't have the log for that one unfortunately)
basically this bug is lkely to happen to any card that you gain control of or at least that's what i thought, It happened again today , twice in 1 game, in two different turns, something that has not happen before (at least for me) , one of the characters (evolving parasite, an original character of mine , moved zones, suggesting that my previous deduction might be incorrect).

First time: On turn 5, Evolving parasite was played from command into defense zone.

the bug: Evolving parasite was moved from defense zone to the assault zone

2nd time: on turn 7, Ac zomborg - Evolved which i gained under my control after killing an my opponent's zomborg on turn 3 with infectious zombie+Fight!.  was played from the support zone to the defense zone.

the bug: Ac zomborg - evolved was moved from the defense zone to the assault zone.

here is the log:

*worth mentioning that both of these characters had the value (0) assigned to them in the log, but that just might be an irrelevant number, assigned to any character in play.

*I feel like this is worse than the desync bug, and should be fixed asap and before the relaunch.

*If you have any information/ logs about this bug, please share it here, let's smash this one once and for all.

General Game Discussion / The zone bug is still here
« on: May 22, 2016, 08:20:23 AM »
Just a reminder for the team because that happened to me yesturday.

This Bug was an issue for a while, it doesn't happen often but it's a big problem when it takes place.

A single Character is moved from the Assault zone to Support, from the Defense zone to Assault etc.

The Desync trap does not recognize this one as a bug.

I can only hope this bug will be fixed before the relaunch.

Iv'e shared the proper logs in Discord.

General Game Discussion / Winning anthem tradition proposal
« on: April 22, 2016, 08:35:01 PM »
Every time you win a tourny, Ctrl+V this song into the Global chat, let's make it an iw tradition  :P

Join me and Inverted Eye !

Why? why not  :P

Aberion is listening to this track everyday  8)

General Game Discussion / Draft so far 2.0
« on: April 16, 2016, 04:21:07 PM »
Well, there has been some improvements from my last Draft changes and suggestions post:

But some things still feel unbalanced:

1.Adaptive Ritualist: This card is just insanely powerful in draft, mainly looking at Ritualist+Calamity which is happening frequently due to the over abundance of calamities and ritualist being a common, a common? really? , had some games where calamity was used up to 3-4 times in a row.

Banning recycle and gather thought while leaving ritualist at common?, he should be banned as well.

2.Bring back sufferer and Tinkerer:

Sages, caretaker, rita (the good one) all available as a commander.

Genesis is trash right now, with key cards such as zombgone , jetpack, laser cannon being uncommon.

Sufferer will be better than parasite and last sleeper in every command zone.
and since caretaker is back, it's only fair.

I'd like to hear if you have any other suggestions/improvements in mind or some comments about mine.

General Game Discussion / Genmole for president
« on: April 12, 2016, 03:05:08 PM »
As we find ourselves in the mercy of todays vicious and unforgiving bugs, one man, defies all odds and shines through the darkness, we must follow him to safe heaven, for he is the one , the one that will bring great either stability or great destruction to our realm.

I nominate Genmole to be the first IW president , he will make IW great again, and make the bugs pay for it  :P

So next time you see Genmole, be sure to address him as Mr.President  :P

I vote Genmole, how about you?

General Game Discussion / Draft so far
« on: April 10, 2016, 07:57:56 AM »
With the new Draft update in place,  I thought i'd share my expirience as a frequent Rift Runner:

1. Evolving Parasite;
appears as a commander choice too often.
I know a lot of payers have been complaining about this.

2.Wealthy noble / Radariah,the untouchable as a commander:
A factionless card as a commander, needs to be really useful since you are sacrificing an entire purity for it.
Every time i see Wealthy noble as a pick I die a little inside, the card is not worth it, barely worth it.

Radariah, the untouchable should be elliminated from draft.
The card takes is pretty weak, and is a waste of a commander.

4. Bring Aletas back as commanders:
With a lot of epics/legend appear as frequent commanders, the 3 aletas doesn't seem that OP.

5. Suggestion: All 4 cards that are presented as commanders should be of a different purity from one another.
This will make draft more enjoyable without "getting screwed" by wealthy noble and 2 dod characters only to be left with 1 obvious choice.

6. Cheryll, The forward scout as a commander:
Personally I don't think that card is great but i'd like to hear your opinion about her since she takes both the rare spot and the 1 purity.

All in all, I think that we are moving to the right direction, Draft seem very interesting with the introduction of epics and legends, seen some really cool decks :P

Bug Reporting / Support zone bug
« on: February 29, 2016, 05:39:10 PM »
Characters are randomly moving to the support zone during the resolution phase, please look into that.

Also probably worth mentioning that this character was captured by my zuza.

General Game Discussion / Make Aberion great again
« on: February 29, 2016, 10:24:42 AM »
I propose a slight change for Aberion,the hammer of dawn, make him cost 6 instead of 7.

Right now, the card is barely playable for it's cost, i believe that decreasing his cost by one will make him more competetive.

That is all.

General Game Discussion / IB tournament prizes
« on: February 29, 2016, 10:19:36 AM »
So about that IW border prize, I don't think that making it randomized between the the winner's commanders is a good idea, players spend 5h+ and a lot of efforts to get to 1st place, they should pick their own IB card from command or better yet from the entire deck.

General Game Discussion / Nix and his flavor text
« on: February 29, 2016, 09:47:23 AM »
Hello loyal people of the Flame Dawn, Our brother, and most trusted warrior Nix has been a mockery of late due to his 2nd flavor text.
This is highly unacceptable, Nix is one of our most fearsome warriors on the battlefield, the text simply dishonors the Flame Dawn way displaying him like a joke.

With your help, loyal Flame Dawn members, I aim to change / delete that text once and for all.

Show your support by voting aye for this matter to be resolved.

Thanks for your time, #hailaberiontheonetrueleader

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