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Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Duality
« on: June 17, 2018, 02:11:44 PM »
Name: The Weeping Statue
Faction/Purity: Sleeper of Avarrach and Cult of Verore
Type: Unique Artifact
Rarity: Legendary
Cost: 4
Morale: n/a
Attack/Health: n/a
Rules Text:
While "Avarrach Has Risen" or "The Virus of Avarrach" is in your graveyard, The Weeping Statue gains Infect and deals 1 damage to every Character in play at the start of each turn. Damage inflicted by this effect is increased by 1 at the end of each turn.
Exhaust, Pay 5: Discard any number of cards from your hand. Gain 5 morale for each card discarded this way.
Exhaust, Pay 6: Discard a card from your deck. Gain Health equal to the discarded card's cost.
Flavor Text:
After the scientists of Genesis Industries had thought the plague from Avarrach had been cured, one of their exploration teams had stumbled across a curious statue from the ruins of a castle. Perpetually leaking some type of cloudy liquid from its eyes, the statue was taken in for further research.

I may have quit IW but I miss playing Sleepers and Verore together.
I still like Virus-based decks. :(

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Lords of the Sky
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:50:55 AM »
Name: Godfather of Drakes
Faction/Purity: 1 Cult of Verore, 1 Overseers of Solace
Type: Unique Character - Angel, Dragon - Champion
Rarity: Legendary
Cost: 7
Morale: 15
Attack/Health: 15/15
Rules Text:
Pay 1: Transform a target deployed Character into an 8/8 Dragon with Flying. It is Exhausted for the next turn. This ability can be activated up to twice per turn.
Pay 2: You may activate the effects of an Ability card from your Graveyard by paying its cost. It is then removed from play at the end of the turn.
Flavor Text:
A peculiar man on his striking mount of dazzling emerald scales, his descent on the battlefield only served to exponentially add to the casualties. His allegiance fickle, there was no telling what he could do when the techno-organic undead scourge was finally conquered. The angels, witches and mercenaries all regard the mysterious conscriptee with wary and dread-filled eyes.

Flavor Text:
A knight in gleaming black armor on his glorious winged mount of dazzling diamond scales, his inclusion to the battlefield only served to further the indiscriminate purge of weak-willed fools across the Rifts.
Flavor Text #2:
A high-ranking lieutenant in the unprecedented alliance between Rita and Sol, their maddening lust for power and conquest exacting countless lives from the other factions. Aberion, the champion of the Flame Dawn, would have to return with this dreaded knight's head so he could prove himself as the mightiest warrior among all those whoever dared to walk on the battlefield.

Name: Drake
Faction/Purity: 1 Cult of Verore, 1 Overseers of Solace
Type: Character - Dragon
Rarity: n/a
Cost: 4
Morale: 6
Attack/Health: 8/8
Rules Text:
Flavor Text:
"One of the many subjects of the Godfather of Drakes..."

EDIT: Removed other two effects because I think it made the card an easy swiss army knife on the unconventional CoV/OoS combination deck. Increased Morale for Drakes. Added restriction for transform effect. Added new second activateable affect.

He still transforms deployed characters into Dragons. Handy with Rita, Cornicen and Irial among other things. Stops things like Klore, Avatars, Last Sleepers as well. Up to twice per turn to stop abuse with sudden dragon armies or total shutdowns.
Second effect mirrors Superior Symbiote but targets abilities instead and then removes them from play to prevent cycling them repeatedly. So you can Mass Death for 8 resources but you don't even give a warning to your enemy besides having the Godfather anywhere in play.
Also helps with removing your own Unique abilities so you can play another one from your hand. Calamity or Die Another Day maybe...

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Gods Among Us
« on: October 23, 2017, 04:12:25 PM »
Name: Forum of Black Arts
Faction/Purity: 1 Cult of Verore
Type: Location
Rarity: Legendary
Cost: 15
Morale: n/a
Attack/Health: n/a
Rules Text:
The cost of Forum of Black Arts in your hand is reduced by 1 each turn.
While Forum of Black Arts is in play, you gain the following effects:
-If you have two or more Cult of Verore purity in your deck, all Ability cards and Character abilities cost one less resource.
-If you have two or more Sleepers of Avarrach purity in your deck, your opponent's cards are shuffled into your deck instead of being sent to their graveyard.
-If you have two or more Genesis Industries purity in your deck, all deployed Characters gain Shield 1 and +5/+5.
Flavor Text: "A witch, a zombie and a robot walk into a bar... I've never seen Candit, Hehkeem and Orion this sour at a joke."

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Unfettered
« on: October 12, 2017, 03:49:17 PM »

Name: Wasting Cultist
Faction/Purity: 1 Cult of Verore
Type: Unlimited Character - Human
Rarity: Common
Cost: 2
Morale: 3
Attack/Health: 6/2
Rules Text:
If Wasting Apprentice is killed by a card effect, add one point of damage to any damage dealt by Characters and Abilities you control until the end of the turn.
Flavor Text: "'Til Death do I practice my art."

I'll go with my Wasting Cultist for the funsies.

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Tinkering Craftsman [Closed]
« on: October 12, 2017, 03:37:26 PM »
Hmmm... I suppose I was way too late post-judging.
But I was wondering what the judge was talking about my entry being too OP with Omnitron decks.
I find it to be a more annoying troublemaker in other hybrid decks as a back-up wincon or residual damage.
Point taken in consideration with Flame Dawn and Descendants of Dragons though.

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Tinkering Craftsman
« on: September 25, 2017, 03:00:45 PM »
Name: Down the Rabbit Hole
Faction/Purity: Factionless
Type: Ability
Rarity: Epic
Cost: 2
Morale: n/a
Attack/Health: n/a
Rules Text:
Activate Down the Rabbit Hole only while you control a Location and at least one deployed Character.
Any Locations or Artifacts currently in play gain "At the end of each turn, this card's controller gains 1 Health and 1 Morale for each deployed Character they control". Create an Alice in Wonderland in your hand.
Flavor Text: "Was that a rabbit in a suit and a bow-tie with a pocket watch? I must investigate."

Name: Alice in Wonderland
Faction/Purity: Factionless
Type: Unique Character
Rarity: n/a
Cost: 3
Morale: 7
Attack/Health: 8/9
Rules Text:
While you control a Location, Alice in Wonderland gains Shield 1.
While you control an Artifact, Alice in Wonderland gains Unblockable.
Flavor Text: "If fantasy makes one invincible, shouldn't obsession make one unstoppable?"

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] For Free! [Contest Closed!]
« on: September 25, 2017, 02:02:27 PM »
You can't sac Rita to herself. You can, however, use Blood Arrow to kill her after she eats the Last Sleeper.
Point taken though. Should've added a clause that says "Doppelganger dies at the end of the next turn" after it raises itself from the Graveyard to prevent the abuse of 20/21 bodies.

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] For Free!
« on: September 13, 2017, 09:53:36 AM »
Name: Doppelganger
Faction/Purity: 1 Cult of Verore
Type: Character - Spirit
Rarity: Rare
Cost: 4
Morale: 0
Attack/Health: 0/1
Rules Text:
Lives 2
When you deploy Doppelganger, you must select a deployed Unique Character and Doppelganger transforms into a copy of the designated Character. If you do not, you lose 10 Health and Morale.
If two or more Unique Characters die on the same turn while Doppelganger is in the graveyard, Doppelganger is raised to your Support Zone and gains +20/+20.
Flavor Text: "For some time now, Candit had been researching a way to achieve the same immortal status as her mistress, Aleta. Her untimely demise had halted all progress into this project. However, now that Rita had seen what her rival was up to, can she prove herself to be as capable as the Head Researcher?"
Flavor Text 2: "Would you kindly stare into the reflection of your own death?"

EDIT: Removed permanent +20 bonuses on each successful rezz. Changed "target" to "select" for Untouchable bypass... for copying Marina'd Sols or whatever.

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] What other benefits do I get?
« on: August 20, 2017, 01:54:45 PM »
Name: Agent Amy, the Treacherous
Faction/Purity: 1 Cult of Verore, 1 Overseers of Solace
Type: Unique Character
Rarity: Legendary
Cost: 8
Morale: 15
Attack/Health: 1/1
Rules Text:
While Amy is in play, all Characters with Charge, Vigilance or Haste are unable to enter combat.
Each time a Cult of Verore or Overseers of Solace card is sent to the graveyard, Amy gains an extra life.
Flavor Text: "Agent Coyle, it has always been a pleasure to double-cross you every time!"

Comment: So your Ascended Gao Han will pretty much never fight with anything as would your Hasted Champions. Likewise, your opponent won't be surprising you with Impervious or a flying Emberstarter or a handful of Agent Coyles. And she can do it all from the comfort of the Command Zone.
Amy dies to all indirect damage but, if you're spamming Lightning Blasts and chump-blocking with Followers (via Cornicen, Heaven's Assistance and Irial) or Rita's Guards, she might not have to.

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] But How's the Dental?
« on: July 26, 2017, 04:13:30 PM »
Name: Tyrant's Judgment
Faction/Purity: Factionless
Type: Unique Ability
Rarity: Legendary
Cost: 12
Rules Text:
If your deck has at least 1 Cult of Verore purity, you may send the top 10 cards of your deck to the graveyard and inflict 5 fortress damage for each Ability card sent to the graveyard in this manner.
If your deck has at least 1 Sleepers of Avarrach purity, you may raise all Characters from both graveyards to your Support Zone at the end of this turn. They gain the Undead subtype and Infect.
If your deck has at least 1 Exiles purity, you may send all Characters in play that are not at full health to the graveyard and their controller suffers morale damage equal to its cost. Artifacts, Locations and Missions are returned to their respective controller's hand instead.
This card's effects resolve simultaneously and cannot be affected by any other effects once played.
Flavor Text: "Cruelty and ruthlessness. Two qualities a good leader should always possess."

Community Events & Contests / Re: Storytelling with Benionin
« on: July 22, 2017, 06:35:47 PM »
Oh well. Enjoy yourselves.
I expect lots of lulz. :D

Community Events & Contests / Re: Storytelling with Benionin
« on: July 17, 2017, 05:14:43 PM »
Well, it doesn't have to be canon to be serious.
I mean, they might as well be tales of the various horrors Aleta the Tinkerer faces while trying to rescue the Sufferer. Like, she could've had to traverse the barren Old World and fight with Hehkeem and Exhumed Mammoth, dying and only to be Reborn again to steal the Sufferer away.
Or we can get nitty-gritty details of Candit and Rita's catfight. Like, Death Rays and Reflective Shields everywhere a la Harry Potter duel.

But I do want IW on Crack.
I mean, Nysrugh and Thanksgiving preparations in Torment sounds like a total kick to me.
Or what about a parody of Shrek with IW characters? Someone has to be Prince Charming but I can't figure out who...
Or the Rift's Next Idol? Aberion can be the top model though... er... maybe...

Community Events & Contests / Re: Storytelling with Benionin
« on: July 17, 2017, 01:05:33 PM »
Is this going to generally be a serious-y establishment of IW lore?

Will we have occasional IW characters on crack?

Like, what does Rita and Candit do in their spare time if they're not warring with each other? Do they argue on gimp suits for their thralls or are they trying to outdo each other with their wardrobe/s?
Or what do the Exiles do during the Rebellion when the Angels are busy fighting with each other? Does Nysurgh cook? Does Tygrugh do any Shakespearean plays? Is Grimmish the Jester of Torment?
Who would win a game checkers between Gao Han and Kung Ji? Does Aberion sing to Mulan's "I'll Make A Man Out of You" while recruiting for Purifiers?

And what about Factionless cards?
Will we ever touch upon the mysterious dimension Evellee and her DDs come from?

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Tricks of the Trade
« on: July 12, 2017, 10:18:01 AM »
Name: Toll at the Crossroads
Faction/Purity: Factionless
Type: Unique Mission
Rarity: Epic
Cost: 0
Rules Text:
Each time a player uses the Trading Post by paying at least one resource, Toll at the Crossroads becomes 10% complete.
When Toll at the Crossroads becomes 100% complete, halve the fortress health and unit morale of both players. Both players send all cards in play and in their hands to the graveyard, then draw five cards. Toll at the Crossroads is removed from the game.
If either player suffers more than 55 points of fortress or morale damage while Toll at the Crossroads is in play, remove Toll at the Crossroads and the top 15 cards of both players' decks from play.
Flavor Text: "Thou shalt not pass for thou are not worthy!"
Alternate Flavor Text: "You shall not pasta~!"

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] I'll Do It Later
« on: June 25, 2017, 06:14:12 PM »
I kinda don't get the instructions but I patterned this one slightly after Eaten by Zombies.

Name: Inhuman Fate
Faction/Purity: 2 Sleepers of Avarrach or 2 Exiles
Type: Unique Ability
Rarity: Rare
Cost: 3
Rules Text:
Neither player can inflict any form of damage to non-Human Characters, fortress or morale until the end of this turn.
After 3 turns, choose one of the following preemptive effects to activate:
-Send all cards in play to the graveyard
-Send both players' hands to the graveyard
-Remove all cards in both graveyards from play
-Both players have their fortress health and unit morale divided equally between them
Flavor Text: "Those who fear death have not known any horror worse than it."
Alternative Flavor Text: "Did he just ragequit?"

Basically, a Unique Ability which is a bit of a toned-down version for Die Another Day in that you can still lose because of Ju Lin or Grimmish or something alternate victory condition.
A one-off stall effect with an added bonus of character preservation from damage.
While you still have to wait for 3 turns before you can use its more potent effects, your access to Adaptive Ritualist can net you up to three more additional uses of the card.
Sort of favoring mill strategies, this card also encourages you to use Tygrugh or Sleepers cards as you and your opponent are forced to dump cards in the graveyard.
Also, countering control and mill are its graveyard removal and fortress/morale equalizer.

The odd purity is to stop it from being easily splashable and largely confined to the least friendly of the factions.
Worth of note is that you can stall with Fear or Wholesale Slaughter while also having access to Infested Abominations, Last Sleepers, Ixxi among other things to be dumping in the graveyard.
EDIT: Changed effects to resolve preemptively and increased cost slightly.

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