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News and Developer Talk / Re: Rebellion Pre-order Information
« on: November 03, 2016, 05:32:35 PM »
Is there any Dev-Stream planned before release, as we know it from the past?

General Game Discussion / Re: Why Drew is a failure
« on: November 03, 2016, 05:27:21 PM »
arent we done yet here? we had this discussion before and the majority of the community seems to be clear about their thoughts. the fact that drews commitment to his job is questioned by a very huge part of people here doesnt justify repetitive public bashing imo.

majority? or just the most vocal? I'd see some stats before accepting this as a fact.

The majority of players usually dont care about a forum, they dont care about a CM and they dont care about Devs - as long as everything is kinda fine for them. If they need anyone, and dont get a reply in about 5 minutes, they go berserk!

The majority is ignoring the ingame chat as well, cause its not part of what they are searching here. For "them" its just about logging in, having fun, logging out. If there is no fun, there wont be a new logging in.... silent coming, silent going - no feedback at all.

So lets turn the things around... if the majority doesnt care about a CM, so why is a CM needed? Cause you need someone for the vocal players - so its pretty legit, that these people do care about the quality of the CM, cause the job of a CM exists mainly cause of them ;)

I heard there were free nike's here? Will I have to beat some dude named Ventas to win them?
Nike's suck. Buy Puma. Best shoe Company. Why? It's from the city I was born in. Oh and they are awesome.

Nike is gay. Only for hipsterdouchebags and douchebags.

And what about Adidas? :P

isnt there a google form from  a thread a while back? For pack merges

Yeah, look into the FAQ :)

General Game Discussion / Re: Evaluation of DrewUniverse as CM
« on: November 01, 2016, 07:15:09 AM »
As long as there is no sign that the CEOs and "real" Devs reading this forum, there is no need in bumping anything.

This forum sucks heavily. 10 people are frequently writing nearly the same stuff till months/years, you dont get in touch with any responsible guys from the company and its hosted by a CM who doesnt care in any way for the community.

If i would be a CEO, i wouldnt look into the forums as well. Its nothing than a complete wall of shame!

News and Developer Talk / Re: Game Discussion - Is Rita Toxic?
« on: October 31, 2016, 01:59:23 PM »
Strange discussion...

So Rita is toxic, but tons of spellcards in various combinations of CoV/Exile/DoD are healthy? Sure, Rita provides (great) synergy to those decks, but if anything is toxic, its the tons of spell cards doing the same and offering 0 interaction beside outplaying battlefield based AoE spells.

News and Developer Talk / Re: Rebellion Pre-order Information
« on: October 26, 2016, 12:06:06 PM »
Will we receive extra copies of alt art Time For Fun and alt art Pacify? If so, how many copies belong to which amount of packs?

Yes, extra copies based on the largest-size bundle in your inventory when the unlock happens (November 11, 11:59pm IWT).The number of copies will be specified ASAP.

Just clarifying that the extra copies will stack?  So if we purchase a 100x pack and a 50x pack, we will get 3x copies of all alt-arts?

Yes, that was how it worked in the past.

You open a 100 pack, and get a token according to the 100 pack add-ons.
You open a 50 pack, and get a token according to the 50 pack add-ons.

Cards do stack. Everything else (Battlefields, Avatars, Cardbacks etc...) not!

Stretch-Goals are a different story. No catch there, if you open 500 packs ;)

Afaik its IWT 25.10.2016 and 7am.
Something went wrong? :P
@OneTwo That is the correct date, yes the 25th - aka today. We never said midnight, if that is what you are implying.

Yeah, wrong assumption.

It used to be that way, so i fell into that trap ;)

Afaik its IWT 25.10.2016 and 7am.
Something went wrong? :P

Why would they ever treat you with hostality?

The current CM has a history of being hostile towards players.

And no history in managing the forum, as answering questions and helping with support or simply by beeing around.

I have to say this is the best trader i have ever met, very reliable and generous. Good luck with you :3

Thanks a lot for the great feedback =)

1. Update Plan for the following 12 months (always up to date, always 12 months in advance)
2. No DrewUniverse (dont want to be part of such cyber-bullying drama, but even with tons of negative feedback there is no improvement in his activity)
3. Forging Tool - i want to get rid of more than 100.000 unsoulbound Cards! Surprise and entertain me, without leeching free ideas from the community! Do something by your own that blows my mind!
4. Do something against smurfs in Rift/Ranked!
5. Events! Im not talking about tournaments - im talking about ingame content like Golden Ticket, based on Ultimate Epic Quests which are solveable in 1 week and take time. Cool stuff, like providing some Exclusive-Alt arts randomly while playing a match... again, surprise and entertain me!
6. Be everything but not yourself!

So to be fair, i pretty much quitted to this point and bringing me back into the game, is maybe not even possible as things stand right now or worked out in the last 12-18 months. I totaly dont care about those strange Rebellion Waves and i wont care about the Pre-Order. 1.200 IP on my account, and i wont spend money on any packs. So there will be a gap, and closing that is something i cant imagine to put energy into it.

hi onetwo, i wanna buy alt art bundle and some plat cards, but i am in china so there is no  Family&Friends Option in paypal, so i wanna ask who will pay the fee.and how can i contact you? ;)

Hey ho!

Thanks for your request.

Im already answering you ingame, but for others who might have the same question:

I will handle things like fees very individual. It will largely depend on the amount of money involved in the trade, but as i dont have any needs of my collection right now and stopped all ingame activities, im pretty open for discounts like that.

Im living in Germany, so my possible onlinetimes are around IWT. Since im working out of my homeoffice, workingtime includes online-times for trades :P

Just tell me, when we have the best chance to meet and i will be online.


I really hope yodomare reads this and takes it to heart. I agree with a LOT of this.
I've shared this post with the dev team...

Please take that question serious:

For what reason do you share such stuff with the Dev team and what will they do with these kind of informations?

For new players, such statement leaves the impression, that they are rly waiting for feeback, and try to design their game around that. So giving some insight of what the community can expect, after you have forwarded it would be very nice ;)

Suggestions / Re: (Rant) Are "Expensive" characters irrelevant?
« on: October 18, 2016, 07:25:56 AM »
Making "big/expansive" characters matter, would lead to a complete new game.

So the question is, is the current (competitive) playerbase enjoying this game, cause building/playing efficient deck is more fun for them, or would they play the game as well, if it totaly changes and is around build-up strategies where large cards (usually higher rarity, some would say pay 2 win) do matter and the meta is shifting to long/exhausting/late-game centered strategies?

For me personal, it was always a drawback for IW, that the higher rarites and large (potentially iconic cards) doesnt matter at all. Maybe its even one of the biggest reasons for me, why i stopped playing this game completly by now, cause im a person who enjoys late-game content in each genre im playing. I dont even see a reason, why the devs do bother in creating those cards - and when i bought packs  for USD (we are talking about a lot of money/packs) it was always a painful slap in the face when i pulled out those "epic" trash which is doomed to rot useless in the collection and is getting piled up to the moon (99 Nysurgh have sure a story to tell, beside lots of other stuff like that!).

Somehow i have the feeling, that this game would have been much more popular if epics/legendary and high-ressource cards would matter in much more decks and would define the meta. But i do think, its too late for that...

Let IW design the game for those, who enjoy it right now with the pros and cons comming with that low cost cards decks. No need to create a complete new game, while not knowing if it will turn out for good.

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